Red Dead Online Gets Legendary Bounties, More Content

Today's Red Dead Online update brings content to supplement the recent major DLC which introduced Roles to Rockstar Games' Wild West epic. Players who embarked on the journey of a bounty hunter can now familiarize themselves with Legendary Bounties, a new progression opportunity. Collectors also have a new list of items to track down across the frontier.

Red Dead Online Gets Legendary Bounties, More Content

Starting today, players can attempt to bring in the first of ten limited-time Legendary Bounties. You have until the 23rd of September to deliver Barbarella Alcazar, leader of the savage Del Lobos gang, dead or alive. If you bring her in still breathing, you will get a higher reward. She is hiding somewhere in New Austin.

Following the deadline, you won't be able to track her down anymore, but a different Legendary Bounty will take her place - keep an eye on bounty boards throughout the frontier for new opportunities. These targets are the worst of the worst, so make sure you are prepared and have your posse with you.

Bounty Hunters aren't the only ones with new content to sink their teeth into this week. Collectors have a chance to seek out the Pearls of the Sea collection for Madam Nazar this week. This set consists of the Durant Pearl Bracelet, Pelle Pearl Necklace and Bonnard Pearl Ring. Collect these rarities for a large reward by the 23rd of September.

Red Dead Online Gets Legendary Bounties, More Content

There are plenty of bonuses to take advantage of this week. The Free Aim Shootout Series is featured this week, and anyone who so much as logs into Red Dead Online through the 23rd of September will get a free bonus of 3,000 Club XP to help you with your Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club rank progression. If you are also an Outlaw Pass holder, you'll get another 2,000 Club XP on top of all that.

Keep an eye out for other upcoming bonuses!

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