Zombies Appearing In Red Dead Online

Players have discovered a creepy secret in Red Dead Online which might hold clues about an upcoming DLC or event. We don't have a lot to go on and Rockstar is characteristically tight-lipped about anything they're planning. However, Red Dead Redemption 2 might be getting its own Undead Nightmare.


Reported on the Red Dead Online subreddit by several players, mysterious zombie NPCs have been sighted near the swamp. The most common encounter involves one of the common old lady NPC models appearing zombified, who you find during an ambush random event. Basically, you'll come across a barking dog who will lead you to a corpse, and when you find it you'll be jumped by a bandit.


While this type of encounter should be familiar if you've been playing Red Dead Online a while, something is off this time around... The corpse used as bait has leathery gray skin, glowing green eyes and is standing upright. It is even occasionally encountered without the ambush random event giving it context - just a creepy, zombie lady chilling in the swamp.

The association with the random encounter has skeptics thinking this is just a glitch, where the NPC corpse is in a default upright position instead of being dead on the ground, however that doesn't explain the strange skin and the glowing green eyes. Another theory is that this is related to the cholera outbreak referenced in-game which struck the region, but that too fails to explain the eyes.

Another less frequently reported occurrence is that of a similar corpse with green eyes sitting on a rock in Big Valley. The timing of these discoveries lends some more credence to the thought that they might be teases of something bigger - not only are we about a month away from Halloween, but we're also similarly close to Red Dead Redemption 2's first anniversary.

A realistic, reserved guess would be that there will be some sort of limited-time event in Red Dead Online around Halloween with zombies to hearken back to Undead Nightmare. If we're talking about what we want this to be, though, then the obvious answer would be a full-blown Undead Nightmare 2 expansion, released on the game's first "birthday", adding content to both singleplayer and Online. We just hope we'll get the four horses of the apocalypse!


Undead Nightmare was a non-canon expansion pack for Red Dead Redemption that involved an apocalyptic zombie outbreak sweeping across the game world, infecting many of the main characters that appeared in the regular story. With all-new missions, characters, items, outfits, horses and more, Undead Nightmare was packed with enough content to be a game in and of itself.

You shouldn't get your hopes up too much, and cap your expectations at a cool little Halloween event. We'll keep an eye out for any other spooky happenings in Red Dead Online.

Aron Gerencser
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