Red Dead Online Players Gets New Care Package

Players logging into Red Dead Online today will find a shiny new care package waiting for them in their camp or at the post office. The in-game catalog has also been updated with a new selection of limited issue clothing items, and certain game modes will be rewarding players with greater rewards than usual.

April Clothes

If you have the necessary upgrades to your camp you can grab the new care package from the comfort of home, or from the nearest post office. Inside, you'll find three pieces of four Potent consumables, including Snake Oil, Miracle Tonic, Health Cure and Bitters.


Rockstar is giving players who missed out on some of the past limited issue clothing items a chance to catch up. We wouldn't bank on them making a second return, so if you're interested in grabbing the Gator Hat, Ortega Vest, Hitched Skirt (Female only), Morning Tail Coat, Strickland Boots, Furred Gloves or Concho Pants, you ought to do so this week.

Chances are these reruns are the result of developers not having finished up any of the new clothing items, which may be added to the game files in next week's update. These limited issue clothes are made available and un-available with so-called "tunables" that the developers control. The files are always these, but Rockstar flips the switch on and off.


You can earn 1.5x the usual rewards in Gold and RDO$ this week with a number of modes. All Showdown Modes, all Races and the Gun Rush event are part of the promotion, meaning any participation in structured PvP modes will grant you the bonus earnings. Additionally, A Land of Opportunity Missions and Free Roam activities will be paying you 1.5x Gold this week as well.

To help you make the most of these bonuses, Rockstar has discounted all ammo types in the game by 25%. Additionally, all rank requirements have been removed from ammunition, meaning all players can use all types.

Next week we hope to see some new content arrive to Red Dead Online. Keep an eye on our feed to stay up to date.

Aron Gerencser
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