Role XP Boosts And Special Collections Come To Red Dead Online

Players who are progressing down the path of a Bounty Hunter, Collector, Trader or Moonshiner can expect to gain XP much quicker in Red Dead Online this week. Madam Nazar has also some special collections that need tracking down linked to Valentine's Day!

Role Xp Boosts And Special Collections Come To Red Dead Online

Role Activities will award an additional 40% XP all week for all four roles currently available in Red Dead Online. Sales, Resupply Missions, Bounty Missions, Legendary Bounties, Collections and Moonshiners Story Missions all yield increased Role XP rewards.

Role Xp Boosts And Special Collections Come To Red Dead Online

Several new clothing items have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue too, including both permanent articles and a few limited pieces. The permanent additions are the Charleston Top Hat, the Reaves Top Hat and the Caugherty Shirt. The limited-edition items are the Morning Tail Coat, Irwin Coat, Eberhart Coat, Furred Gloves and Woodland Gloves. Grab them while you can!

If you want to get into the mood for Valentine's Day on the Frontier, grab your Collector bag. If you manage to find the Chocolate Daisy, the Yellow Gold Diamond Ring and the Two of Cups Tarot Card, you can sell them for a tidy sum to Madam Nazar. Just make sure you buy something nice for your significant other from the reward!

Role Xp Boosts And Special Collections Come To Red Dead Online

There are also some other bonuses and discounts available in Red Dead Online throughout the week. Moonshiner properties are 25% off this week, and that discount also applies to all property reallocation fees. Additionally, you can leap into the three basic roles at a 5 Gold Bar discount, making the Bounty Hunter License, the Butcher Table and the Collector's Bag cheaper to obtain.

As far as Camp upgrades go, the Stew Pot and Weapon Locker are both 30% off, allowing you to improve your base of operations on a budget. There are also bonuses available for PlayStation Plus members and Twitch Prime subscribers.

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