Charles Smith

Charles Smith first appears as a supporting character in Red Dead Redemption 2. He was a member of Dutch's Gang and worked together with Arthur Morgan.

Charles Smith


At some point prior to 1906, Charles Smith joins the Van der Linde gang. To be precise, about 6-7 months before the events of the game which start in 1899.

Charles is of Native American descent. His father was African American and his mother Native American.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Like the other members of the Van der Linde gang, Charles Smith is wanted across three states in 1899 due to the events of a botched robbery in Blackwater. He hides out in the wilderness with the other members of the gang and works together with Arthur Morgan.

During the Guarma chapter, Charles is left with the group that stays on the American mainland, and together with Sadie Adler is mainly responsible for keeping the gang organized and together.

Charles ends up being one of the few surviving members of the Van Der Linde gang whose future is uncertain, but hopeful. The other is Sadie Adler.

Mission Appearances

Charles has many prominent roles in a large number of story missions, and can be found and interacted with at the camp when not on a mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2

  • "Outlaws from the West"
  • "The Aftermath of Genesis"
  • "Old Friends"
  • "Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?"
  • "Eastward Bound"
  • "Americans at Rest"
  • "The First Shall Be the Last"
  • "Pouring Forth Oil IV"
  • "A Strange Kindness"
  • "An Honest Mistake"
  • "Magicians for Sport"
  • "Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern"
  • "The Battle of Shady Belle"
  • "Horsemen, Apocalypses"
  • "Banking, The Old American Art"
  • "Fleeting Joy"
  • "That's Murfree Country"
  • "A Rage Unleashed"
  • "The Fine Art of Conversation"
  • "The King's Son"
  • "My Last Boy"
  • "Bare Knuckle Friendships"
  • "Home Improvement for Beginners"
  • "The Tool Box"
  • "A New Jerusalem"
  • "Uncle's Bad Day"
  • "American Venom"

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