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  1. I’ve looked at and read every photograph of the 4 gunslingers and it’s not revealing their location anymore,not sure I took 4 photos though. What happens now? Now new mission has popped up I’m confused as to what to do.
  2. Aren’t I supposed to hand them in and get money for them? How do I gain money from the gunslingers?
  3. I’m a bit confused someone told me to increase your horses stamina you add better tack someone else told me if you just feed the horse but neither worked. Is it because I need to buy a better horse and different horses have different maximum stamina. I want to increase my horses maximum stamina right now the circle is only half full or a bit over half full thank you
  4. Got a new saddle and tack. Stamina for horse still hasn’t improved
  5. How do I increase my horses stamina, at the moment it’s only half full I want the icon to be 100% full. I think I’ve maxed out the horses bonding level
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