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Howdy Strangers!

Welcome to the forum. While you’re here, you’re welcome to kick off yer boots, take a load off, and enjoy some conversatin’ by the campfire.

We love a good discussion. However, what we don’t like is folks being less-than-friendly-like to each other.

So here’s a list of rules we all need to abide by while visitin’ the forum.

The Important Stuff

  • Be neighborly: First and foremost, if you find yourself typing something you yourself wouldn’t be happy to read were it directed toward you, we suggest a re-write
  • The Law: We do have some lawmen ‘round these parts. You can identify ‘em by the words Administrator or Moderator under their usernames in posts and on their profiles. They’re here to help, but what they say goes. You’re free to disagree, but since they’ll be respectful to you, the same is expected in return. 
  • Don’t post unless ya got somethin’ to say: Your “post count” is intended to be an accurate representation of your activity here. Don’t post for no reason – that includes “bumping” a thread that’s dead and buried. If you have something to say, say it. Any comment that just reads “bump” will be promptly deleted. And any spam posts will get ya run outta town.
  • Harassment/hate posts: Any hate speech or deliberate harassing/bullying on this forum is cause for an immediate banning from the forum. Context or intent does not matter – don’t do it. If you’re quoting something or someone and need to indicate such types of words, abbreviations, splat marks (****) and other indications are generally fine, but if they are used in place of a hate word directed toward another user, the consequences will be the same.  
  • Bullying/trolling: No one likes a fun ruiner, so don’t ruin ours. We’re all here because we have a common interest. Let’s focus on that interest. When your interest shifts to trying to derail a discussion or throw insults at folks, that’s when we step in. If you’re confused, see the first bullet point. If this type of behavior is observed, we encourage members to use the “Report Post” button. 
  • Advertising/soliciting/self-promotion/selling/trading: Your purpose in joining our community should not be to sell or trade items/services, promote or advertise your site, social media, Youtube videos, etc. Forum contributions made for those reasons will be deleted and are cause for an immediate ban. Legitimate recommendations and external sources of information/help/entertainment etc are of course permitted, but just make sure your mentioning them for the right reasons.
  • Name and shame: Please don't be tempted to"name and shame" or call out other players in Red Dead Online that you might have had a dispute or other issue with. We don't allow those sorts of posts.
  • Spoilers: Don't potentially ruin the game for others by posting spoilers without some sort of warning. We have spoiler tags that you can use within your post too. See this thread.

Well! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at a few other smaller items.

  • Say Howdy: We have a fancy little area called “Introduce Yourself,” and it’s expected of newcomers. After you’ve read these rules, we ask that you stop by that area and tell us a little about yourself. Doesn’t have to be much, just so’s we can get to know ya a bit. After that, post and comment away!
  • Announcements & Stickies: Important posts can be labeled by The Law as an “Announcement” or a “Sticky.” That means you should read ‘em. Think of it as a Town Hall meetin’. Make sure you review it.
  • No alias, secret or duplicate accounts: We know some folks think it’s funny to create a second account and pretend to be someone else. We also know other folks like to create multiple accounts to side-step bans. Regardless of intent, multiple accounts are not allowed. If you’re found to have more than one account, you’ll likely be shown the door on all of ‘em.
  • No airin’ of private matters: If you receive a PM, the details of that PM are between you and them. If it’s violating rules, you can share it with an Admin or a Mod. Don’t copy/paste or post screenshots of private messages.
  • No illegal activity: No talking about pirated or other illegal or prohibited content, cracks, hacks, torrents or anything of the sort. Same goes for any other illegal content or activity. You will be banned immediately and, if necessary, the authorities notified.
  • Repeated username tagging: We understand when something’s important to you. But you won’t evoke change by constantly commenting about a change you want in the game and tagging every moderator, administrator, and developer every time. These folks are busy tendin’ to a whole lot of other issues. When you repeatedly tag them for yours, it’s more muck for them to trudge through, and, in turn, makes them slower to respond. One will do, thanks!
  • Search before creating new threads: ‘Round these parts, we like to keep things tidy. That said, one thing we don’t take kindly to is having 14 threads about the exact same thing. Then you have 14 conversations and people having to repeat their thoughts in each. Do a search for what you want to talk about. (It may help to filter your search to just the “Content titles only”) If there’s a similar thread – even if it’s old – post your comment there, and it’ll circulate that thread, and thus, your comment, back to the top of the “Activity” page. If there’s not a similar thread, then you can make a new one. Note that, in order to keep things tidy, Mods and Admins can (and most certainly will) take the liberty to merge a redundant thread into the existing one, or just close/delete the thread altogether. The Search field is your friend, Friend.
  • Double/Multi-posting: Speaking of “keepin’ things tidy,” seeing the same user post two, three, eight times in a row in the same thread is just not tidy. So, if you’re the last one to post in a thread and want to post something else, just click the Edit button at the bottom of your last comment, and add it there. You can even copy/paste other people’s quotes into edits to address more than one comment. (Just make sure you “select all” when doing this.) You can post a fresh comment again after someone else posts. This also helps prevent endless thread-bumping.
  • Don’t be sneaky: These rules are here for a reason. You’re expected to follow them, not try to get around them. We’re happy to give reminders for oversights, but if you just won’t abide by these rules and repeatedly try to find ways around ‘em, well – we don’t take too kindly to that. Attempts to circumvent established rules will not be tolerated.
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