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  1. You mean bad performance? Assume you are on PC? Checking GFX settings and do you have a powerful enough PC?
  2. Saves are not possible for the remainder of the session once you use cheats
  3. Finally... wonder if we will get any trailer or other media this year? My guess is yes.
  4. Lonestar

    Forum bug?

    I've been trying to get it to stick to the top, but can't work it out I'm afraid
  5. Hi everyone, I finally got around to updating the rank icons after the forum software changed the size location. They should look much better now.
  6. You should include your platform and how to contact you
  7. Try using this as a launch argument: -sgadriver=Vulkan
  8. We should more or less be back to normal, LMK if you spot anything strange. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, an upgrade went wrong and I am working on fixing it asap. The usual colors etc should be back soon!
  10. That sounds very odd. Any chance you can post a screenshot?
  11. Hi all, yes we definitely couldn't use any part of the official Red Dead Redemption 2 logo or anything like that - it's all Rockstar's IP, including the words. That's why said it might have to be our own cowboy emblem only. Most of you have pointed out too, while the URL would be nice (maybe to promote the site), even that might be iffy and it's a path I'd rather not go down TBH.
  12. Thanks everyone, quite flattering really I would need check if we can use the logo in that way. Also would you want the text RDR2.org as well, or not? I am not fussed either way. Then I would need to look at options how to get it done. I remember it being quite easy to setup printing t-shirts these days. Cheers
  13. Hi @Parzival LMK if this continues. Try clearing your cache etc if it happens again. Thanks
  14. Are you on the right screen? What instructions are you following? Try these - https://www.rdr2.org/cheats/rdr2/
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