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  1. Probably not likely to happen. After GTA6 is out, their focus will be the next iteration of GTA Online.
  2. Unless there was an update between now and when I last played yesterday and saw the game's gore effects quite intact, then no.
  3. I've mounted the wrong horse a number of times regardless of what the colors are. It just happens sometimes. That's because you ruined the surprise party Dutch planned for Arthur! Abigail made her delicious stew, Strauss used his loansharking money to buy the decorations, Micah had the perfect cake baked, Mary-Beth had practiced her pole routine. It was going to be perfect! 😧
  4. You know, I've never actually noticed if I've gotten perfect honor prior to Chapter 6. I imagine it can be done. Throwing fish back, doing chores, and complimenting people actually awards a minuscule amount of honor, though. I had to do all three dozens of times each before noticing a difference in the meter. Then I usually end up doing something to toss it all away. I just hate those times when you accidentally shoot someone six times or blow their leg off with a shotgun, don't you? 😒 If you think about it, Chapter 2 is the best chapter in the game for two simple reasons: *Dutch isn't nuts yet (I mean, aside from that time in camp when he randomly blurts out to Arthur that Arthur will betray him). *Micah's in jail. 😄
  5. Don't worry about it. 😄 This list might be useful to you. https://reddead.fandom.com/wiki/Valuables?so=search
  6. I overlooked that. Sorry. If you knew the difference, I'm not sure why you needed to bring it up.
  7. Margaret (his last name, his first name is Haywood) is supposed to be a guy in a dress. In modern terms, he's what's known as a drag queen. Completely separate from transgenderism. The word "transgender" wasn't even coined until 1965 according to Wikipedia. The Female Fertility Statue definitely respawns every few in-game days, you just can't carry more than one at a time. It's an easy $25 at any fence. And yeah, the other one is hidden in the chimney at the Old Bacchus Place in Hennigan's Stead. There's also the Fluorite and Ammolite, which are found in a bird's nest on a mountain in Ambarino. You'll have to look up it's location because I've only gotten them once and never bothered again because they're so difficult to get to. I've seen both quite a few times. What about them?
  8. There's no place in any game I've ever played that's creepier than Bayou Nwa, especially at night. Not quite sure how this happened... What's the best seasoning in the game? Mint? Oregano? Thyme? Nope! The best seasoning is Lemoyne Raider! Just a few to get started. I'm tired now, so I'm going to have a nap.
  9. That moment when the atmosphere is just right. Just food for thought, but maybe a dedicated photomode thread would be a good idea?
  10. The Female Fertility Statue respawns after a certain period of time, so I wouldn't consider it unique. The male one (called simply "Fertility Statue", IIRC) is the unique one that's one and done. There's also the two meteorite pieces, the Triceratops skull thing you get as part of the dinosaur bone mission line, the shrunken head, the Viking comb, the Native American ring you get from looting the drunk Fort Riggs soldier, and whatever that piece of jewelry Penelope Braithwaite offers you for helping her and Beau escape is called. There's undoubtedly more I'm not remembering.
  11. One of the leaked screenshots. Anything look familiar to you? 😄
  12. A list of gameplay features found in the leak. (Sorry for the long post) As expected, a number of features from RDR2 are present, such as a limited on-person arsenal. A duffel bag system seems to play the same role as the saddle in RDR2.
  13. Rockstar released a statement that they anticipated no delays. And yeah, the hacker supposedly stole the source code for both GTAV and GTA6 and was demanding "no less than six figures" for them. But there are conflicting reports that they were identified and arrested, in hiding, etc.
  14. I imagine there will be a lot of reused assets simply because, from an architecture standpoint, a brick building or drywall interior will look the same in Florida as it does in California. But in the screenshot above, pretty much everything except the female NPC in front of Lucia looks ready for gold to me. Considering GTAV was rereleased for a third time and about the only bad press I saw for it was that this "Expanded and Enhanced" version's announce trailer was made with PS4 graphics and wasn't really expanded or enhanced, I honestly don't think there would be much of an issue. It being "old media" doesn't make a difference when there are calls for disclaimers about "outdated views" and other nonsense to be added before movies like Gone with the Wind which remains a timeless classic despite the push to vilify every tiny thing about the pre-Civil War American South. I'm not going to jump to conclusions about GTA6 simply because we don't know much of anything about it to begin with. The two rednecks arguing over the existence of Finland is classic GTA, though. Diversity where it's warranted is one thing, but diversity just for the sake of diversity (as in, say, Assassin's Creed Odyssey) is every bit worthy of criticism. Modern day Miami isn't short on diversity, so its GTA counterpart shouldn't be either. As far as looking like "real people," even the old Victoria's Secret models who largely made that perfect hourglass figure so popular and desired were real people, so unless Lucia has four arms, four legs, and a pair of dragonfly wings, there's no strict set of criteria that defines what makes her or anyone else "real." No, the main thing that I took away from that was how some people's priorities are arranged. "This game terrible, it's going to be so wo---OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT ASS!" 😆
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