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  1. Originally you could buy a ticket to go back to Guarma, but Rockstar changed this for whatever reason. While it would be nice to be able to go back and fully explore the area (since we can't do so while shipwrecked there), it's not too much of a bother to me. There aren't that many Guarma exclusive animals with, I think, about 8 in total. Used to be 9 until people found out the Fer-De-Lance snake also spawns in Stillwater Creek. Of these, the only one that's really difficult to complete is the Red-Footed Booby because it only spawns in the air.
  2. They spawn just northeast of Lakay, too, on the eastern shore opposite Lagras. I'll try poison arrows next time, thanks.
  3. Well, kinda-sorta-maybe? Looks pretty close to me. Beard is different, but that can be excused because beards, you know, grow and change.
  4. Okay, since this thread is more or less for the reason I'm asking this, can someone tell me three things: 1. & 2. What's between the Western Toad and Eastern Wild Turkey on page 11 of the Animals compendium, and where can I find it? 3. Any tips on getting the drop on a Florida Panther? I need to track and study it, but can never seem to catch one off guard.
  5. It's cases like this where I wish someone would create a guide online which replicates the Compendium's menu style. This way, when you're missing something, you could simply look where it is in the Compendium, then bring up the guide, and navigate to that spot to see what you're missing.
  6. What do you mean "low enough"?
  7. If you think the PS5 remaster of GTA V looks great, you just wait for the PS10 version!
  8. A boycott? Now, after RDR2 has been an unmitigated success?
  9. It's not truly solo content if it's in the games' online multiplayer components, now is it? When I read "solo content," I immediately thought, "Awesome, I can now play with all those awesome GTA Online DLC vehicles like the Dominator GTX and Hydra!" Then I kept reading...
  10. Doesn't work for me either. I get no option to sell them anywhere.
  11. Should have left the drama out of it.
  12. No, and most likely not for a loooooong time. Rockstar still has to remaster and rerelease both GTA V and RDR2 a dozen or so more times each, after all.
  13. https://www.relationshipsurgery.com/employee-quit-job-horribly-responds-worse/
  14. Well, turned out I do have COVID and I've been isolated in an area without phone service or Wifi since Saturday. But today my phone sprang to life with one bar and just a little bit ago I found a working hotspot that I was able to connect to. I seem to be getting over it now. I still have a mild cough and my restless leg syndrome has been in overdrive since last night, but most of the other symptoms have stopped mostly or entirely.
  15. I've been able to get rid of the headaches and body aches and the chills have stopped. Those are what were making me feel so miserable (and caused me to almost wreck my car on the way home from getting tested yesterday). Now I just have a cough and a scratchy throat, both of which are tolerable. Temperature meanwhile is down from 100.4 yesterday to 99.1 today. I'm beginning to think I just have a cold or the flu (I was out in the cold a lot while in Idaho), since my mom who has had her flu shot for this year isn't showing any symptoms despite being in close proximity to me for a two hour car d
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