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Community Answers

  1. If you've played it for less than two hours, you should be able to get a refund.
  2. This is an English-only site. If you can, please translate your post. Il s’agit d’un site en anglais seulement. Si vous le pouvez, veuillez traduire votre message.
  3. Never happened to me. Sorry.
  4. I've never played RDO, so I can't comment on it.
  5. The Rockstar launcher has been plagued with issues since rollout.
  6. This is just an advertisement board, we aren't officially affiliated with any of these posses. You'll have to speak with them about joining.
  7. Welcome. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask.
  8. I'd guess probably the Radley's House situation. An items that isn't supposed to be interacted with, but is mistakenly highlighted. I've seen examples like this in a several places in the game such as the Valentine bank (a jewelry box sitting on the manager's desk) and Braithwaite Manor (a couple bottles of whiskey).
  9. All you have to do is look at the comment section to see no one takes MrClickbaitFTW seriously. Being able to carry three meteorites but the third one is in a different game is one of the dumbest ideas he's had among a sea of other dumb ideas. You do you, but I put no stock in any claim he makes or theory he formulates.
  10. I've read a claim in a few places that Rockstar confirmed the third meteorite is in the game, but I can't find anything from Rockstar or any reputable gaming outlet to back it up. Additionally, there were a couple posts on Reddit that claim a conversation can be overheard in Valentine about someone's daughter finding the third meteorite, but I've never heard it myself and ... well, it's Reddit. I'm also not finding anything credible that links it to GTA Online, so I'm pretty sure you're good there.
  11. The likeliest explanation is that it's simply not in the game and the 2 of 3 thing is just something Rockstar didn't change because they forgot or just to screw with us.
  12. It won't be their sole focus, but going back to RDR2 is pretty unlikely. A map extension without some kind of story content to go with it would be utterly pointless and we all know story DLC like EFLC and Undead Nightmare are a thing of the past for post-GTA Online Rockstar.
  13. After John and Arthur blow up the bridge, has anyone checked if you can commandeer a train and crash it? I'm only in Chapter 2 of my current playthrough, so I'm unable to check myself.
  14. I definitely hope it's a wearable item in the game and not just a test asset like some have claimed.
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