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  1. I don't think there is a way, but IIRC only one camp request is needed for the trophy and none of them are needed for 100% completion. AFAIK, the only one with a reward that actually persists throughout the game is Pearson requesting a rabbit pelt to make Arthur a jacket (one of several I've never been able to trigger . . . maybe because I just spend too much time away from camp?). The rest just net you things like food, medical supplies, and ammunition.
  2. I recognize that body of water. It's just south of Hanging Dog Ranch.
  3. Okay, two things happened: 1. Deleted the game from my hard drive to reinstall it. While reinstall was taking place, I went into saves to make doubly sure they didn't get deleted. This is where thing #2 happened. 2. Saw there were two recent auto saves from withing the last week, which shouldn't exist because I always play with auto save off. When I tried to delete them, I got a notification that the database was corrupted and the PS4 would restart. It did, database rebuilt, then I went in to check and found those auto saves (as well as save backups) were gone. After this, game finished installing, I started Story Mode, and it loaded right into my last saved game as it's supposed to. I'm thinking the corrupted database is the most likely culprit.
  4. You can't save until completing the mission "Enter, Pursued by a Memory," I know. And I've tried with Internet connection on and off with the same result. If my saves were corrupt, I'm pretty sure I'd be able to make new ones without issue. The fact that I can neither save or load the game makes me think it's something on Rockstar's end.
  5. When I start Story Mode, it starts a new game instead of loading my most recently saved file. When I try to manually load through the menu, all it shows is a screen saying "Alert" but nothing else. Played a few days ago and everything was fine. Edit: It won't let me make any new saves either. I get the same Alert menu when trying.
  6. Parzival

    Forum bug?

    Is the header supposed to overlay on the forum like this?
  7. They have not removed the KKK encounters from the game. I'm watching one as I play the game right now.
  8. If you think it's better suited there, that's fine. The reason I posted it here is because it's not directly related to RDR2 Story Mode or Online.
  9. This should certainly satisfy. I mean, it's not really news exactly as it was pretty much expected, but it's confirmation. https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/more-red-dead-redemption-games-are-planned-take-two-ceo-confirms/
  10. I don't think you should hold off on playing RDR1. It may not be quite as impressive as RDR2, but it's still hands-down one of PS3's greatest games.
  11. He was there last I knew. If they did remove him, they'll probably quietly slip him back in in a later update like they did the Lemoyne suffragette once the whole "controversy" (I call it a "non-event," but w/e) over that YouTuber feeding her to an alligator died down.
  12. The black Arabian is the best one Arthur can get, but the best one in the whole game is the rose grey bay that can be bought from the Blackwater stable in the epilogue. Higher health and stamina with the same speed and acceleration.
  13. Waiting for gameplay details to get truly hyped, but those graphics! 😲
  14. I have no idea how old my near-complete 99.8% save is, but it's well over a year old and has been played post-epilogue for hundreds of hours completing challenges, traveling back and forth to moose spawn points trying to get those f**king things to spawn (just two more perfect skins and I'll have crafted all trapper clothing), and generally just mucking around, but I've never found any fliers for selling orchids in any train stations.
  15. Yeah, go into controls and find the Y axis (I think it is) option. You can change this there.
  16. Strauss' loansharking was far worse than any robbery the Van der Linde gang committed anyway.
  17. I've never had this issue, so I unfortunately can't help. Sorry. 😞
  18. Yeah, but I just can't believe people can be this stupid. At least the guy seems to have a sense of humor about it, though.
  19. The horse dies, so no, you can't use it because it's, you know, dead. If it's one you break in the wild or buy from a stable (such as the white and black Arabians), then you can get another one the same way once free roam is unlocked for John. But if it's a unique horse that can only be acquired one time (like Buell), it's gone forever. Any stabled horses owned by Arthur will also be lost.
  20. It's pretty much guaranteed that they'll remaster RDR2 for the next 3 generations of consoles, so there's no need to feel left out.
  21. WhatCulture seems to think they're real as discussed below, at least. So what are your thoughts?
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