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  1. Is sounds like an issue on your end. I have no issues of missing gore or inability to burn bodies. I can still take a shot gun and make a head completely explode by a direct shot at it. You may be dealing with a bigger glitch than normal. It might be able to be fixed by reinstalling the game if it's something that hinders your gameplay. But if it's just a curiosity, or it only irks you, then I wouldn't really worry about it all that much.
  2. The most annoying thing is when you're in town and try to mount up on your horse, but accidentally mount a horse that isn't yours. You lose honor and end up with the sheriff after you. It's the reason I ride the white Arabian. I'm colorblind, and easily mistake other horses for mine. Especially at night. And since the only white horses I've ever seen are either The Count or Shire horses, it's easy for me to distinguish mine. And to make sure I can tell mine from The Count in camp, I always color her tail black. You're dead on that chapter 2 is the best. The camp is still tight as blood, Micah's not around, and you can get things done that you want to focus on. Like getting the Legend Of The East satchel, collecting items to make money (gold bars for instance) or trying to find your preferred horse breed. Typically that means breaking and bonding with a wild horse. Another question about honor comes to mind. Have you ever gotten honor dinged just for riding into camp? Or is that just some jackass sh*t that happens to me for some unknown reason?
  3. I didn't really think it through. I just thought I needed to mention it to explain how I knew. Too often people require proof of whether or not you "know" something, so at this point, it's more or less instinct.
  4. As I said in my first post, I've gotten the fluorite and ammolite several times. In my opinion they're easy to get. I know there's a difference between transgender and drag. I'm transgender.😉
  5. Has anyone else been dinged on their honor just for riding into camp? This happens to me all the damn time. I'm at a loss of what to make of it other than to call it annoying.
  6. You mentioned a few that I had forgotten. I've collected the two meteorite pieces, viking comb, cat skull mask, Pagan burial mask, and the Native American ring. Then there's the random knives and axes. I've also gotten the owl feather trinket from Rains Fall after getting the chanupa back for him. There's Catherine Braithwaite's broach that you can get off her corpse. I'm sure everyone has gotten it, but there's also the emerald you get from "Margaret" after returning his animals to him. Transgender is fine, but he's just a guy in a dress. I was about to say gold ingot, but there remembered that so far I have come up with 2. Everything else was a bar of gold. I've also found the stuff needed for crafting like the petrified wood, and the shell fragment. As for the female fertility statue, I've never seen it respawn. When I look at it, it says it's a unique item. And with the other fertility statue, isn't it in New Austin? If so, then only way for me to get it is either in the epilogue, or to exploit a glitch to go down there. With Penelope and Beau, she always offers a sapphire bracelet. Personally, I turn it down. I'll have to check my game, but that's all I can think of at the moment. **************************************************************** While we're on the subject I want to see who has found some of these spots. Face In The Mountain Statue Puzzle
  7. Is it possible to get perfect honor prior to chapter 6? I’ve never seen it happen, but at the same time see no reason why it couldn’t happen. Unless the scripters wrote the game that way. I personally like to keep the game in chapter 2 and/or 3 for a lot of reasons. So I’m curious if trying for it would be wasted effort. I keep my honor as high as I can get it, but can’t seem to get it past a certain point, no matter how many good deeds I do, or how many times I do chores around camp and donate to the box. Or how many fish I throw back.
  8. What uniques has everyone found? I'm looking to find as many as possible. I'm playing the Ultimate Edition, so some of these may be unique to that. So far I have found: Gold Shield Female Fertility Statue Fluorite Ammolite Jimmy Brooks' Pen I'm not counting damp requests like the pipe for Dutch, mirror for Molly, or pen for Mary-Beth. I'm also not counting things that can be bought like the high roller revolver. That said, I've also picked up a few axes, tomahawks, and knives. But I'm not sure if they should be counted or not.
  9. Are you playing on console or PC? That could present an issue. If you're on PC, have you run a virus check? Have you defragged it lately? Have you cleared out the cache any time recent? All those things could be an issue affecting the game. If you're on a console, the system memory could be full. You might need to delete a game or two. There's a trick to clean up your PS4 if that's what you're using.
  10. It sounds like a massive glitch. RDR2 is full of glitches. You may need to reinstall the game. From what I understand, the PC version is worse for glitches than the console version.One of your rifles could have been put in your weapon locker for some reason. You could check that. As for getting new missions, look over the entire map and see if you find a yellow marker with a letter in it. Something like this image here.
  11. I've never seen Guardians Of The Galaxy. But going by the picture, he looks like he belongs in LOTR Two Towers. He would fit right in with the Ent's.
  12. The northernmost legendary animals I can think of are the moose, wolf, and grizzly. Or if you go all the way to the west side of the map, the bison.
  13. From what I have seen in their stats, the white Arabian is the best one. The red chestnut and warped brindle are amazing horses also, but the white Arabian is so far the highest quality horse.
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