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  2. hiya .... sent you friend request on discord surani#7060 here
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  4. I have no idea how old my near-complete 99.8% save is, but it's well over a year old and has been played post-epilogue for hundreds of hours completing challenges, traveling back and forth to moose spawn points trying to get those f**king things to spawn (just two more perfect skins and I'll have crafted all trapper clothing), and generally just mucking around, but I've never found any fliers for selling orchids in any train stations.
  5. Yeah, go into controls and find the Y axis (I think it is) option. You can change this there.
  6. What are you waiting for? You've been running solo long enough, find your place in a player oriented gaming community like ours. We look forward to hearing from you!
  7. Try looking at the 3rd and 1st person controls option in the controls menu to see if that's the problem.
  8. lumper said it: "The best advice I can give after playing the game 3 times. In Chapter 2, Get a scope on whatever rifle you have get the Buck Antler trinket early on Get your satchel upgraded as fast as you can, you can do this in chapter 2" --------------------- The absolutely most important key to play this game is to upgrade your satchel into "legend of the east" witch gives you a storagecapacity of max 99 of each item. An absolute must. You are nothing but a noob without this satchel. To get this done you will need to 1) go hunting with Hosea, he will give you the legendary animal map. Kill the legendary buck north of Owanija dam to get the pelt-thrinkle from the fence. 2) Do the first mission for Mr Strauss to get the camps legder activated. Buy leather-tools for Mr first, go all-inn for the satchel! (later; get fast-travel. A game-opener!) Go to Valentine early and look for a hanging. The sheriff (not his deputy) will wear a bolt-action rifle*. Headshoot him on his way back and snap the rifle, it`s worth it. You can get a free Lancaster repetear by "robbing" the gunshop in Rhodes and a semi-automatic shotgun from an old lady up north in Big Walley. You will need a varmit-rifle with a scop for hunting small animals. Good horses can be found, but if you allready have the money buy the Dutch Warmblood for $450,- A bit stiff price but this horse is solid, acting like a war-horse meaning it will not be scared easily, fast enough & good stamina. Money; small cabin behind Shady Belle, lockbox gives $70,- and fills up every "day" + cabin near Moonstone Pond gives $50,- (large jevel bag) * you can also pick up one of these in the mission were you go near Blackwater to free Sean. Google it! My fav gun in the game, and notice how it improves after a few hundred shots. A maxed bolt-action with a semi-shotgun for backup in close-range combat is a strong combimation. Allways save the game before any challenge. Allways. Your horse might be killed, pelts might dissapear..
  9. I don't know how it happened but the camera view and the aiming have reversed on the up and down like a flight simulator. Down is up, and up is down. Right and left are still right and left. How can this be fixed?
  10. Yes, I have the same problem. It was much worse when I had a really old TV. Now I just have an old TV and it’s a little bit better. But. I actually don’t know anything about this technical stuff, so I could be wrong and it’s not the TV that’s the issue. I also changed my PS4 (Slim) HD because the old one broke down, maybe that helped as well? But as I recall it it was when I changed TV that the frame rate and drop-ins improved.
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  12. I found my flyer in the Rhodes train station. You have to have completed all quests for Algernon first, then the flyer will become available. Not sure how long it takes, but I didn't happen upon the flyer by chance until long after I completed all missions with him. In real time, with nightly play that lasted no less than four to six hours, I found the flyer about five to seven days after my time with Algernon was over. It's called "Rare Orchids Order". Get that note in your possession, go pick orchids, go to any train station and mail them. It then says to come back in six hours, if I recall correctly.
  13. We are looking to getting more active players. The player who likes to run by themselves but could use the help every now and then, the players who are looking to having a good time when they are online and the player who doesn't mind helping others out. If you fit any of those descriptions, please look at the OP as to how to join
  14. That makes me happy to hear, thank you for answering!
  15. It's a coincidence - invites usually arrive if there are daily challenges to interact with other players when drunk or sell them 'shine I've not aware of any way to enter other peoples shacks without an invite
  16. there are two tabs when you're choosing which batch to create. Always create the batch in "Today's Requests" tab
  17. Is he moving your camp during game play or each time you log back in? Camps will also get moved if your favourite zone is "full" He used to randomly move my camp all over the map even during gameplay which is/was hella annoying but stopped & hasn't done it for a while but I do still get the "full zone" moves & usually to the furthest part of the bloody desert too miles from my usual hangout of Great Plains/Blackwater To cure it I usually try & re-tag Great Plains in the camp tab & then hit ESC & then ONLINE again to respawn in a new lobby & hopefully get back to where I like to be [on PC that is]
  18. Since I started moonshining I have not been invited to another players shack. Before I got invited frequently. Is this a just a coincidence or is that function cancelled when you have a shack of your own? Another question I have: Is it possible to find (& enter) shacks when you are out n about or must you have an invite for them to be visible?
  19. inpropur


    Cripps keeps moving our camp site and it's driven me crazy. I tried to kill him, you can't. I tried to fist fight him, you can't. The camp will be in a perfect spot for hunting animals for him and he will move back or off somewhere quite far from the animals making it so difficult to get any let alone a 3 star. Does this happen to anyone else? Oh and one time he made me so made I tossed dynamite all over our camp didn't do much fage as I had hoped. BUT THAT BIG MOUTH OLD MAN, gossipers and told my moonshine cook what I did. And the cook told me. Ok will be watching for anybody's reply p/s does anyone have the directions on how to be ghost like??? Please forward the to me pretty please lol
  20. I feel a bit stupid that I didnt come up with this idea sooner, but better late than never: Equip the bandana via the Weapon Wheel and then unequip it.
  21. I think Kean is right. Hit the direction pad to bring up the player menu. Under properties / moonshine shack. You should be able to buy a location.
  22. Try the player menu and see if there is an option in the camp sub-menu.
  23. Same here, it is constantly removed. Very annoying, I like my bandana! Does anyone know if it’s the same problem with other accessories for the neck?
  24. Strauss' loansharking was far worse than any robbery the Van der Linde gang committed anyway.
  25. I'm MoreBatteries and i'm a new modder for pc games. I just started taking it seriously a few days ago, and i'm just happy to be doing something creative!
  26. Brothers of Mayhem is Recruiting active players for ps4 and Xbox 1. We're a relatively new gang hot a moon shine shack on Playstation and still working on getting the BH stuff on Xbox need people who have access to bounty hunting to help the gang make gold if you want to join Dm me on the system of your choice my GT is Nostalgicmass on both systems Let's have some fun and make money 💰🤑
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