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  2. Hi all, Sorry if this has been answered previously. But I played a while back and the daily challenges used to change every 24 hours... Now on my game the "reset" timer for them to change is only ticking down on in game time. I closed the game with 1 hour 20 left, then 5-6 hours later went back in and it's saying the same.. It's not changed at all since closing the game. I am playing on the newer Xbox and it used the quick resume feature. Is this a bug or does it only tick down in-game now? Thanks
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  4. Yeah.... Some folks forget that there are still all those other viruses, illnesses we are all still vulnerable against. Hell, I even thought I might have caught it a few months ago when I suddenly had a temperature of over 100 and symptoms that could have been related to it. I was pooping bricks as I have a history of lung problems and was just getting over a flu, sinus infection and pneumonia when this all started. With my pulmonologist's help, I got through it but he told me I really can't afford to get this virus right now. I was puzzled as we had been super cautious and avoiding peop
  5. I've been able to get rid of the headaches and body aches and the chills have stopped. Those are what were making me feel so miserable (and caused me to almost wreck my car on the way home from getting tested yesterday). Now I just have a cough and a scratchy throat, both of which are tolerable. Temperature meanwhile is down from 100.4 yesterday to 99.1 today. I'm beginning to think I just have a cold or the flu (I was out in the cold a lot while in Idaho), since my mom who has had her flu shot for this year isn't showing any symptoms despite being in close proximity to me for a two hour car d
  6. I did email them in any case and thanks for adding platform to the title - save some other person from future embarrassment like I just had LOL
  7. No problem. Added to their title although since they asked people to email them, I wonder if they actually enabled notifications so they could see when people post, msg, etc. I guess we'll find out.
  8. Apologies Kean - on mobile it doesn't display that 😰 which is how I first viewed it - I see it on PC tho! Sending an email now...
  9. NEWSWIRE NewswireRed Dead Online CRAFTING AND HUNTING BONUSES IN RED DEAD ONLINE Plus Huge Discounts on Hunting Essentials, and More January 26, 2021 This week Red Dead Online is all about the makers: the amateur cooks and chemists who aren’t afraid to experiment and improvise, and the hunters who track their game across miles of unforgiving terrain. Intrepid producers who craft any item at a Campfire will receive 3 Collectibles to trade with Madam Nazar. Me
  10. PS4. .....it's in his profile under his post count.
  11. Welcome to the recruitment thread for Arthur’s Angels/Dutch’s Demons (or “Angels/Demons”) for PlayStation. We are one of the longest-lasting posses from RDR2.org forums and have weathered many content droughts and “buggy” sessions since the start of Red Dead Online. Our last recruitment thread here was the most active/viewed with many potential members clamoring to join. What we have achieved is something truly special. We are a group of mature individuals from around the world ranging in age from 19 to 50+ We are a laid-back gaming community who dabble in many form
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  13. My wife and I are both over 70 and have take care of my father-in-law who is 91 and lives on his own in a separate residence. My sister-in-law and husband share in that. They are both retired and take a share and keeping us all from going nuts. We keep a tight circle because none of us want to be responsible for killing each other. It gets pretty tough sometimes. They cant see their young grand kids because its just to risky. Before covid, they were in contact with these kids for 12 hrs a day while the parents worked. That stopped abruptly when "herd immunity" became popular and covid wa
  14. I mainly grind and I have all of the roles, but I'm good with the carcano rifle if needed. I'm looking for people to run my trader and moonshine wagon with me. Most of the time it will be easy money. I prefer email tbh tonyhamiltonoh@gmail.com
  15. No fireplace? Been pretty cold here lately where I'm at in So CA as well. Luckily, the areas that get their power cut due to high winds, etc. are on the outskirts of our small city where fire danger is more of an issue. Sorry to hear about the family and the potential of you being infected too. .....also sad to hear of a family member treating you like that. I'm lucky that all of mine would bend over backward for each other and always have. I hope you're not sick and if so, that you get well quickly. I haven't seen my sister or Dad in about a year. My sis takes care of my fath
  16. So, take a read. At 2:51 AM on the 18th, the power company shut off electricity in the area for a "public safety" power shutoff, leaving me with no heat in 30-degree (F) nights for two days. It got as low as 48 degrees in the house and we didn't have enough blankets to keep warm. Then I looked at the forecast and saw snow coming that Friday. **** me. So I called my sister and she told me to come and stay with her and rented the resident family members a motel, but I unfortunately had to leave my two cats at my freezing house (they're okay, don't worry). And since I was due to go on vacati
  17. I am still getting 0x21002001 connection drops and not going to a solo session. My home network is solid, Spectrum has been out, gave me a new cable modem and inspected inside and outside wires and says they are fine. Dell Inspiron 5675 Ryzen 1700X 32 GB Ram Crucial P5 1TB 3D NAND NVMe Internal SSD Crucial MX500 250GB 3D NAND SATA M.2 Type 2280SS Internal SSD - CT250MX500SSD4 AMD 5600 XT 6GB video card. (and worth every penny of it. ) Speedtest.net shows 75-82 down, 11 up. I have done everything but reinstall windows. And its random drops. Sometimes it works all
  18. i'm trying to continue the gunslinger mission but i'm not getting anywhere. i went back to the saloon in valentine, but the bartender won't talk to me. ok, i may have talked to him before, but i'm not sure. anyway, then i went to saint denis but the boat is not there. it's the same boat where i get the watch, right? do i have to do that mission before i can complete the gunslinger mission?
  19. Hi folks, Just started playing this recently on PC since I got a 3080. Got to the mission where you fish with the kid, but Arthur is not reeling in fish for me. I can bait the rod, cast out, move it about to tire the fish. Then I try to reel in by spinning the right analogue stick anti clockwise, the onscreen indicator spins in the right direction but the animation for Arthur to reel in the fish is not triggered, arthurs hands do nothing with the reel. I read online a few folk saying they were spinning in the wrong direction - if I do that the icon does not spin on screen, so it's no
  20. How do I put a breastplate on my horse? Where do I even get one? I want one so bad. I just started RDR2 Online very recently and I know nothing about it, please help!
  21. After downloading and installing it, all of my quickhacks disappeared. Since my build is netrunner based, I was a bit miffed. When I retrieved my controller from behind my monitor and rebooted, things went back to normal. Since I am at level 45, most of the fixes are behind me and I havent noticed any performance differences.
  22. Dutchy


    I'm having trouble getting Arthur to draw his weapon in a duel/draw situation. I hold the R2 button slowly to fill the gauge but then, he wont draw his weapon, and I get shot before I get a chance. Help and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  23. In RDO I do it all, every role at max XP. Recently I’ve been trying to focus more on the naturalist role and sometimes getting Harriet mad at me cuz I’ll still focus on trade and daily challenges that require 10-20 carcasses. Luckily she’s only mad for a bit. Even when I kill the legendary animal she sends me out to get samples for because I’ve already gotten the sample for that particular one so I store the pelts in my wagon for the future to quickly fill up cripps. The only thing I have missed out on is being in a posse so if anyone is looking to recruit a hard worker let me know please. Tha
  24. I heard they just dropped a large update for the game, has anyone tried it?
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