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  2. The Rockstar launcher has been plagued with issues since rollout.
  3. It sounds like there’s a problem with your computer. The file may have gotten corrupted at some point, but you saying you uninstalled and reinstalled makes me wonder if it’s a physical issue with your hard drive. If you can, I would suggest taking it to geek squad and having them look at it. If they come up with nothing then you may be SOL for playing it on PC. You may have to start playing it on a console. Then again, if they find something, you’ll have your answers. I’m sure there’s people here who know more than I do, especially when it comes to PC gaming, as I’m a console gamer. All I can really tell you is good luck and I hope you get your issue fixed.
  4. I bought RDR2 a month ago and it was the first time I've experienced such a life filled, huge open world, story driven game and it was Amazing! Went through the missions without noticing how time flied and got to 50 in-game hours in a couple of days....when disaster struck. I open my PC one day and start up the game.As the rockstar launcher loads up, my power in the house goess off and the launcher couldn't connect. Game starts up anyway, but im greeted with a "Activation Required" notice, so I figured its because of the WiFi not working. Decided to wait for the power to come back on and play then. Power comes back after 2 hours, so I re-boot everything, but this time, with my WiFi working, rockstar game launcher couldn't connect again. Despite me having a really fast (working) WiFi connection, the launcher refused to connect and just displayed a "Launcher is in offline mode" message. Game still starts, but then again, an "Activation Required" message pop's up. I restarted the launcher and tried again. Didn't work. Tried re-installing the launcher - Uninstalled it, went to the rockstar website, clicked on the menu - Social Club, clicked aaannndd...Nothing! Social club website didn't want to load. I can't even download the launcher at this point! Read some articles on the internet about the issue, and people suggested the following: Flush DNS, Reset DNS, change DNS IP, disable Firewalls and Anti-virus software, connect to mobile hotspot, use a VPN. NOTHING WORKED FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw some people managed to get it working with one of the above solutions, but I could not for the life of me get the goddamn launcher to work at all! Next step - Contacting Rockstar Explained my situation to the person I was chatting with and they were trying to help me, really did and were very kind, but all they were doing were making me repeat the steps I mentioned above. At the end, they "escalated" my case to Email, but that was about it. Didn't get any email from them after that, NOTHING! If any of you here at this forum have had a similar situation, please help me out. I feel like I've been robbed.
  5. I'm just being honest, I want someone to play rdo with just to have fun. We can do anything it doesn't have to be anything competitive or serious. I used to have a posse but they've since left and I'm just trying to find some players to enjoy rdo with.
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  7. This is just an advertisement board, we aren't officially affiliated with any of these posses. You'll have to speak with them about joining.
  8. I just want to join any Native American clan that will allow me to be a member.
  9. What "Indian Group" do you mean? You'll need to respond directly to a member who is recruiting or start your own group.
  10. How Do I Join This Indian Group? I play RDR2 A lot and Im Part Native American.I Really Want To Join This Group.
  11. Welcome. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask.
  12. Hey guys! I go by the username Jar(or CFFGJar) and I have been playing Red dead Online for over 200 hrs. I would love to meet new players and hangout!
  13. Hey! My disc is CFFGJar#0790. Im down to play most days!
  14. I'd guess probably the Radley's House situation. An items that isn't supposed to be interacted with, but is mistakenly highlighted. I've seen examples like this in a several places in the game such as the Valentine bank (a jewelry box sitting on the manager's desk) and Braithwaite Manor (a couple bottles of whiskey).
  15. In the swamp shack that’s right on the Lannahechee river there’s a pack of premium cigarettes on the table. When I use my eagle eye, they flash just like anything else I can pick up. Yet no matter where I move or how I move, I never get a notification to pick them up. Are they like the lock box in the cabinet at Radley’s house, is it a glitch, or am I missing something?
  16. Yes i know the island.. I had found it in previous playthrough
  17. I got the cats eye trinket in Chapter 2. You're probably going to the wrong island. Are you going to the small island that is further south than any of the others? That's where you'll find it.
  18. Hey guys long time no see. I'm still playing rdo from time to time. It is a so very beautiful world the built, it makes me sad every time i play thinking we will not see those bank or train roberries, or the missions with our dogs as companions or the properties they promised. The fact that they didn't even keep the promises makes me sad and unable to believe them again in the future. Right now i keep playing till i buy whole catalogue and i think that will be the end of the game for me. And i'm close to achieve that.
  19. so i'm at chapter 3, just burned the tobbaco fields but still no bounty poster being put in any town.. this is the 3rd or 4th time i replay the game and never had this problem on my previous playthroughs, all with the same steam account.. though, i have started this save about a year ago i think (maybe a bit more) and i had done some early chapter 2 missions before restarting it these days, so i dont remember if i had brought any bounties before stopping.. i did found today a lady in valentine prison that was allegedly put there by me because she was cursing and mocking me whenever i entered the sheriff but i cant remember doing that at all... but some days ago i did some challenges and got big bounties in most territories and had very low honour.. i killed A LOT of bounty hunters the next days.. didnt pay the bounties on purpose just to toy with the hunters.. until i paid them and now i am at mid honour.. i dont know if this matters, just mentioning.. is there a way to fix it? i dont have any poster on my satchel.. i did verify game files and stayed for a long time in valentine.. slept there, woke up, walked around town, left and returned but still nothing... also the cat eye trinket doesnt show up in the small island west of braithwaite manor its supposed to be.. does it appear on a later chapter? couldnt find it on chapter 2 and cant find now on chapter 3...
  20. I open the rockstar launcher, go to Red Dead Redemption 2 in the launcher and click play on Steam and the game tries to start, but crashes after 2 minutes of trying to start. Any suggestions?
  21. All you have to do is look at the comment section to see no one takes MrClickbaitFTW seriously. Being able to carry three meteorites but the third one is in a different game is one of the dumbest ideas he's had among a sea of other dumb ideas. You do you, but I put no stock in any claim he makes or theory he formulates.
  22. I found this video on YouTube, and while it doesn't actually solve the mystery, it does raise some good points about the whole thing.
  23. I've read a claim in a few places that Rockstar confirmed the third meteorite is in the game, but I can't find anything from Rockstar or any reputable gaming outlet to back it up. Additionally, there were a couple posts on Reddit that claim a conversation can be overheard in Valentine about someone's daughter finding the third meteorite, but I've never heard it myself and ... well, it's Reddit. I'm also not finding anything credible that links it to GTA Online, so I'm pretty sure you're good there.
  24. The likeliest explanation is that it's simply not in the game and the 2 of 3 thing is just something Rockstar didn't change because they forgot or just to screw with us.
  25. This is one that has been bugging me since I started playing the game. I have found the meteorite in the house and the crash site. So I have those two. But it says I have 2 out of 3 when I see it in my satchel. I have no idea where the third one is. I've heard that you have to do something in GTA to be able to get it, but haven't found anything online that confirms anything about that either way. I've been all over the area where it hit, but can't find anything. If it is something that you have to get from GTA, I'm just going to have to be happy with 2 of them, as I'm not a fan of the GTA series.
  26. It won't be their sole focus, but going back to RDR2 is pretty unlikely. A map extension without some kind of story content to go with it would be utterly pointless and we all know story DLC like EFLC and Undead Nightmare are a thing of the past for post-GTA Online Rockstar.
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