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  3. ........looks like they may have that dude in custody in the UK. Also appears they have and / or are closing in on others within that group. I hope they feel the full brunt of the consequences including prison and heavy fines.
  4. Am I the only one that doesn't get credit for sampling for the naturalist role? Also the stable in Valentine seems broken!
  5. Typically yes, you do need a PS+ subscription to play RDO. However, I do know in the past they have had promotional periods where they would forego the need for the sub and allow people to play without it. ......but I never heard of anything permanent unless I missed something.
  6. Sorry if this is basic, but I've Googled and searched the forum without finding a straight answer: Does everyone with a Playstation need a Playstation Plus Subscription to play RDR 2 online? Because I played against my friend and it seemed that he needed to buy a subscription, and I didn't. I own: PS4, RDR2 Ultimate Edition (bought new 4 years ago) My friend owns: PS5, RDR2 for PS4 (bought used this summer) We played RDR online. He had to join Playstation Plus and I didn't. Why is that?
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  8. Yeah, I saw that and I hope they're right that this won't throw a wrench in things. Also been seeing those various, sometimes conflicting reports. Either way, I hope they get nailed. btw, I noticed R* disabled comments on their Tweets at least for now.
  9. Rockstar released a statement that they anticipated no delays. And yeah, the hacker supposedly stole the source code for both GTAV and GTA6 and was demanding "no less than six figures" for them. But there are conflicting reports that they were identified and arrested, in hiding, etc.
  10. @Parzival Yeah, I guess the "real" remark came out wrong. .....more along the lines of vs. when elements start to feel shoehorned into a game for the sake of such things. Anyhow, I like what I saw in the leaked footage. Given it's age (a year apparently?)I have to imagine the game is much further along now. I just hope those hacker(s) don't screw up the games progress. I heard something about the source code being ransomed now?
  11. I imagine there will be a lot of reused assets simply because, from an architecture standpoint, a brick building or drywall interior will look the same in Florida as it does in California. But in the screenshot above, pretty much everything except the female NPC in front of Lucia looks ready for gold to me. Considering GTAV was rereleased for a third time and about the only bad press I saw for it was that this "Expanded and Enhanced" version's announce trailer was made with PS4 graphics and wasn't really expanded or enhanced, I honestly don't think there would be much of an issue. It being "old media" doesn't make a difference when there are calls for disclaimers about "outdated views" and other nonsense to be added before movies like Gone with the Wind which remains a timeless classic despite the push to vilify every tiny thing about the pre-Civil War American South. I'm not going to jump to conclusions about GTA6 simply because we don't know much of anything about it to begin with. The two rednecks arguing over the existence of Finland is classic GTA, though. Diversity where it's warranted is one thing, but diversity just for the sake of diversity (as in, say, Assassin's Creed Odyssey) is every bit worthy of criticism. Modern day Miami isn't short on diversity, so its GTA counterpart shouldn't be either. As far as looking like "real people," even the old Victoria's Secret models who largely made that perfect hourglass figure so popular and desired were real people, so unless Lucia has four arms, four legs, and a pair of dragonfly wings, there's no strict set of criteria that defines what makes her or anyone else "real." No, the main thing that I took away from that was how some people's priorities are arranged. "This game terrible, it's going to be so wo---OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT ASS!" 😆
  12. Yeah, the game world looked nearly complete although many of the assets looked really familiar. I'm assuming some of those have or will be changed along the line. .....the current game world being more of a test environment while the game is still in development? Seeing how other games have joined the woke train, I'd say it was a legitimate argument / concern. Although I can't see a game like GTAV going over very well these days due to oversensitivity, I think a more serious GTA6 should be able to circumvent that. ....and yeah, glad to see Lucia wasn't affected by the current culture. lol Nothing wrong with making people look like real people you would typically see on the street. I'm really tired of the trend to make characters look a certain way to cater to a particular segment for the sake of "inclusiveness", etc. This is what is great about GTAV Online as people can create their own avatars as they want to appear in the game world. I'm all for that including implementing further options to support it like genders beyond M/F if people want that. .....but placing folks into characters or game worlds that feel more like they were generated to fulfill a social justice agenda is a huge turn off for me.
  13. For only a year old, I'd say this looks pretty far along. By contrast, this was Spider-Man at the same point in development. On a side note, I just love how every argument for the game being "woke" ended the moment people saw Lucia's ass. 🤣
  14. I hope the hackers get caught but other than that, not much to draw a conclusion on for content that is a year old and still very early in development.
  15. Is anyone else having this issue with FFF where the word "Message" overlays the timer at the top of the screen?
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  17. So here's a fun thing I just found out. During duels, if you're fast enough, you can actually shoot your opponent's gun out of his holster before he even draws it.
  18. Hi, there - I've searched and searched but cannot find info on the following. Can someone please help? 1. I just started online last week after playing story mode. I'm enjoying it a lot. Since it was September, I was grinding the Collector role and so ranked up to about 57 (?). Anyhoo, when I look at the ability cards available under the passive slots, I am not seeing any of the blue or green ability cards, just the white ones. So the cards that most people suggest are not there. When/how do I get them? 2. My husband and I shared our XBOX for playing story mode. But he had his own game under his gmail account. I've signed up for XBOX game pass in order to play RDO. If he starts an online character under his gmail (but under this particular game pass), will that mess mine up? If he starts a new character now under his gmail with the same game pass and then we later get another XBOX so we can play at the same time, will he lose that character? I'm pretty sure we'll have to have two XBOX game passes? Will his already made online character transfer over to his new game pass? Thank you in advance!
  19. Has anyone noticed when u spawn a superior horse. When u check it's saddle bags . They will contain 2 gold nuggets.
  20. It’s just weird because I haven’t seen or heard of any such event but I want it to be true.
  21. The black one is the best one Arthur can get. The best one in the game is the rose gray one that John can buy from the Blackwater stable.
  22. The northernmost legendary animals I can think of are the moose, wolf, and grizzly. Or if you go all the way to the west side of the map, the bison.
  23. From what I have seen in their stats, the white Arabian is the best one. The red chestnut and warped brindle are amazing horses also, but the white Arabian is so far the highest quality horse.
  24. Where is this random encounter where a hunter is attacked by 2 grizzlies? Which legendary animal is it near?
  25. If you get killed or otherwise lose the parts, they get automatically delivered to the trapper. You just don't get the payout.
  26. Arthur and John have unique reactions to catching legendary fish. Also, sometimes the map will glitch out and not cross off ones that have been caught, so when in doubt, check the fish compendium.
  27. It puts an X over the fish on the map. They're also in your compendium.
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