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Troubleshooting & Technical Issues - **Please Read**


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Welcome to the Troubleshooting & Technical Issues sub forum.  Here you can discuss your technical issues, bugs, glitches, share possible solutions, etc.    

Please keep in mind when posting that we are a fan site and not affiliated with Rockstar Games or TakeTwo.  We are simply fans like you of the game.  However, we do have a knowledgeable community here with all kinds of backgrounds and experience.  Chances are, someone might have the same problem as you and possibly even a solution or helpful advice.

Also, we would encourage you to submit a trouble ticket with Rockstar if you are having problems with the game.  Even with known issues it's important that people continue to submit their reports with R* as it might help provide them with an idea of what the problem may be and perhaps even expedite a fix.  Try to be as descriptive as possible in your feedback.

Below is the link to the Rockstar Support site.  Responses are typically within 24 hrs during the week IME but I believe they ask to allow 48:


You can also submit suggestions and various feedback here if you wish, although you will not receive a response.  This link is more like a suggestion box of sorts that Rockstar monitors:


Thank You


Added 11/12/19:

  • If you find a resolution to your problem, please report back what worked for you.  You solution may end up helping someone else.
  • Please don't artificially "bump" or create duplicate threads on the same subject.  
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