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  1. From what I can remember (or think I remember), I want to say yes but honestly.....I can't say for sure. I have been meaning to do another playthrough of the singe-player game but was holding out hope there might be a PS5 version of the game that gets released before I do.
  2. Hi @Peaky Blinders, I'm not sure if you remember your first post back in 2019, but you asked if R* had an official forum. I explained that this site (RDR2.org) is a fan site not affiliated with R* in any way. I just wanted to make sure that was still clear as your message is addressed to R* directly. .....I didn't want you to have the false impression they would be responding or perhaps even reading your reply. Besides that, I think your sentiments are shared by many in the RDO community. I still play every now and again myself.
  3. @ClassicSarah If they messaged through PSN and depending on the content of that message, you can directly report that to Sony. There is an option in messenger. Sony has taken a firm stance on harassment, inappropriate / insulting remarks and so on. If you have an example in one or more of their messages about their intention to harass you, send that in. .....btw, you can also block their PSN account so they can't send you messages, follow you, etc.
  4. @ClassicSarah How did they message you? What platform are you playing on? Depending on how they messaged you, there might be another route you can go with that service. For instance, if it's on PS4/5, you can actually send that to Sony and they may take action on their PS+ account. As far as R*, I would reach out to them again and let them know. Gather any evidence you can and send that to them as well.
  5. ......but how do you explain R*'s GTAV which uses in-game currency that can also be bought with real money in the form of Shark Cards. That very same in-game cash can then be used to gamble. There is no separation in that game like there is with gold bars in RDR2.
  6. .....but we still try to help though, right? .....although I noticed that while the OP came back to read the reply, they didn't bother to reciprocate.
  7. First things first, RDR2.org isn't affiliated with R* so there really isn't anything we can handle on this end. Having said that, how is this "someone" communicating these personal accusations? Are they doing it through voice chat, text or what? Do you have proof? Depending on how this person is sending these messages and what they saying in them, it may violate an EULA or similar. I know on the PlayStation for instance if someone sends you a message that is a personal attack, it can be sent to Sony and the offender can actually have their account banned. ......some with anything shared via party chat which is automatically recorded and can also be reported to Sony. You can also report players to R* through the in-game reporting feature and / or via their website here: https://support.rockstargames.com/categories/115001624507?step=2b145d14 As far as other players refusing to believe your side of the story, there really isn't much you can do about that. ........but beyond all this you may need to come to the realization that its better to cut your losses and move on. I'd also be cautious about who you share personal information with online in the future if that was the case.
  8. Hello and welcome Sparrow.
  9. Kean_1


    fyi.... Moved this to the Recruitment forum. You may also want to browse in here for other people interested in role playing but just be aware of some of the post dates as some can be quite old.
  10. .....R* is far from falling apart though and nowhere near hanging by a thread. RDR2 continues to generate sales numbers reaching over 43 million copies sold as of the beginning of this year. ....GTAV is upwards of 155 million copies having sold 5 million of those in the last quarter. ....GTAV has made them over $6 Billion in revenue. I imagine their 2021 fiscal year-end report (FY2021 ends March 31st this year) will show even greater growth and success with the launch of the next gen version of GTAV, the GTA trilogy (even with the buggy launch), etc. We may not like that R* hasn't spent the time with RDR2 as they have with GTAV, announced an RDR2 next-gen version, etc., but that doesn't change the fact that these R* titles are still generating lots success in both continued revenue, new sales and player engagement. I'm disappointed too in any ways regarding RDR2 and some with GTAV. ....then again, I still went ahead and bought the PS5 version of GTAV recently and my other PS5 friends did too so we can get back into it.
  11. .....please be aware that this post is from over a year ago and the OP hasn't even logged into the site since they joined in Feb 2021.
  12. There's no dedicated servers in RDO for PS. The PS "Community" that I had referenced years ago in this thread was removed by Sony long ago so there is no group anymore other than what survives here. .....but again, this was never representative of a group of people that all play together but merely a way for folks to meet and interact to create their own posses, etc. Personally, I rarely play RDO anymore although my close friends and I have been getting on lately since one of our buddies just recently got the game. ....but we play a few other titles too and will likely be getting back into GTAO due to the new PS5 version they just released.
  13. .....and what does that have anything to do with this 3 year old thread?
  14. Yeah, I don't know what to say. I'm not sure why yours is acting up but it's not something they've changed as far as making it always online or something like that. At least on my PS5 I can still play the campaign offline.
  15. @EvilHotDogVendor Yes, it's true that in most cases PC is far more prone to hacking than console because folks can gain access and change files, etc. ....something that simply isn't probable on console. However, that doesn't mean cheaters don't exist on PS an XB but they will typically come in the form of those who use exploits (using issues with the game to their advantage) and hardware like a lag switch, Cronus device, etc. to gain an unfair advantage.
  16. fyi.... I just tried it right now after disconnecting my PS5 from the internet and I was able to get in. The only message I got was the pop-up that said I couldn't use any of the online features or something to that effect but the story mode loaded in and I could play.
  17. I deleted your same post in the other forum since it was a duplicate of this one. In regards to your problem, that's strange. I know I can disconnect by PS5 and still play the game. Which platform are you on? ....PC , PS, XB...?
  18. Hi @Notaclu and welcome. First, I should say that RDR2.org is a fan site and not affiliated in any way with R* nor Take Two. Now, as for hackers, cheaters, exploiters or even just good 'ol trollers / griefers, there is an in-game reporting feature you can use. You can also report players through R*'s Support site here: https://support.rockstargames.com/categories/115001624507?step=dea4b872 There are also ways you can help mitigate the problem by using the in-game features like Defensive Mode. It's also important in how you interact with other players but perhaps more so in what you do to help avoid them. It's been a long time since I played but what I found was that when you spawn in, the game places you in regions where other players are. ....so what I began doing is choosing spawn areas that were well away from where I wanted to go and then I would high tail it to my destination avoiding everyone on the way there. It worked well for me at least for a good portion of my sessions. I'm sorry I don't have a definitive solution for your woes but hopefully asome of that information will help you out. ....oh, and one other surefire way to help from being bullied in sessions is to play with friends. The more friends, the better as people don't tend to bother you as much when you're in a group.
  19. I've done it a couple more times since by accident. .....funny as hell.
  20. I hope so. The PS5 version of GTAV launches next month IIRC along with 3 months free access to the new, enhanced version of GTAO. I'm sure my PS5 friends and I will be checking that out for a while. .....and I'll likely end up buying the new PS version of the game too. Hate to think about when "GTA6" will finally release. I'm sure it's still a long way out.
  21. The mention of a new GTA title they are currently working on is at the bottom of this community update. It's as vague as announcements get but this is the first time they have officially confirmed they are working on the next iteration: Grand Theft Auto Community Update Updates to The Contract, New Details on GTAV for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and More February 4, 2022 As the GTA Online community continues to grow stronger with each passing year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for playing with us across 2021, whether through the high-speed thrills of Los Santos Tuners, chasing down Dr. Dre’s lost tracks in The Contract, or just causing havoc in Freemode with friends. As we enter our third console generation and with much more to come in 2022 and beyond, here is a look at just some of what’s on the way. The Contract – Short Cuts to Short Trips and More The Contract brought GTAV’s story into present-day GTA Online as players helped Franklin Clinton set up his celebrity solutions agency and track down hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre’s lost, unreleased music, along with an array of new gameplay including Security Contracts, Payphone Hits, and the ability to step into the shoes of Franklin and Lamar for the Short Trips co-op story missions. To ensure everyone can easily experience the fun of Short Trips, players will soon be able to access Short Trips directly from the Jobs menu without completing The Contract’s story missions. And look for official versions of Dr. Dre’s tracks from The Contract, hitting your favorite music streaming service today. A New Generation for GTAV and GTA Online With the GTAV community stronger than ever, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online will come to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms this coming March 15, bringing the blockbuster open-world experience to players on the latest hardware. We sincerely appreciate the entire community’s support over the years as the game now heads into an unprecedented third console generation. Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S features new graphics modes with up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames per second, texture and draw distance upgrades, HDR options and ray-tracing, as well as offering the technical advancements of the latest console generation with faster loading times, immersive 3D audio, platform-specific features like advanced haptic feedback, and much more. PS4 and Xbox One players eager to continue their journey on the newest generation of hardware will be able to transfer both their GTAV Story Mode progress and their current GTA Online characters and progression to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with a one-time migration at launch. Plus, a new standalone version of GTA Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will debut at launch — available for free for the first three months to PlayStation 5 players — making it easier than ever before for new players to experience everything GTA Online has to offer. Improvements to GTA Online GTA Online for PS5 and Xbox Series also includes a range of improvements including the ability to skip the GTAV Story Mode prologue before entering Online, and an all-new GTA Online Tutorial. New GTA Online players will now enter the Career Builder, with instant access to their choice of one of four illicit businesses — Biker, Executive, Nightclub Owner, or Gunrunner — and a sizable GTA$ windfall to help select a property, high-end vehicle, and the firepower required to kickstart their enterprise. Returning players will also have the option to restart their character and take advantage of the Career Builder at any time. The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of GTA Online also include the new Hao’s Special Works auto shop, located within the LS Car Meet, which will allow players to upgrade select vehicles (5 new vehicles and 5 existing vehicles at launch) for elite driving performance that takes full advantage of the upgraded power of new console hardware. What’s Next With the unprecedented longevity of GTAV, we know many of you have been asking us about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. With every new project we embark on, our goal is always to significantly move beyond what we have previously delivered — and we are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway. We look forward to sharing more as soon as we are ready, so please stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for official details. On behalf of our entire team, we thank you all for your support and cannot wait to step into the future with you! - Rockstar Games
  22. Try now. All new messages from first time posters have to be vetted first. Having said that, the op hasn't been back to this site since August last year.
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