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  1. Hi Gianla5 and welcome!
  2. ....that's what they are doing. @Gianla If you can't find them at the locations in that above video or at Fences, I'm not sur what could be going on there. Everything I saw is the same as you pointed out. ....they should be available to you by now unless we're missing something.
  3. Kean_1


    Did you still need this question answered? I see you posted it an hour ago but then deleted it. New posts by new members have to be approved first to help fight against spammers. That's why it took a bit before it showed up.
  4. Looks like the Big Valley which is North of Strawberry. The Little Creek River runs through it. That's where I have done a lot of hunting.
  5. Kean_1

    How to fish?

    @Jstevensdk7 I fixed your post for you. It got tied into your quote from the OP.
  6. Glad you were able to recover. I've had a couple of those kinds of moments with my PS4 in the past as well.
  7. Kean_1

    Forum bug?

    Saw that too. Not sure if intentional but it seems kinda handy so you don't have to scroll back up when checking notifications, etc.
  8. Anyone planning to buy BF2042 this Friday or already playing the early release? Personally, my only real interest in the game in in it's Portal mode. It has its limitations but the ability to do a lot of customization. .....and then there's the logic editor which I'm anxious to play around with give I some a little scripting knowledge. There are some issues with the game right now with updates incoming as early as tomorrow morning. I think I'll still pull the trigger either way.
  9. No problem. Just giving you that option if you want it. Good post either way as we hardly get news around here anymore.
  10. Expected but good news nonetheless. btw, do you want me to move this to the main Online forum where it might get more views?
  11. You have a thread you started on this already in the Online section. Yes, a lot of folks want new and / or more content but as we all know, R* is slow in rolling things out and it's done with little or no mention beforehand. The way I deal with it is by playing other games and then revisiting ones like RDR2/RDO, GTAV, etc. when new content drops, new events, etc. I've been playing GTAV since PS3 and while I don't engage with the game consistently I do come back to it from time to time. It is one of the few games that have remained on my HDD. ....same with RDR2.
  12. Did they really take out the dude in Lemoyne spouting the racist propaganda in story mode? I would be surprised if they did. I do know that they tried to stop hackers from spawning KKK members in RDO and that some sick players on online were even going around in KKK posses, etc. It was a problem they were trying to stomp out so if there were some things taken out of the game, that may have been why. As for Native Americans, it is a touchy subject how they are portrayed. There are still some clothing items, etc. tied to the NA people but yeah, R* has steered clear of involving them too much in the online game at least.
  13. Try looking at the 3rd and 1st person controls option in the controls menu to see if that's the problem.
  14. Try the player menu and see if there is an option in the camp sub-menu.
  15. I have no idea what the answer is to your question or even how to tell, but keep in mind that even if you knew the original game file size, you can't just see what the file size is now and deduce that the difference is the download size. Many times patches / updates will include redundant files that it will replace in the original download and/or previous patches. .....and then there's the question if only the latest patch needs to be applied (making all others irrelevant) or if multiple ones still need to be loaded. I'll move this to the story mode forum since we're talking about offline.
  16. .....moving this to the Online section. Hopefully someone can help.
  17. ......moving to the main Online section as that is a more appropriate forum for this.
  18. @Hired Gun Zee Did you see @GarageAdmiral's response above? Apparently, R* is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. That's at least better than them saying they are not aware of it or just blowing folks off. As far as a solution and when that might happen, who knows.
  19. Thanks for updating the others @GarageAdmiral. đź‘Ť
  20. Self entitled idiot. Assuming they had a legitimate grievance, there's other ways to handle it especially with a large corporation like McDonalds. Now the dillweed will likely be charged for vandalism and / or other charges. They could even be made to pay for those damages that will probably exceed their paycheck or whatever they were screaming about. .......smh. Kudos to the manager for keeping his cool and calmly tell them to leave. I'm guessing they won't be getting a reference for their next fast food job.
  21. If you're looking for an existing posse to join, I would suggest browsing and posting in the active posse recruitment threads in this sub-forum. If they are subscribed to their own threads (which you would think they should be), they should get a notification when someone replies within those threads.
  22. NEWSWIRE NewswireRed Dead OnlineContent Updates SURVIVE WAVES OF ENEMIES IN NEW CALL TO ARMS MODE Plus Take on Leviticus Cornwall in a New Crime Contract, The Quick Draw Club No. 2, and More August 10, 2021 In Call to Arms, you and your allies have been recruited to protect various locations from up to 10 waves of incoming enemies. Arrange and position yourselves around the map to help defend Blackwater, Fort Mercer, Valentine, Strawberry, and MacFarlane’s Ranch from invasions. First, check your Camp Lockbox for a new Telegram from "J." Call to Arms will then become available to launch at any time by selecting the requisite Telegram in your Satchel. If you decide to take up arms and protect the local populaces from an onslaught, fighting for your life and others’ will reward 3X RDO$, XP, and Gold to all brave volunteers. You’ll also receive an Offer for 30% off any Novice or Promising Role Item within 72 hours. THE CORNWALL CONTRACT Around these parts, Leviticus Cornwall’s name is synonymous with prosperity. So much so that his deep pockets have made him fair game to undesirables and brigands state-wide. The Cornwall Contract is a series of Crimes targeting the notorious magnate, tasking you with causing a distraction in order to infiltrate the heart of Cornwall Kerosene & Tar in the Heartlands to procure Capitale notes on behalf of Guido Martelli. You’ll also need to sneak around the Saint Denis docks to find and steal Capitale from one of the richest men in the five states. Expect to get your hands very dirty along the way. THE QUICK DRAW CLUB NO. 2 Today also marks the release of The Quick Draw Club No. 2, the second in a series of passes geared specifically towards the needs and wants of bandits. Rank up and recoup your investment of 25 Gold Bars across 25 ranks — not to mention special bonuses and rare items. In addition, keep in mind that purchasing all four installments of The Quick Draw Club will earn you a Reward to claim the upcoming Halloween Pass 2 for free. The Quick Draw Club No. 2 is available through September 6. The Quick Draw Club No. 1 members who purchase the second pass within the next two weeks will receive RDO$300 and 2,000 Character XP within 72 hours. THE CLELLAND OUTFIT The Clelland Outfit — notoriously worn by legendary outlaw John Marston — is now available for purchase from Madam Nazar, alongside the Rafferty Eyepatch. As an added bonus, all Red Dead Online players who ride out this week will receive a free Ability Card and 10X Gun Oil, just for logging in. BLOOD MONEY BONUSES Remember to keep your eyes peeled for lockboxes and stashes — you might find more Capitale than usual while out committing Crimes. Speaking of Crimes and other foul deeds: visiting all four Blood Money mission-givers — that is Sean Macguire, Joe, James Langton, and Anthony Foreman — this week will land you an extra RDO$100, delivered within 72 hours. MOONSHINE SHACK MOONSHINE SHACK UPGRADES AND BAR PHOTOGRAPHS MOONSHINER COSMETIC ROLE ITEMS NORFOLK ROADSTERS SNIPER RIFLES EMOTES PRIME GAMING BENEFITS Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before August 30 will receive a Reward for a free Hat up to Rank 15, an Offer for 50% off the Rolling Block Rifle, and an offer for 30% off select items at Wilderness Outfitters. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.
  23. Well, Take Two recently revealed they would be launching 3 remasters or remakes so there's a chance RDR will be among them.
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