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  1. I have a few games that I still play even to this day. One of them being Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I feel like that story really gripped me and the gameplay was solid for its time so even though it didn't age well, I still enjoy playing it all these years later. I think it will be the same for RDR2. The story was great and the general feel of the campaign was excited and creative.
  2. You have to use a VPN on PS4? I didn't know that and I wouldn't even know where to begin with something like that. I can't imagine it being as easy as on a desktop.
  3. I doubt they paid for the reviews but I suppose you are right on the other thing. Lately, I haven't seen nearly as many complaints though so that is something.
  4. Can you actually get horse meat off your horses if you kill them? I never actually tried after this happened cause I felt bad for the little dum dums dying lol
  5. It looks like the reviews are on the up and up as far as Steam goes. I guess this is a good thing. Maybe people are getting their issues with the game sorted finally.
  6. I could have sworn you could put them in a specific order but maybe not? I guess it goes according to the order you tamed and/or purchased them.
  7. I agree with what was mentioned. Stealing/finding items and not being able to do anything with them is silly. They can easily add in like a pawn shop or like a shifty street salesman that you can sell stolen goods to. Just like stealing cars and selling them in GTA, you'd expect there to be some kind of option like this.
  8. You can change your region, use a VPN, etc. but it is a lot easier to work around your location on console I believe.
  9. I am assuming 90%+ members here are of age to drink alcohol. So, how often do you drink? I am a semi-casual drinker. I probably drink a handful of times a month. Never been a daily drinker. I have a friend who is but he is to the point where he hardly even gets buzzed from it anymore.
  10. Back when listening to a football game on the radio was the norm, smoking was hip, and Facebook didn't exist.
  11. I don't think they blocked it so much as it broke because well, *Rockstar noises* I will try to find a way around this but as far as I know, the only way is what pluck mentioned which unfortantly doesn't always work for me either.
  12. I really want to make a Chinese joke here but given the recent virus they started from eating bats... I will refrain myself. Still hilarious to see. stoopid doggo! haha
  13. What about Xbox and PC? I only ever see this being an option on PS4 so I am assuming it is locked down more on Xbox One and PC which is unfortunate.
  14. I won't be of much help having not watched in a while but my friend who is obsessed with the NFL picked the 49ers to win by 6. You can try that if you want but if you win, I want a cut of the profits 🤑🤑😁
  15. Hell yeah man! I stopped when this stuff started. I have not watched a single game since. I watch sports to unwind and forgot about crap like this, not have it rubbed in my face. The No Fun League really stands up to the name. I hope they tank even more. I am going to give the XFL a chance when it starts.
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