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  1. They have to figure out a way to allow online gambling without it being used for or with real money. I am guessing it may be an option down the road for private servers, like for friends to play with each other and NPCs but who knows. I can't blame them if they opt out though.
  2. Was this nerfed by chance? I reset my character and it seems like it is taking me so much longer to level up. I do quite a bit of hunting but I feel like it is getting me nowhere fast.
  3. My friend talked me into resetting to fix my character's looks so I am only at 29 I think. I was at 37 before. I don't want to reset ever again. I feel like it was harder to level this time than it was the first time. Like I played more to get to 29 than I did before to get to 37.
  4. I haven't caved into getting any limited items yet. Unless they give it to us for free, I likely won't bother for now. I don't play enough and the game is still in beta.
  5. The online end is meant to be played on a mic so you are speaking on behalf of your character in a way. I would love to see the mouths move when you are talking on a mic though.
  6. D3x

    Retirement Plans

    Out of curiosity, who here has a retirement plan set? If you don't have one set up, do you at least have a gameplan heading forward into your later years? I know quite a number of players here are 30+.
  7. A few times a month to post and every few days to read. I mostly browse at work and forget to come on after work to post. I am rather busy right now unfortunately.
  8. There are some females on YouTube that became famous for playing video games they never played. I can't remember the one chicks name but her boyfriend would play for her and she would pretend to be playing for attention. I find those "female gamers" to be the saddest of all.
  9. D3x

    Western Films

    What film would be best to introduce someone to western films? My friend's little brother is getting interested in RDR2 but knows next to nothing about the old west. We want him to watch some films first. He is 15.
  10. D3x

    Overrated Things

    I am not a fan of black coffee. I use them flavored creamers you get and keep in the fridge. When I was younger I was dating a girl who worked at Starbucks so I used to get a coffee every day for free. The only thing I would ever drink from there are those cold caramel things, frappuccinos think they were. I liked the mild hint of coffee flavor. It was like drinking a shake more than a coffee. I would never drink their coffee straight or just with cream. Tastes like licking pavement. As for overrated thing for me... I would say Fortnite has to be at the top of my list. I don't get the appeal of the game much less how people can play it hours on end or watch others play it.
  11. My friend was over earlier and offered to buy my gold. I kept saying no but eventually, he won. Now I need to buy something with it and I don't know what. Any suggestions? He got me 25 of them.
  12. It sucks cause I have met some cool players in other posses only to be targeted by one of their mates and it just ruins it for me. Some people don't know how to act on public online games.
  13. I will just hop on and offline till I find one less crowded. Sometimes it will take a few tries, other times it may take like a good 10 or 15 minutes of doing this. I find that the best time to find servers that are low activity is after 11PM.
  14. Just the once if I am not mistaken. I think they may have had something going the first week of the launch but I don't remember.
  15. I met a dude on a server a few weeks back. We were both just chatting about politics and work while hunting in the same area. Was a fun time. Ended up adding him to my friend list and haven't played with him since. lol He only is online when I am at work, very unfortunate.
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