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  1. That is sometimes harder than it sounds though. I have taken out a group pretty fast of deer and them things still spread out. I am not sure about the time thing. It has to count as a factor in some way.
  2. Same here. Not always either. The inconsistency makes me think it isn't accurate either so it likely is a minor glitch/bug they will need to fix.
  3. They aren't of much use for hunting, not for me at least so I mainly use them for protection. If someone runs up on me I whip it out and show em' mine is bigger than theirs. I noticed sometimes if you pull out a shotty when someone gets close, they tend to back off a bit. Not always but sometimes. They know. They can do some damage and fast.
  4. nshanny nailed it If you are still having issues, try another controller. Sometimes if a controller is malfunctioning, it can affect things like this in games.
  5. The socks are funny and cool at the same time, I do like them. Not big on the new jacket like others have mentioned. Even in a different color, it just hangs funny on my dude.
  6. I would peg it to be like 2023 the earliest and even that is pushing it. The first one came out in 1997 so they might even hold off till 2027 and make it like a special 30 year game or something. I mean if they are still working on RDR2 and Bully is in the works, that is another 6+ years easy anyways.
  7. Did the same thing. It is easier and saves time. Flower gathering was easier than I thought it would be but still a pain in the backside when I was just trying to collect everything.
  8. Maybe they haven't updated the social club in a while? It has been quite some time since I checked either. I might check them tonight to see what differences are on my lists.
  9. Have you tried saving your game under a different file by chance? I know a lot of people have had issues with missing boats and some find this to be a solution.
  10. I have been trying to figure this out myself. Maybe it is something they have set up for the future like having legendary animals online? I am not sure but I have tried selling different things there and nothing takes.
  11. Sometimes I am able to do the missions and hideouts, other times I am not. I noticed I have more issues when trying to go at things alone without a posse than when I am going as a group. Maybe that is where the bug lies? Who knows. Hopefully, it gets fixed in a few days.
  12. Everyone loves the pump and dump shotgun, I really don't I seem to be one of few being me and my cousin. lol I like the Volcanic Pistol the most out of the ones you listed but like Kean mentioned, it depends on your play style.
  13. I think they were going for an open airy feel with the construction of that tent... LOL I just stuck with the standard one. Based on what I have heard and seen online, none of the themes have interested me at all.
  14. They confirmed there will be new weapons for the update happening on the 26th? I didn't hear of this. I am interested though. I am not big on the shotguns they have personally.
  15. You will see people like this in EVERY online game. It is just like the internet and life really. The majority will be fine but you will have small pockets of douche bags and idiots who enjoy the same things you do and ruin your fun. If they are causing enough issues for you, report them and block them.
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