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  1. Wow, finding the 9 graves of my fallen comrades, I did come across 3 of them, I didn't realise that there were 9 and you can get a wee trophy for discovering them...... Guess that is me getting back on my horse then and looking for them.....
  2. I wouldn't say that I've rushed through the Story Mode, I've been playing it since the day it was released, just call it "Dying" to know how it ended. I know John Marston would survive, it was brilliant at seeing how the unity within the camp got splintered and not knowing who was responsible for destroying the group with their betrayal and what would happen to Arthur. I can still try and aim for 100% completion but I don't think it's possible due to some of the tasks like collecting certain items for your fellow gang members aren't possible for reasons known to us that know.......(Trying to hard not to spoil it for those who don't know who dies and who lives) It's definitely worth a 2nd run through and as I said earlier, I want to be a badass next time lol
  3. All I can say is WOW.......... This game was well worth the wait, hard to believe that it was almost a year when Rockstar announced that the release date would be delayed till October 2018, just as well they did, what a grand job the staff at Rockstar have done with this game. There was so much to do, I couldn't complete all the challenges, I couldn't find all the dinosaur bones, Dreamcatchers, rock carvings and so on, there was just too much to do and I was desperate to complete the story mode to find out what happens. I think it would be safe to say that we all gasped in awe when we saw the graphics, the fine attention to detail of how a river foams when flowing from a waterfall, the sounds of the birds twittering, the gentle rustle of leaves as the wind blows, I, when not in the mood for missions, would simply take my horse to Roanoke Valley and do a wee spot of fishing, the sounds of the waterfall was so soothing to the soul, it's really weird at how RDR2 was able to do this to me, distract me from the game play and put me in the mood for either fishing or hunting. The only gripe I had with this game, it sometimes was glitchy, and buggy, I have mentioned here in the forum how I wasn't able to get a boat in Lakay when trying to get a Legendary fish and you guys in this form were brilliant in assisting me in this game buy saying, I didn't need a boat to catch the Legendary Gar but instead, go to the exact spot shown on a map, you guys were another reason why this game was so enjoyable to play, not once, when people asked for help, did any of you treat us like a pure diddy, you took the time to answer and offer suggestions on how to solve the problem, so I thank you all for that. I will be replaying this game, this time, I want to become the most feared outlaw in all 5 states, I finished as a saint, next time, I want to be the son of a gun from Hell. One last thing- Spolier Alert, I can't believe how "emotional" I got when I bid farewell to my faithful Warhorse, she was called Kanto and she stuck by me through the thick and think and I had a wee lump in my throat at that moment, it took me by surprise which was another remarkable achievement by the creators of this game. Now I am riding off to the sunset singing the song "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi
  4. Whilst looting empty houses and opening boxes, I came across a Male & Female Fertility Statue. Does anyone know what is the purpose of having them? Is it something that you can sell on?
  5. I am curious as how you managed to get 20K after the epilogue, I am in the 2nd epilogue part where I am now the owner of Beecher's Hope and I did have $40 to my name, I now have around $1000 because I've sold all my looted items, gold bar, cigarette cards and animal furs.
  6. Thank you, I will check the settings and let you know if that was indeed the case
  7. Sorry, I should clarify, I am pressing the button that prompts me to aim and I seek cover instead...... I am posting this from memory lol I play on PS4
  8. As per topic There is a young lad being held in the basement in the Gun Store and to free him, you have to "Rob" the gunsmith so that he can open the door to lead you down stairs to the basement, well, I can't seem to point my gun at him, it tells me to press R2 to aim, instead, I'm seeking cover at the counter, if I hit R1, I end up shooting him and end up getting a wanted level. Can anyone suggest what to do here? Many thanks as always for taking the time to answer my query
  9. It was spot on enough for me to be able to catch it, now to catch the other Legendary Critters. Many thanks for your help once again.
  10. That is brilliant Kormath, thank you so much for showing me the exact spot to be without needing the boat
  11. Thank you for that suggestion, I will try that and let you know what happens
  12. I have come across an issue and I am hoping that it happened to someone else and you can tell me how to resolve it, I did use the Search option to find an answer and there isn't hence why this post has been created. I am trying to catch a legendary fish within the swamp in Largas, trouble is, there aren't any boats available, I have left the area a number of times, continued with the story missions and still I can't get a boat to spawn. Any advice or solutions will be gratefully received. Many thanks for your time and assistance in replying.
  13. I thought as much, I've contacted Rockstar Support and as you can see, they are unable to assist me. That was a very painful lesson in making damn sure I manually save the game each time.
  14. I would really like to know the answer to that as well.
  15. Before Rockstar did the Online Beta update, I was in chapter 4, I have just been transported back to chapter 2 and I am crying I FORGOT TO MANUAL SAVE........I deserve everything coming my way, all that gold and money gone, all those Legendary Fishes caught, Gone. all those Legendary Animals killed, I have to hunt them down again. Don't get me started on the treasure maps, Dinosaur Bones, Dream Catchers, Rock Carvings I am in tears........lol
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