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  1. This game is just about dead! Anyone who comments that they game is ok because they see 22 players in a session doesn't understand math. In theory that could mean there are only 22 players in total (I realize that's not the case, but you get the point). I just think they are completely under staffed from a developer perspective. It makes sense they keep adding PVP updates because those updates are isolated code branches that do NOT have an impact on the free roam world so they think its an easy win as an update delivery. They whole team should be fired!
  2. I'm just not getting a execute menu option. Just beat or dismiss. If I dismiss I still have the knife, but back into hand to hand combat. It's like I'm not getting an advantage for attacking first.
  3. I get that its a cool visual effect but is it actually doing more damage? A varmit rifle can kill with a single headshot (granted the animation is quite as graphic as with a slug to the head)
  4. Do some weapons do more damage based on "proximity" ? Does a shotgun do more damage than the stats reflect vs the Lancaster based on the distance to the target?
  5. So I get the double barrel and/or sawed off draw, but what about the pump and repeating?
  6. I can't seem to just attack with a knife. It always seems to want to grapple with first. Is there a way to run up and just starting slashing?
  7. Am I missing something, but just looking at the stats for the weapons why would you ever use a shotgun over the Lancaster?
  8. What about having a "single voice to R*" on features/changes the players on this Forum can form a consensus on? Could use the polling feature and maybe one of the moderators could use that data to develop a "direct communication" with a R* resource to voice our support and ideas. Rather being all negative (I'm guilty )hopefully create some good will and help R* come out with incremental updates to keep the players engaged.
  9. Exactly. People get bored and end up finding something to do. It's a wild west game not a hunting and fishing game. I want to shoot people as well, but want to do it under some game play structure. Give the players a reason to interact in more true game play style and they could take advantage of this world/engine they have created.
  10. I haven't seen a new story mission in a long time. I was thinking of something that was more part of the daily game. I guess if you're saying that R* could easily implement this because they already have something similar it seems like a no brainer and would add more player involvement.
  11. Is that for Story missions only or the in game missions as well?
  12. I'm sure not what that means "make yourself available for story missions". Maybe I have missed that.
  13. Would it be fun or useful for there to be a hired gun feature? Instead of be invited to a random posse maybe could just be hired for Mission X. I'm not a big fan of just teaming up with people I don't know, but wouldn't mind taking on a job on a one and done basis.
  14. They could fix the griefing by actually giving the players something to do. I hate to say it, but I don't really hold it against the griefiers any more. It's not for me, but I understand it and can of enjoy taking some punks out since that's really the only game play that currently exists.
  15. Yeah It's somewhat common. I had to get out and move one to get them going again to get by them during a mission. R* needs to call Elon Musk to get some AI driving tips
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