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  1. 01.) Just hit 69 last night. 02.) I honestly don't know. I ended up resetting my character 2 times. The first time I reached level 24 I think and the second time I was in the 30s. 03.) I mostly just do hunting and mess around with my friends. I only just started taking leveling seriously a few weeks ago. 04.) Just messing around. Sometimes I do missions. I like to just roam around and hunt, make up stupid games with friends, things like that. I would have expected myself to hit 100 by now but I am working on it.
  2. No way that I have found. My buddy will actually write all his information down in a notebook. He loves taking notes. I don't have the patience for that though. They should make some kind of in-game tracker to let us know what we have done with what gun at the very least.
  3. Yeah I did catch on to this too. I don't mind them making use get tired after a while but making us this weak for no reason seems silly. Not to mention, you are a bigger target for trolls now because you move slower.
  4. I always took the way nshanny73 said. I mean I can't think of any other indication unless the saddles break over time which I do not think they do, do they? I swap mine a lot.
  5. People don't like to feel like they lost. Most gamers are very competitive, especially dudes. Some will go out of their way just to feel better about themselves, even if that means targetting one player over and over again.
  6. I think this is referring to the drop. They have seen a HUGE drop of users in the last year alone but I am sure it will pick back up when people want to complain about politics again in the summer and fall.
  7. Reyes

    Google Stadia

    I'll take a hard pass on this. I get what they are doing and I am sure it will appeal to some people but I can't see them taking over the gaming industry. It will become a horrible meme if anything.
  8. I am not sure why they would skip this unless it is meant for DLC in the future? I mean it would not surprise me if they did a zombie angle.
  9. I don't know if I am too late for this or not, but try saving the game on a different save file and then loading it up. Might fix your problem.
  10. The first time I heard that I thought I was hearing things. These small comments they added in the game pertaining to how you look are perfectly times and funny cause you just don't expect them.
  11. Man that is cold but at the same time, I can respect that. Kids really shouldn't be playing this game. I would say the cut off is maybe 15.
  12. I noticed if I message them more than 3 times about the same issues, I get canned responses. Like they just put me in a spam folder somewhere and ignore me. lol
  13. I only used the app a handful of times and it hasn't been for awhile. I know you said you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, have you also checked your phone for updates? Or even tried restarting it (or turning the phone off and on)? Sometimes, happens maybe once every few months, I need to restart my phone because certain apps stop working on me and I don't get my Paypal security texts.
  14. I heard about this and didn't want to get my hopes up but it is legit thankfully. I could not have seen them holding off much longer without something. They have plenty of issues they can tackle with one update.
  15. Yeah I noticed this and it really bugs me. Sometimes I will join and it will be full too. Like why am I even spectating this? It should just bump you to a waiting lobby or back out.
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