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  1. My wife and I are both over 70 and have take care of my father-in-law who is 91 and lives on his own in a separate residence. My sister-in-law and husband share in that. They are both retired and take a share and keeping us all from going nuts. We keep a tight circle because none of us want to be responsible for killing each other. It gets pretty tough sometimes. They cant see their young grand kids because its just to risky. Before covid, they were in contact with these kids for 12 hrs a day while the parents worked. That stopped abruptly when "herd immunity" became popular and covid was determined a hoax and ........... I am old, anti-social b*stard, so social distancing is right in my wheelhouse. But my wife isn't. It was a real kick in the nuts when we couldn't attend our only kids wedding. It wasnt because we have some effed up family dynamics going on, it was because she is high risk, laid off because covid and health insurance was an issue. The wedding plans were blown to hell and we all swallowed one big lump. Because they live in another state, we havent seen each other in 2 years. Get well soon.
  2. After downloading and installing it, all of my quickhacks disappeared. Since my build is netrunner based, I was a bit miffed. When I retrieved my controller from behind my monitor and rebooted, things went back to normal. Since I am at level 45, most of the fixes are behind me and I havent noticed any performance differences.
  3. Perhaps you lead a charmed life. Others weren't so fortunate.
  4. We all stuck with this game (Red Dead Redemption 2) so why wouldnt we hang in on this one? Its not like there are ton of new games out there that are worth plopping down some cash on. For me its either Cyberpunk 2077 or bake sourdough bread.
  5. Who is sticking with this game? I bought the disk thru Amazon and have until Jan. 31 to return it and now Sony pulled the game and is offering refunds. At first, I was ready to stuff it in an envelope and send it back. The first day I played I had 5 blue screens. Since then, I havent had any problems and will play it until it becomes unplayable or until my return window closes. So far, I like the game enough to consider it as a free sample until they fix it for PS4 (which I doubt) or until I get a PS5.
  6. Nice! My guy is a 70 year old, 300lb white guy that sports a BLM tee and a MAGA hat. I will be driving a '06 Buick Rendezvous with the windows shot out. See you online!
  7. I will give them credit for giving buyers an easy way out in the beginning instead of playing us for beta rats. We can always repurchase for the PS5 once they become widely available.
  8. This game has that Mechwarrior 1989 kind of vibe.
  9. Same here. For anyone that enjoys itemizing their taxes, this is the game for them.🙂
  10. I ordered my copy tonight. Hope it turns out to be as good as we expect. 🙂
  11. For lots of folks, $500 might be a drop in the bucket. For us old guys or those affected by covid layoffs, $500 puts a pretty big hole in the budget. Throw in another few hundred for a 4k tv for the better graphics and you might see why some might be hesitant. Since I don't really get into in any serious gameplaying until Jan-March, I can wait. I'll let the bleeding edge players be the beta rats and work out the bugs for Sony. The same goes for any new games that come out. I like to see some player reviews and Youtube videos before buying any hype put out by software companies. Buying a game and then spending half my time putting in tickets to customer support isnt really my idea of fun. I like games without bugs, not games that need patches every other day. It's not like Sony is going to shut down the line once the preorders have been filled. They will crank it up full blast for the holiday season. Once I converted the Biogas Plant to a meth lab, I sold my tractor. Felsbrunn is now a giant trailer park.
  12. When I start seeing some games worth playing, I will spring for a PS5. I'm pretty confident that Farm Simulator will be just as boring on a PS5 as it is on a PS4.
  13. I am confused. Are you saying that because the clip from above was from the original Red Dead Redemption, that it doesnt pertain to the history of Abigail? The original game clearly says that Abby was a woman with a past. It specifically points out that she was a prostitute, in the gang, and was servicing members of the gang, and getting work on the side. Or.....Are you trying to say that because this is RDR2, that her slate gets wiped clean and we should just forget about what transpired in the original game? I can totally understand if you never played the original game that you wouldnt know her history. But are we supposed put spoiler tags on any references to the original game?
  14. Thank you for clearing that up. That was my contention also. Since Abby is the subject of this thread, the other girls career choices are irrelevant.
  15. Dutch puts it out there in this scene. Abigail even says that "Jack isnt going to grow up and marry a working girl" in the continuation of this clip.
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