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  1. I'd suggest including your platform so folks will know when trying to help narrow down the problem. You can fill in your profile to show this which will help others help you.
  2. There is a Posse Recruitment sub-forum you can use here: https://www.rdr2.org/forums/forum/16-posse-recruitment/ I'd also ask that you not use derogatory terms used in the past to describe Native Americans when advertising your group. I will edit and close this thread and let you start a new thread in the Posse recruitment forum I linked above. Thanks.
  3. I'll move it but I don't think it really matters. The OP posted once and hasn't been back since 7/9.
  4. NewswireRed Dead OnlineContent Updates SEARCH ANNESBURG FOR THE EMBER OF THE EAST Plus, a New Crime Contract and More This Week in Red Dead Online July 27, 2021 Sources hear tell of a beguiling, flawless ruby known as The Ember of The East, tucked away for safe keeping somewhere in Annesburg. Rumors are aswirl that tensions are high between the Senator’s liaison and the foreman of the local mine. Keeping your cool may help reveal additional information, though you’re free to approach and engage as you see fit. Should you manage to find the Ember and successfully place it in the hands of your employers by August 2, you'll earn a Reward for a free Off-Hand Holster. Completing this Opportunity on Ruthless difficulty will also unlock the Annesburg Cap for purchase from Madam Nazar. THE DOCKSIDE CONTRACT Seal your reputation as an ally to the unruly in The Dockside Contract, a set of three new missions available from your local Blood Money contact. Help tie up some loose ends before hitting a local shipping business where it hurts in Saint Denis. Just be ready to get your hands dirty. THE QUICK DRAW CLUB NO. 1 Unlock the Whitchurch Cattleman Revolver Variant and 25 Ranks of other rewards by progressing through The Quick Draw Club No. 1. When you purchase The Quick Draw Club No. 1, all items up to your current Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Rank will instantly unlock. Plus, purchase all four installments of The Quick Draw Club to get a Reward for the Halloween Pass 2 for free. WAIVED CAMP SETUP FEES Wherever the winds may carry you, you can pack up and move around the map at no cost — relocating your Camp is free this week. DISCOUNTS Aspiring Traders can take 5 Gold Bars off the cost of the Butcher Table this week. Dressing up and looking sharp is also more affordable this week, as Tailors are offering 40% off all Standard (Non-Role) Outfits, while Gunsmiths are offering 30% off all Repeaters. ROLE IMPROVED SADDLES AND SADDLEBAGS BOUNTY WAGON VARMINT RIFLE NAVY REVOLVER CAMP DOGS CAMP THEMES CLOTHING, TRINKETS, AND EQUIPMENT AT GUS' STORE PONCHOS PRIME GAMING BENEFITS Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before August 2 will receive Rewards for a free Saddle (up to RDO$200) and 2 free Treasure Maps, plus an Offer good for 40% off the Fast Travel Post. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations. Related Stories
  5. @Montey Please fill in your profile or at least give details as to what you have. .....XB, PS, PC or what? Give system info as well if you're looking for help. PC is a different animal compared to console with a myriad of possible configurations, software & driver conflicts, etc. Try contacting R* Support.
  6. Sorry, not really sure to be honest. You're probably going to have to thumb through the inventory in the stable to find out.
  7. RED DEAD ONLINE: BLOOD MONEY OUT NOW Venture into the Criminal Underworld of The West July 13, 2021 Experience civilized crime in Frontier America with robberies, shakedowns, and more new lawless activities in Red Dead Online: Blood Money. Blood Money delivers a raft of new criminal possibilities available to everyone across the entire world of Red Dead Online, with each step leading to the potential of greater rewards. Head to the manicured streets on the west side of Saint Denis and acquaint yourself with Guido Martelli, right hand man to the notorious mob boss Angelo Bronte, to begin your journey taking on Crimes and Opportunities as they arise. Martelli is eager to recover a unique commodity known as Capitale – a system of exchange designed for the Bronte family’s more sensitive business dealings — which has found its way into the hands of the various cutthroats and villainous scum littered across the frontier. The value of Capitale for Martelli and the Bronte family, depends upon its scarcity. Introduce yourself to the members of Martelli’s ring to uncover any potential crimes for the taking — if you’re yet to cross paths with these morally bankrupt associates, you may be asked to prove your worth before they trust you with recovering Capitale. Visit these particularly questionable characters: Anthony Foreman — reckless leader of the Foreman Brothers gang, found at Radley’s House in Rhodes or frequenting Doyle’s Tavern in Saint Denis James Langton — a famed bounty hunter of ill repute based in New Austin. James can be tracked down in Hennigan’s Stead or at his cabin by Lake Don Julio. Sean Macguire — temporarily separated from his gang, Sean is a serial thief and murderer. Visit Sean at Great Plains or in Tall Trees. Joe — closely associated with other lowlifes such as Micah, Cleet, and Samson Finch, Joe is set up in Osman Grove, New Hanover Today’s update adds three multi-part Crime Contracts — The Railroad Contract, The Jeb Phelps Contract, and The Bluewater Contract — each with their own story to unravel. For those looking to lie, cheat, and steal their way to riches, you can also take on other dirty deeds,. And as you traverse the plains, keep your eyes peeled for Homestead and Camp Robberies. During these exploits, you’ll amass Capitale for Martelli. Trade these private bonds to henchmen in Martelli’s network who will in return for your efforts dispatch you on the first of three, larger scale Opportunities. Martelli is eager to stifle a rising Lemoyne senator whose political ambitions have hampered the Bronte family’s far-reaching operations. Damage the senator by stealing three Jewels of the West, the first of which is in pursuit of the Covington Emerald, an ill-gotten heirloom coveted by black hats far and wide, being transported by rail on a heavily guarded train. Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for information on more Crime Contracts, as well as two additional Opportunities to come in the weeks ahead. QUICK DRAW CLUB The Quick Draw Club is a new series of rapid-fire passes in consecutive installments over the months ahead. Geared specifically with the needs and wants of outlaws in mind, the Quick Draw Club grants members special rewards, bonuses, and items to accommodate living on the fringe of the law. Each pass consists of 25 Ranks and costs 25 Gold Bars – meaning you’ll recoup your investment at the end of each pass by completing all 25 Ranks. And with each consecutive pass you purchase, you’ll earn extra perks while purchasing all four will land you a Reward to claim the upcoming Halloween Pass 2 for free. CLOTHING, PAMPHLETS, AND MORE In response to your feedback, select items from previous Outlaw Passes will become available for purchase over the coming weeks and months. Today, the Haraway outfit and Rebellion Poncho are available from Madam Nazar, while the Fast Travel from Wilderness Camp Pamphlet (in addition to many others) is now available from any Fence. Completing the Covington Emerald on Ruthless difficulty will also unlock the Pacific Union Cap available from Madam Nazar’s shop. In addition, all Free Roam Mission contacts now offer their selection of missions to choose from through a new Free Roam Mission menu. You can also look forward to new Daily Challenges and Awards rolling out. And those looking to compete against their peers can participate in the Nominated Series — a playlist consisting of modes chosen by players within the session. HIRED GUN KIT After speaking with Guido Martelli, visit the Fence to pick up the Hired Gun Kit: a care package fit for any outlaw that includes the new Fierro Bandana, bundles of ammo and consumables to keep you ready for battle, and Capitale to put towards Martelli’s criminal Opportunities across the five states. WEEKLY EVENTS Speaking of Opportunities, bandits who maneuver onto and off a guarded train, evade the law, and make away with the Covington Emerald will receive a Reward for a free Single Bandolier. Completing this Opportunity on the Ruthless difficulty this week or beyond will also unlock the Pacific Union cap for purchase from Madam Nazar. In celebration, local saloons are offering free drinks all week long. Consider that an invitation and a word of warning in case the barroom turns into a brawl. Visiting the Benefits Hub will yield a Reward for a free select Accessory of your choice. DISCOUNTS This week, Stables are offering 30% off all Stalls and 40% off all American Paint Horses. Ammo Crafting Pamphlets, including both those for sale from the Fence and the Sedative Varmint Cartridge Pamphlet available for purchase from Harriet Davenport, are 30% off as well. Hone your lethal skillset and take 40% off all Ability Cards. To mark the release of Blood Money, the discounts listed below are all active through July 26: 30% off all Role Improved Saddles and Saddlebags 30% off the Bounty Wagon 30% off the Varmint Rifle 30% off the Navy Revolver 40% off all Camp Dogs 40% off all Camp Themes (Including Role Camp Themes) 40% off all Clothing at Gus' Store 40% off all Ponchos As part of today's update, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online on PC will offer NVIDIA DLSS support to all Windows users with eligible NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. The newly supported feature boosts frame rates and generates beautiful sharp images. PLAYSTATION BENEFITS PlayStation players can play Red Dead Online without a PlayStation Plus subscription from July 13 until July 26. PRIME GAMING BENEFITS Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before August 2 will receive a Reward for a free Saddle (up to RDO$200), 2 free Treasure Maps, and an Offer for 40% off the Fast Travel Post. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.
  8. EARN YOUR BLOOD MONEY ACROSS A SERIES OF DARING ROBBERIES New Opportunities and More Coming in Next Week’s Red Dead Online Update July 7, 2021 Step into the burgeoning criminal underworld of Red Dead Online: Blood Money on July 13, and prove you are willing to get your hands dirty in service to some particularly notorious and well-connected members of Saint Denis society. BLOOD MONEY There are whispers in the alleys of Lemoyne’s capital that Guido Martelli — right-hand man and underboss to the infamous Angelo Bronte — needs gunslingers of strong constitution. Martelli is seeking to recover a valuable commodity known as Capitale. Originally devised as a unique system of exchange for more sensitive business dealings away from the watchful eyes of the taxman, it's since ended up in the hands of nearly every lowlife across the five states. Now, Bronte and Martelli want it back — if you can find and return it, Martelli will reward you with access to more worthwhile criminal opportunities. Martelli is purely focused on results – entry into this world of more civilized crime requires nothing beyond a trusty sidearm and the willingness to use it, and no upfront investment is required. CRIMES AND OPPORTUNITIES Martelli has entrusted some of The West’s most reprehensible soldiers of fortune with leads on where you might find Capitale. Visiting these contacts will reveal an entirely new type of work known as Crimes. Crimes will range from cloak-and-dagger coach holdups to multi-stage robberies — including kidnapping, brutal debt collections, and more. Embark on Crimes either as a lone gun or with a full Posse of cutthroats alongside you. During each outing, keep a keen wit and search high and low for signs of Capitale to return to Guido Martelli — including from hidden chests or on the remains of those who’ve crossed your path. As you traverse the plains in Free Roam, you may hear of unlocked Homesteads and vulnerable Camps, ripe for the picking and begging to be relieved of a Capitale stash. Accumulating enough Capitale for Guido Martelli will reveal Opportunities. These are dispatched by Martelli in a scheme to stifle a rising Lemoyne senator who is disrupting Bronte operations throughout the region. Each Opportunity can reveal various approaches to the task at hand — listen into nearby conversations or look out for important targets to uncover new paths to completion and weaken this politician’s position by bringing each of the three Jewels of the West to Martelli. The first of three Opportunities is available on July 13, while two more will unveil themselves in time. THE QUICK DRAW CLUB The Quick Draw Club is a series of four distinct rapid-fire passes, arriving in consecutive installments over the coming months. Purchasing each membership entitles you to rewards, bonuses, and items to help live life on the fringe of the law — starting with Dutch’s outfit, The Redcliff. With each consecutive pass you purchase, you’ll earn additional perks and rewards for continuing the journey. Each pass will cost 25 Gold Bars, all of which you’ll earn back by completing the Pass’ 25 Ranks. As an added bonus, players who purchase all four passes will receive the upcoming Halloween Pass 2 for free. NEW CLOTHING, RETURNING PASS ITEMS, AND MORE In response to your feedback, the Skill and Satchel Pamphlets previously released via the Outlaw Pass — such as unlocking the ability to Fast Travel from a Wilderness Camp — will be placed on general sale at the Fence. Plus, over the coming weeks and months, some of the most stylish and oft-requested clothing items from Outlaw Passes No. 2 and No. 3 return for players who were unable to obtain them — including Outfits worn by the legendary members of the Van der Linde Gang like Marston’s outfit, The Clelland, Arthur’s Haraway outfit, the Dedham outfit worn by Bill Williamson, and Javier’s The Zapatero outfit. As part of the July 13th update, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online on PC will offer NVIDIA DLSS support to all Windows users with eligible NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. The newly supported feature boosts frame rates and generates beautiful sharp images. Stay tuned for more details on next week’s update here at the Newswire.
  9. Kean_1


    What DLC exactly do you mean and and are you on XB?
  10. NewswireGamesVideosDownloadsSupportSocial ClubLauncherWarehouse English EnglishDeutschFrançaisItaliano日本語PусскийEspañol (España)Español (México)Português한국어中文(简体)中文(繁體)Polski ContactPressCorporatePrivacyCookiesLegalCareersSubscribeDo Not Sell My Personal Information HomeFeaturesWheeler Rawson ClubCatalogueNewsVideosSocial ClubCompanion AppBuy NowFeedback Buy Now NewswireRed Dead OnlineEvents BONUS YIELDS ON COLLECTIBLE SETS Plus Double RDO$ and XP in the Featured Series, Bonuses and Discounts for Collectors, and More June 8, 2021 Madam Nazar will compensate intrepid Collectors for their dogged determination and a perfectionist’s keen eye this week by paying back 1.5X RDO$ on all sales of complete Collectible Sets. Meanwhile, discovering Collectibles is a reward all its own that’s also rewarding 2X Role XP. Collectors will also get a bundle of treasures just for playing this week. All Collectors will receive three Tarot Cards while any below Rank 20 will earn a Reward for 1,000 Collector XP. Those determined to progress this week that gain more than 5 Ranks or are above Rank 15 will receive a free Collector's Map and 2 Treasure Maps. Expect all awards to be delivered no later than June 16th. 2X REWARDS 2X RDO$ AND XP ON FEATURED SERIES Rustle up your closest allies and work together to earn your keep in this week’s Featured Series, which spotlights teamwork in various four-team versions of modes like Hostile Territory, Name Your Weapon, Plunder, and Team Shootouts. In return for your spirited competition, you and yours walk away with 2X RDO$ and XP, all week long. Win a mode in the Featured Series this week and receive a Reward for a free Hat up to Rank 15 (awarded no later than June 16th). RED DEAD ONLINE'S NEXT UPDATE As part of the early summer update coming to Red Dead Online, all kinds of new unlawful ventures will emerge for those willing to comport themselves in a certain — morally flexible — manner. These will include the ability to rob homesteads across the five states in Free Roam, as well as open up new avenues for personal enrichment. And like any good opportunity, this one is devoid of upfront expenditures. Plus, look for an all new membership rewards club as part of the forthcoming update… more details coming soon. DISCOUNTS Start down the path of discovery and intrigue at a discount: Madam Nazar is cutting 5 Gold Bars off the cost of the Collector’s Bag this week. She’s also giving 40% discounts on the Pennington Field Shovel, Metal Detector, and Refined Binoculars, as well as 30% off the Águila Machete — for those more seasoned in the arts and science of collection. To complete the look, Collector’s Role Outfits are 30% off. Meanwhile, Stables across the five states are offering 30% off all Criollo Horses and 40% off the Horse Lantern; and Gunsmiths are offering 40% off all Gun Belts. CRIOLLO HORSES GUN BELTS COLLECTOR'S BAG PENNINGTON FIELD SHOVEL, METAL DETECTOR, REFINED BINOCULARS, AND HORSE LANTERN ÁGUILA MACHETE COLLECTOR'S ROLE OUTFITS CRIOLLO HORSES GUN BELTS COLLECTOR'S BAG PENNINGTON FIELD SHOVEL, METAL DETECTOR, REFINED BINOCULARS, AND HORSE LANTERN PRIME GAMING BENEFITS Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming any time before July 5th will receive a Reward for a free Emote, plus Offers for 30% off the Bar Expansion and a Novice or Promising Moonshiner Item of your choice. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.
  11. Actually, R* said the next-gen release of GTAV would be the "second half of 2021" and a firm release date was provided last month of November 11th 2021. .....which puts it in the 2nd half of the year. That is also when the GTAO stand-alone will be offered IIRC. R* has doubled down on their plans to continue remasters of past titles and it's already in the wind that they may be working on a new RDR1 release. Perhaps we will also see a next-gen version of RDR2 but who knows.
  12. NEWSWIRE NewswireRed Dead Online BRING CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE IN RED DEAD ONLINE Earn Rewards for Targets Dead or Alive, and Reap the Benefits of Bounty Hunter Bonuses This Week June 1, 2021 Local newspapers are swollen with reports of crimes and violence. Outlaws have run amok and it is up to you and the rest of the Red Dead Online community to bring them to justice. All Bounty Missions — including Legendary and Infamous targets — are dishing out double Role XP to those brave enough to give chase this week, while all Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events that pit you against your fellow man, like Manhunt and Day of Reckoning, are paying out 1.5X RDO$ and Role XP for the next seven days. All card-carrying Prestigious Bounty Hunters will receive a Treasure Map and 100 rounds of High Velocity Rifle Ammo. Experienced Bounty Hunters who have reached Rank 30 and are looking to trade in their Role XP for Gold will score double the usual payout rate this week, exchanging 1 Gold Bar per 10,000 Bounty Hunter XP instead of the usual 50 Nuggets. To exchange your XP for Gold, enter the Progress section of the Pause Menu, open your Awards, and navigate to the Bounty Hunter Award. If you choose this week to make it official and become a licensed Bounty Hunter, you’ll receive 25 Throwing Knives and 50 rounds of Split Point Repeater Ammo to help you survive and thrive out there. If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level, Bounty Boards across the country are knocking 3 Gold Bars off the cost of the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License through June 7th. Need help getting ready for all that action? Worry not — all Rank requirements on all horses and weapons, except those exclusive to Roles, are lifted this week. DOUBLE XP 2X XP ON ALL COMPETITIVE CHALLENGE FREE ROAM EVENTS In the spirit of competition, all Competitive Free Roam Events — including Bow, Headshot, Horseback, Longarm and Sidearm Kill Challenges, Fishing Challenges, and Wild Animal Kills Challenges — are worth twice the usual XP. DISCOUNTS AND SALES Merchants and local salespeople are offering all sorts of discounts geared toward those riding out with guns in tow and bringing back captives. There are discounts of up to 50% off all Bolas and sales on Breton Horses, Improved Saddles and Bounty Hunter Wagon Tints at Stables across the five states. Read on below for the complete list and be sure to check your Catalogue for the latest deals on the finest wares. DARNED STOCKINGS WOODLAND GLOVES DILLEHAY HAT BENBOW JACKET TIED PANTS CALHOUN BOOTS DARNED STOCKINGS WOODLAND GLOVES DILLEHAY HAT BENBOW JACKET BOLAS PRESTIGIOUS BOUNTY HUNTER OUTFIT, EMOTE, AND BOUNTY HUNTER WAGON TINTS IMPROVED SADDLES BRETON HORSES DOUBLE BANDOLIERS SHIRTS, CORSETS, & DRESSES PRIME GAMING BENEFITS Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before June 7th will receive Offers for half off the Advanced Camera and select Outfits up to Rank 15, plus Rewards of 5 Blending Tonics and 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.
  13. NEW HORSE RACES NOW AVAILABLE IN RED DEAD ONLINE Plus 3X RDO$ and XP Bonuses Across All Races Continue, and More May 25, 2021 Ahead of the upcoming summer update, ask yourself if you possess the right combination of skill, finesse, and reckless abandon to risk life and limb in a mad and violent dash to the finish line. With new Races this week, Red Dead Online players will have plenty of opportunities to work their steeds to a full sprint against a field of worthy contenders. Jump into this week’s featured Series to play eight new Races — including Point-to-Point, Lap, and Open variants of classic Races as well as Target Races. As an added bonus, all Races will continue to award 3X RDO$ and XP this week and placing in the Top 3 will earn you an Offer for 40% off any Saddle. Plus, completing any of the new Races will also score you an Offer good for half off the Improved Bow and 20 Arrows. DISCOUNTS CONTINUE AND TIME-LIMITED CLOTHING REMAINING ON SALE: This is the last week to grab the Fanned Stovepipe Hat, Eberhart Coat, Macbay Jacket, Chambliss Corset, and Danube Outfit before they disappear from local shelves and the pages of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. Discounts continue this week as all Race Horse breeds remain on sale for 30% off. Saddlebags, Stirrups, Outfits, and the Bow also remain on sale for 40% off — plus you can pick up the Evans Repeater for half off this week. PRIME GAMING BENEFITS Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming will receive Rewards for: A Free Bounty Hunter License A Free Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery In addition, players who connect to Prime Gaming before June 7th will receive Offers for half off the Advanced Camera and select Outfits up to Rank 15, plus Rewards of 5 Blending Tonics and 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones.
  14. Thanks. Just tried it this evening and it worked. Set my MTU setting to just above 800 and was in a session by myself for a few hours.
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