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  1. Yeah, I'm really liking the direction the game is taking with these elements that have been revealed. Let's hope they stick with them and even expand. I really like the inventory management being similar to RDR2. I always hated the idea of having access to every gun you own, etc. I'm wondering if in fact the duffel bag is you gun inventory system (like the horse in RDr2), can you store that in a car? I'd like to see that.... personally. Something I never liked about GTAV and even RDR2 is the gunplay and even movement to be honest. I hope there is a lot of attention spent on improving that which (from what we've seen) they may be.
  2. ........looks like they may have that dude in custody in the UK. Also appears they have and / or are closing in on others within that group. I hope they feel the full brunt of the consequences including prison and heavy fines.
  3. Typically yes, you do need a PS+ subscription to play RDO. However, I do know in the past they have had promotional periods where they would forego the need for the sub and allow people to play without it. ......but I never heard of anything permanent unless I missed something.
  4. Yeah, I saw that and I hope they're right that this won't throw a wrench in things. Also been seeing those various, sometimes conflicting reports. Either way, I hope they get nailed. btw, I noticed R* disabled comments on their Tweets at least for now.
  5. @Parzival Yeah, I guess the "real" remark came out wrong. .....more along the lines of vs. when elements start to feel shoehorned into a game for the sake of such things. Anyhow, I like what I saw in the leaked footage. Given it's age (a year apparently?)I have to imagine the game is much further along now. I just hope those hacker(s) don't screw up the games progress. I heard something about the source code being ransomed now?
  6. Yeah, the game world looked nearly complete although many of the assets looked really familiar. I'm assuming some of those have or will be changed along the line. .....the current game world being more of a test environment while the game is still in development? Seeing how other games have joined the woke train, I'd say it was a legitimate argument / concern. Although I can't see a game like GTAV going over very well these days due to oversensitivity, I think a more serious GTA6 should be able to circumvent that. ....and yeah, glad to see Lucia wasn't affected by the current culture. lol Nothing wrong with making people look like real people you would typically see on the street. I'm really tired of the trend to make characters look a certain way to cater to a particular segment for the sake of "inclusiveness", etc. This is what is great about GTAV Online as people can create their own avatars as they want to appear in the game world. I'm all for that including implementing further options to support it like genders beyond M/F if people want that. .....but placing folks into characters or game worlds that feel more like they were generated to fulfill a social justice agenda is a huge turn off for me.
  7. I hope the hackers get caught but other than that, not much to draw a conclusion on for content that is a year old and still very early in development.
  8. Ouch. I wouldn't have bought it again personally until you found out about the game you already paid for but ok. As for the character transfer, I don't know how that works on PC but I would have also assumed it would be tied to your SC account. I probably would have made sure though before buying another copy on another account / launcher. Obviously there is a problem with your R* Launcher account that needs to be rectified. A brief search online shows a number of complaints about a similar problem and several of them talking about copies tied to 3rd party keys. I didn't send a lot of ime trying to find a potential fix or answer for you though. Hopefully R* Support get back to you soon with a solution or at least an answer as to why.
  9. From the title of your thread, it seems you already now what's up, right? Seriously though, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that R* is somehow defrauding you. Are you saying that somehow the game has been uninstalled from your computer as well or just not available on the launcher? I'd guess it could be a number of things including something on your end but have you tried reaching out to R* for help? Below is a link to the Support page for the Launcher if it helps: https://support.rockstargames.com/categories/360002126893
  10. R* has told players not to expect any major updates to the game. That's a far cry from telling people they have stopped supporting it. They are also still releasing special and seasonal events, etc. based on current content. Not what many of us wanted but still, not the same thing as ending support (e.g. releasing patches and so on).
  11. There is an issue that's been occurring with the animal and even NPC population. I've seen at least one article on it from the gaming media. I'll wager R* knows about it and it will get resolved likely through an update on their end (i.e. not requiring a patch folks have to download). This stuff has happened in the past. btw, I'm going to move this to the Online section as its not really "off topic". Plus, it will get more views over there and considering the lack of traffic overall, that's for the better.
  12. Kean_1


    Moving this to Online as it's not really a question but a vent about online hackers I guess. Anyhow, people get banned all the time but the only thing you can really do is report them using the in-game option and/or though R* Support.
  13. On console, I hadn't noticed any sort of significant difference between the campaign and Online. Perhaps its different on PC and/or something to do with your settings, hardware, etc. as mentioned.
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