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  1. Hi @Sharkstein, For your own benefit, you should translate your posts into English as that is the language this site and it's members use. I went ahead and did that for your first post but moving forward, just use Google Translate or similar. Thanks. Para seu próprio benefício, você deve traduzir suas postagens para o inglês, pois esse é o idioma que este site e seus membros usam. Eu fui em frente e fiz isso para o seu primeiro post, mas seguindo em frente, basta usar o Google Tradutor ou similar. Obrigado.
  2. ....translated to English to help others help you.
  3. I dunno..... I still frequent some forums I have for years and they are still quite active. I also think it's sad but not for sentimental reasons. Discord IMO / IME simply can't replace the way I interact with forums. I have zero interest in getting involved with live "chats" or skimming through them to catch up. The UI and layout is also confusing and crude to me. IMO/IME, forums are still the best place to share ideas, create discussions on specific topics, gather feedback, etc. I understand Discord has introduced some feature to help create a forum-like format but again, I just don't see the advantage beyond the ability as a meeting place / chat room. I am a member of Discord btw and due use it in a limited fashion. Currently more as a DM platform to interact with old Ubisoft personalities as Ubi has abandoned their forums.
  4. I never removed RDR2 from my PS4 and copied it onto my PS5 when I got one. However, I haven't played in a long, long time. I was holding out hope for a next-gen version or enhanced update so I could do another run-through. ....or maybe an Undead Nightmare 2 but then the announcement was made that further development / large updates were not going to be in the future so all hope at that point was lost. My friends and I are currently anticipating the release of Six Days in Fallujah. That will be the next title we will be likely spending a lot of time playing.
  5. Unfortunately, that's not the case as I stopped playing the campaign nearly 5 years ago when Red Dead Online came out. .....and the last time I dabbled in RDO was about a year or two ago. Sorry @mike1956ny. Your best bet (unless someone who knows chimes in) will be to do a search online and see if you can find the answer. You can also do a search in these forums to see if anyone had the same problem and if they found a solution.
  6. At this point, I wouldn't leap to the conclusion that the system needs to be replaced. There are several other things I would (personally) try before giving up. Are you at or near capacity on the internal HDD? I'm assuming your installing RDR2 on the internal drive and not an external SSD, etc.? Is RDR2 the only game this happens to? Have you recently tried to install and successfully play other games? I see you've tried to rebuild the database but perhaps it's time to try and do a full wipe / re-install? If you do have a compatible external SSD, you might want to try using that and see how it goes. In fact, this is a great way to expand your storage and increase the performance on these aging consoles (depending on the SSD). I bought a Samsung T5 external SSD that I used for my PS4 and then (now) my PS5 for PS4 games. .....all my PS5 titles I install on the internal SSD. Anyhow, my point is that there are other things you can try.
  7. It's been a really long time but from what I remember, the only boxes that were accessible (if they even were) on carts/wagons were typically on the back. I could be wrong as I haven't played for years.
  8. IMO / IME, online games are just as different as single player ones. Whether you like RDO specifically will depend on what you're looking for from the experience, etc. There are online games I like and ones I don't. ....or even game modes. I tend to lean toward co-op and PvE but there are PvP games I enjoy as well. ....or blends of these aspects. Of course, there are also those I don't find fun at all. Public sessions in GTAO are one of those I personally can't stand. RDO on the other hand I found more fun and the random player interaction more tolerable. Also, remember that just because a game has an online mode doesn't mean you can't play in a private server, only with friends etc. I still play GTAO for instance but only in private sessions with buddies or alone.
  9. Yeah, it matters that you're on PC as cheating, hacking, etc. is typically more prevalent. That's not to say trolling doesn't exist on console but you're not likely to encounter the same issues folks have with PC games in this respect. I can't speak for PC but on console, RDO is way less toxic than a game like GTAVO IME / IMO.
  10. What "Indian Group" do you mean? You'll need to respond directly to a member who is recruiting or start your own group.
  11. There's really no way to know all of their reasons. Much of it could be based on player population and other statistics we just don't have a complete view of. It simply may not have been worth the time and resources in their eyes to pursue those goals with RDO. By the time GTA6 arrives and depending on how well that does out of the gate, etc., I'll wager any focus on the RDR IP will be the next iteration vs. a revisit of RDR2. ....so the best I think RDO players can hope for are the QOL improvements, modest updates, etc. Look at GTAV.... We just recently acquired the ability to play solo or invite-only while accessing most businesses that previously could only be accessed through a public session. .....or solo but using the MTU exploit that tricked the game into forcing you into your own server. Those are the type of QOL improvements I'm hoping RDO can look forward to. I haven't played RDO for quite a very long time but maybe that would change.
  12. @Iron Jacket Back in July of this year they said they would not be releasing any more "major themed content updates like in previous years". However, they will continue to support the game and will release seasonal updates building on existing modes, etc. as well as QOL improvements. So, while we won't likely see properties we can buy or other major new additions / content to the game, it will continue to be updated and supported. Not what fans wanted to see and certainly not me but their focus is on GTA6 right now and into the foreseeable future. I know many of us felt RDO never reached is fullest potential and could have really been much more successful than it already was if they had nurtured it more. As it is, the game has felt pretty dead / stagnant for a long while now. .....at least to me which is a shame.
  13. @Parzival Looks like he was a spammer. There was a hidden link he embedded in the quote (that wasn't in the original post) regarding the sale of yoga pants directing you to a website.
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