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  1. What "Indian Group" do you mean? You'll need to respond directly to a member who is recruiting or start your own group.
  2. There's really no way to know all of their reasons. Much of it could be based on player population and other statistics we just don't have a complete view of. It simply may not have been worth the time and resources in their eyes to pursue those goals with RDO. By the time GTA6 arrives and depending on how well that does out of the gate, etc., I'll wager any focus on the RDR IP will be the next iteration vs. a revisit of RDR2. ....so the best I think RDO players can hope for are the QOL improvements, modest updates, etc. Look at GTAV.... We just recently acquired the ability to play solo or invite-only while accessing most businesses that previously could only be accessed through a public session. .....or solo but using the MTU exploit that tricked the game into forcing you into your own server. Those are the type of QOL improvements I'm hoping RDO can look forward to. I haven't played RDO for quite a very long time but maybe that would change.
  3. @Iron Jacket Back in July of this year they said they would not be releasing any more "major themed content updates like in previous years". However, they will continue to support the game and will release seasonal updates building on existing modes, etc. as well as QOL improvements. So, while we won't likely see properties we can buy or other major new additions / content to the game, it will continue to be updated and supported. Not what fans wanted to see and certainly not me but their focus is on GTA6 right now and into the foreseeable future. I know many of us felt RDO never reached is fullest potential and could have really been much more successful than it already was if they had nurtured it more. As it is, the game has felt pretty dead / stagnant for a long while now. .....at least to me which is a shame.
  4. @Parzival Looks like he was a spammer. There was a hidden link he embedded in the quote (that wasn't in the original post) regarding the sale of yoga pants directing you to a website.
  5. ...what's scary about it?
  6. I would say their next focus could just as likely be the next iteration of RDR. IIRC, RDR2 released in 2020, GTAV released in 2013 and RDR2 released in 2018. Now, there very well could be some next gen release of RDR2, etc., etc. but the next new game from either of these two may just be another RDR I'll wager. Really depends on a number of factors but I guess we'll see.
  7. For any of those who care or even see this, those affected by the shuttering of Stadia next year and are worried about their RDO character progress, gold, etc., there is good news. R* announced that Stadia RDO players will be able to transfer to another platform (e.g. PC, XB, PS). It will be done through the R* Social Club so folks will need to make sure they have an account on there. https://rockstarintel.com/rockstar-games-announced-transfer-progression-for-red-dead-online-stadia-players
  8. "I am Groot. " ....the character from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  9. That's what I meant. If R* introduced that recent feature (all access solo/friend/invite-only sessions) from GTAO into RDO, I might actually start getting back into RDO. I like that I can now run my businesses, etc. alone or just with friends in GTAO. ....without having to muck with the MTU settings.
  10. Maybe..... I recall I had to play around with the # for a while but I don't remember a persistent error message. As for friends being able to join while messing with the MTU setting, that always been spotty at best whether that's in GTAO or RDO. .....more so in RDO. I know in GTAO I could set it for anywhere around 800-850 and the seemed to get me in a solo session most times. I did find a sweet spot in RDO but can't recall exactly what that was....sorry. As for dead bodies, again, never noticed. In fact, I did a lot of hunting solo and the carcasses stuck around without issue. Dead NPCs also as far as I remember. If they introduced solo and invite/friend-only sessions lGTAVO with access to all missions, etc., I'd probably get back into it.
  11. The only way I know is by changing the MTU setting on my PS5 like we used to have to do in GTAO before they introduced solo, invite-only and friend sessions (with everything available) in one of the more recent updates they had. Perhaps at some point R* will do the same with RDO but who knows. They obviously know this is something a segment of the community wanted in GTAO and I doubt they don't recognize some fans want it for RDO as well. When I changed the MTU settings in RDO, I never noticed bodies disappearing like that. Everything seemed to work as it did in a normal setting for me except that you're in a session by yourself. ......and trying to use the setting while trying to join friends is a dubious effort at best.
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