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  1. i Have no doubt R* will fix it , i just couldn't wait for them to understand the problem and find a solution. BES did fix anycrash and error to occur, error 0x20010006 is due to the engine to be suspended for few second and unexpected crash its when the process terminate itself. all of that because of its cpu peak, one of my friend have an i7 with a low build and had less bug and crash than another one of my friend with a Big i5 build . Engine need to be optimize but since the last update it allready has less freeze and strutter for alot of us, its heading in the good way
  2. Hi, the update did improve the sability of the game but the cpu peak that crash the engine still occur, i tryed "-cpuloadrebalancing" it didnt work too, in the last post i made for the error 0x20010006 some folks tough Process lasso fixed my problem, i havnt said that, it did improve the stability of the game like the last patch did but after 20-30 min the error still happen randomly due to that peak again, Battle encoder shirase 1.6.2 did fix it for me and few friend,
  3. sup guys i had trouble with the error 0x20010006 when playing online and i found that while trying to do a online plublic solo like in GTA Online (ressourse monitor) that the game gave me the error 0x20010006 when suspended, so i looked at the engine (rdr2.exe) and everytime error 0x20010006 happen is due to the engine doing a peak that crash itself. so i looked for a few fix and so far ive been able to play 3 days without crash or that error every 5-10min. So first i had "Process lasso" priorising to always hight rdr2.exe and its I/0. for those who are familiar with it i have desactivated probalance in the option. i tryed cpu limiter with it but the game is too big i dont recommend doing this.(lowering the engine of 1 core for 1 second when it reach 95-98% dosnt fixed it for me,maybe for a 8core but i only have4),so i used process tamer on default settings and im just letting him do his job once open because of the hide 1%cpu in process. And then i have battle encoder Shirase, i tryed version 1.7.7 and my antivirus wont let him pass so i used 1.6.2. First open it admin, lunch the game with BES target-watch it and put -3%.so when the game will do its peak because trust me he will do, the engine dont crash itself. Hope it can help some of you since R* patched their engine but the console player experience the same issue as us so i tryed fixed it myself poeple do think error 0x20010006 is a network error or something but its not Windows10 Intel I5-4670 at 3.4 boosted to 3.78 16Gb memory GTX 1070 8GB
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