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  1. Congrats! I am close so I am not signing up just yet. I took a break for a bit from the story. I think I am at 96% or something like that.
  2. HA! Same here. I mean, I don't know what to name these things. I have Horse, Horse 2, and Horse 3. lol Can we change the names?
  3. I gotta let me buddy know. Someone from another forum I play with from time to time said this happened the same way. I don't think he reported it or got it fixed. Totally should.
  4. Born summed it up great. It can be a bit annoying using the map and not understanding it. I was like this for several weeks. Once you get what everything means, it makes it easier to avoid people if that is your thing. I like to avoid most other players unless I plan on going in guns blazing.
  5. Ya know, I didn't even make this connection and I played the first game like 4 times completely through. Good eye there man.
  6. According to everything I have found, the stats are right but what is showing is not. I think they need to patch something. I am sure they are aware of it, I see a lot of fatties running around now lol
  7. They all offer different perks and the ones you have equipped are the ones that will level up as you do certain tasks.
  8. So you own it but it isn't being applied? Are you using anything else on your face? Like any accessories? Maybe try buying something else and then switching back?
  9. Hope so. Most of these mainstream sites are trash. Can't stand watching how people treat each other on there. So disgusting.
  10. Never heard it called that before but I am going to start using it now. Love the feeling. My sister used to throw up from it in the car though when we were kids which wasn't enjoyable. haha
  11. Lately, whenever I play online, I end up on servers with loads of people. Normally I would be happy about this but as of now, it just increases the odds of me being screwed over by trolls and griefer groups. I don't know if there is a specific setting or anything I can do to go on servers with less people.
  12. I would imagine this is the bare minimum so assuming you are able to get better finds, it would likely run you around 250+ hours... But still, hot damnnn! That is like 10 days irl. I might end up buying gold... lol
  13. If someone issues a purge, you shoot first and ask questions later. In all seriousness, I only shoot people first if I can tell they are gunning for me or looking for trouble.
  14. Question for the mods/owner... (I don't mean to take away from the OP!) Is there any kind of plugin you can get to display the latest news from Rockstar? I am wondering because I see a lot of people asking the same questions in so many words in terms of updates and whatnot and people keep having to answer the same thing. Maybe having a little news widget or something, or a pinned news thread would help?
  15. I want to start stacking up and saving money. What things can I obtain and sell that are worth the most? I want to have a list on hand so I can make a game plan for me and my buddies. We are going to do some grinding Thursday and Friday since we all have time off work.
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