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  1. I played from the start, but it's lately an empty world with 1-5 players in sessions and repeating roles. Right now only one daily a day!! Wish you all the best with R*.
  2. I noticed a lot of my friends are n't playing RDO anymore. May be that's another reason for reduced numbers in lobbies?
  3. i'm not playing since tuesday update and restart only after a good working fix-update. I love the game (it's my only game), but now looking for a corresponding easy playing game.
  4. Got the impression the complexity greets them above their heads and getting worse in their repair attempts. If a developer implements this kind of software sh*t in the market who is being sued. We must except this sh*t and wait.
  5. Logged in this morning. No fix-update. Still the same sh*t.
  6. Thx. Hope they fix it for sure this time.
  7. I buy bullets from Harriet. Crushed Valerian root at RD$ 10,00 per bullit is imo an error ! Btw the idiot spraying from Harriet is n't that funny afterall.
  8. The new Gypsy Cob is too slow for its price (same as Arabian).
  9. Bought all the trinkets from Gus. Can't measure any effect in practice 🤬 Lvl 20 already. Bought the new horse and saddle; looks great, but my Nachodoches is 1 bar baster. In practice equal black Arabian horses drive past me with less extra 3 bars for horsespeed etc !! May be to much weight on my horse 🤣 Got the impression that Nacho/hooded stirrups/new trinkets are fake as an additional option !!
  10. Me too. My fast achievement lvl 20 is sedating animals and running continuously Harriet Missions🤣 I think they will fixe this asap for a normal mission delay-time.
  11. Yes, you can. Be ware not wearing any items from Gus at Harriet. She notices and gets upset. Remarkeble update from R* 👍 I only buy interesting items from Gus. Harriet is my base🤴🤰
  12. I expect they sell an expensive pamphlet next update to increase the sedative rounds effect. I craft them myself. but notice no difference in buying/crafting.
  13. She gives you the pepper treatement. Wait for ~2 minbutes and she loves you again 🤣
  14. I chased the fox in Saint Denis from Harriet Mission. Lost him 🤬 several times 😂
  15. What you mention is the Javelina Tusk Trinket. I refer to the Snowy Egret Trinket. After the update I can't find the Bracelets, rings and Necklaces for these Trinkets anymore with Jeanropke.
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