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  1. So I was playing with a friend, and i wanted to tie him up and throw him off the bridge at Bard's Crossing, but i found this huge ship which was in a opposite position i think its a bug or idk what the hell it is. Here are 2 pics and a video ive made. Pls someone tell me what this is, the ship name is: Antenor, Saint Denis. Is this a bug of a ship they'll add in the online or what else? Thanks. PICTURES: Youtube Video Link I HAVE FOUND THE BIGGEST BUG ON RED DEAD ONLINE - YouTube
  2. I've been sending lot of support messages to Rockstar, and i've also told my friends to do so. But to no result sadly. Only thing they added of what we asked was the kepi. What pisses me off is that we're not asking for the impossible WE ARE ASKING THINGS THAT ALREADY ARE IN THE GAME SO R* WOULD TAKE 1 MINUTE TO ADD IT IN RDO! In RDR1 we got military uniforms for online and lot of cool other things in the outfitter. So they added a frontiersman outfit (which was a military outfit at the end) in OUTLAW PASS 1. but it's for ****ing console only! The pc players didnt get it. This a annoying joke there are military boots, gloves and jacket (which doesnt even seem military is just a bad looking jacket) and nothing else. PC players dont have anything even far that seems military used. Why is rockstar not adding the mountie hat/ campaign hat in the online or the jacket that some soldiers have in the singolplayer? I repeat, They would need 1 minute to do so. I m really not getting why all my messages are being ignored but its very ****ing annoying. PS: All the clothings you add are so bad theyre not western at all, some even look modern. I dont like this at all. RDR1 was 1000 times better you could play as a native indian ,as a soldier or lawman instead in RDR2 you can only play like a retarded civilian
  3. Aye. True!, but what pisses me off are not griefers. (Of course they're very annoying but there are some players who attack others for having a shootout and sometimes its funny. The real problem are the cheaters as i said before because you cant even fight them, they use all those things ive listed and its literally impossible to do anything, even reporting them is useless. Ive seen people getting banned in other games for much less tbh.
  4. So now that the new updates fixed most of my problems, at least for me, and the game run smoothly, I encountered another gamebreaking problem. CHEATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are everywhere! In almost every session i join they're there! It's gamebreaking, its annoying. and R* isnt doing anything . i keep reporting them and nothing happens. they should ban them immediately from the game ffs. If you dont believe me this is a short list of all the cheaters ive encountered. -CHEATERS who spawn a double character which look exactly lke you and who keep shooting you from nowhere and when you get killed it says: Killed by stranger -CHEATERS who make you explode from the ground unlimited times until you quit or change session -CHEATERS who somehow teleport all players from the sky and then everyone fall down and die -CHEATERS who are level 20-30 and are OP and me level 185 cant do much, they all use weapons which are unlocked at that level and one shot everytime. THIS IS UNPLAYABLE rockstar ban these cheaters! ffs! Edit: Idk where to type this tbh. its pretty useless to send a feedback to rockstar as they never really listen to what i type them, and i want to show everyone on this forum this problem
  5. Guys i found a really weird player, he was like a minion, someone called [REMOVED] he was 100% a cheater, he shot me in my camp and he wasnt like every other players he was tall like a 3 years kid, if you see him pls report him. when i tried to report him my game crashed, people like these shouldbe banned by useless rockstar
  6. I'm playing on PC, But ive seen pc players arent the only ones who get glitches and game breaking bugs, its the same for xbox and play station players. Bugs are very annoying and i honestly dont know how can people still support this game. Today it disconnected me 19 times for no reason. My game freezed twice while moonshine delivery and my horse keep disappearing while i ride it, thanks rockstar for this buggy update and thanks everyone who support this bad game saying its awesome. Im saying it ironically.
  7. So Its like the 10th time if not more , that when i throw an incendiary bottle to a player the game crashes , now it just happened with shotgun incendiary ammos. Its really ****ing annoying, almost everytime i attack a player theres an issue. or he s bugged, or hes an hacker, or the game crash or i get disconnected. And its not only for me because i have a posse and it happened to almost everyone. So i cannot use incendiary weapons anymore? thats ****ing bullsh*t. And idc if im being rude, im very tired by this goddamn game where the updates only give useless discounts and ugly clothing, and they dont fix any bug. And this is not the only bug, sometimes the camp doesnt work or it works but its empty, and i could go on for hours with all these bugs/glitches. makes the game unplayable and absolutely boring.
  8. Im writing this thread here and not on troubleshooting because i want to evidence that i have these problems on PC. Game is unplayable. There a lot of gamebreaking bugs. -Trader Delivery make game freezes, it just load forever and you're forced to close the game. -Trader Supply mission dont even starts. - Moonshiner delivery mission dont work, the animations starts and then nothing happens. You lose all the 20 bottles and you cant start the mission. - Camp stew on progress panel doesnt increase when cooked. And then the final thing. The outlaws pass 2 sucks. Just very few new clothing (which look very bad) and lot of discounts only. Game has become pretty boring, there arent many things to do, thats why Rockstar should add roles such as: Soldier,Rancher,Gangster like in Saint Denis and maybe some indian clothing and weapons.
  9. Oh wow. I just logged in RDO today and i found out there is a new hat in the catalogue called: Unionist Hat. AMAZING. Thanks a lot!!! You added it. Great thanks again
  10. Too bad everyime i wrote at that link no one gives a ****. and all ive said to it was wasted time no one ever gave a sh*t sad but thanks anyways
  11. Me and a friend Found these 2 hats, from some lemoyne raiders who attacked us. Sadly you can't keep any of them but please add them or in the catalogue or in the next outlaw pass. One is a forage cap and another looks like the regimental hat but its a bit different. Pls make these hats become weareable and also make them permanent. Im sick of all other hats these 2 are Amazing and they cant be stored. I'm gonna send you the pics i've made.
  12. Ohh yea, I completely agree wth this! Would love to see military uniforms in rdr2 online that can be bought and weared. Would be super cool!
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