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  1. I agree with kean, use defensive mode so players can’t lock onto you. Plus if a player does shot you, defensive mode gives you more health. Also you can parlay. If a player kills you, parlay. This means the player can’t kill you for 10 mins. Which gives you a chance to get away. Look into ability cards, those will help out a lot. Tonics too. You can find free tonics around the map.
  2. Yeah I hope R* doesn't mess this up and actually gives use Bank / Train / Stage Coach Robberies. Not just going to steal a horse that cost 800.00 and we get 5 buck for it.
  3. Newswire Red Dead Online Next week, Red Dead Online delivers eight new Races spanning iconic locations across the five states — from the arid frontier outpost of Gaptooth Breach to the mining town of Annesburg and the swamps of Lagras. Show off your proficiency on horseback in all forms of equine competition with new Standard Races, along with new Open Races where it’s up to you to determine the best path to ride through all the signal fires on a given course. Or try your hand at new Target and Open Target Races, where the aim is to
  4. Yeah, The Upland has better stats. But we can’t put stirrups on The Upland. Putting stirrups on the Nacogdoches with the Norfolk Roadster horse, will give you max speed and 1 away from max on acceleration.
  5. You have to use the new camera. When using the new camera & looking through it. You’ll see the corners of a white square. The white corners of the square will turn green, indicating the animal is in range.Take the pic & it will update in the book.
  6. I have the same problem. Switching servers fixes the problem sometimes.
  7. If your wagon is full & there's no item to give to Cripps. It could mean your wagon is full of stuff Cripps doesn't accept. Fish is an example of an item you can put in your wagon but won't show up as something Cripps will accept. Sell this stuff to the butcher in town at Black Water, Rhodes, Strawberry, or Tumbleweed to name a few. If your wagon looks optically full & you don't know why or what's inside. you can look in the wagon & see what you have. Near your wagon, hold Left on the D-pad (Xbox) for Wagon Cargo, now you have to click LB then RB (Xbox) to see Wagon Cargo
  8. I would assume you’re on PC.
  9. Been awhile. Think you have to buy the medium 1st, before you can buy the large.
  10. Be careful, don't wait too long or Fike will leave your arse behind. I had to call my horse & follow him. Which isn't bad, I got the bonus xp (+5 xp Death Rider) for killing bots on the horse.
  11. If I remember correctly the double action revolver is purchase from The Fence & cannot be modified by the Gunsmith. Which makes no sense lol it's a gun.
  12. If your bounty dies, you don't get the max rewards (xp & $$$). You only get the max xp & $ if the bounty is alive. I do the bounties as fast as I can & moved on to the next. I don't like to just sit & do nothing for 15 mins to get the max rewards. When I can start a new bounty seconds after I finishing the previous one. I tested it once awhile ago. I did a bounty for 5 mins & got certain amount of xp & $. Then I did a bounty for 15 mins. I multiply the 5 mins xp & $ by 3 to see if it equals what I got for the 15 mins. The 15 mins xp & $ was a little bi
  13. I haven't played pvp or races in awhile. but if I recall, you get 25 xp for the kill, 5 xp for Dead Eye, 5 xp for using Special Ammo (Express / High Velocity / Split Point or Explosive Rounds), 5 xp for Head Shots, & 5 xp for Last Chance. That is 35 xp - 40 xp for each kill. Don't think you get Head Shot xp if you are using Dead Eye. Now think how many kills you can get if a player is AFK for 15 mins. It's a lot To answer your question, I think you do get more xp for killing players for 15 mins compared to wining the race. That's why some players just ride around killing o
  14. If they're AFK for the 1st race & notice the same players are AFK in the 2nd race. Hell, just sit at the starting line & kill them for 15 mins. That's free xp & kills. 😁
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