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  1. I quite playing RDO in January 2020 because of constant disconnects & griefers. Way to frustrating for me! Just started playing again a few weeks ago and am finding RDO much more enjoyable now. Is there a way to find the "rare" coins and jewelry items more consistently? I was using the Jean Ropke maps before I quite and have been using them since I came back. I heard the Naturalist Role nerfed the way coins & jewelry items spawn. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. R* is usually pretty good about addressing missing items. It can take 72 hours or more but they have always taken care of me on things like that. Its game mechanics issues that they don't seem to deal with proactively. I have lost numerous 100 goods trader deliveries and bounties due to disconnects and they point me to support articles that do not fix the disconnect issue for me. It would be nice if they would adjust accounts to address those losses due to disconnects ... but they have said multiple times they can not do it.
  3. Great tip @cpt_hale_storm! I hadn't even thought of that! I have to say, getting a camp to spawn has been MUCH better since the update this week. I wish they would get the disconnect issue fixed! I was turning in a $$ bounty yesterday at 30ish seconds on the timer and DCed right as I was walking in the sherrif's office in Annesburg with the bounty. That, or something similar, happens often with me in BH.
  4. Just sell one full Collector collection and you will have plenty of RDO$ to do lots of Fast Travel 👍
  5. Like @SimonTemplar I never got into online gaming until about 14 months ago. My grandsons got a PS4 Pro and I decided to get one to play online with them AND help their mother screen game titles for the boys to play. I got hooked on the very idea of Red Dead Redemption 2 before it launched when checking out games for the boys. I have been playing (almost 100% solo) since launch and enjoy it tremendously! The new roles have pumped new life in the game for me so I play a bit more now since they launched. I'm 65yo so I can attest to the fact old guys can get lots of enjoyment from this great online experience either solo or with friends. Hmmmm ... can anyone beat 65yo ... or am I the oldest one here? 😎
  6. Would like to know if 5-Star Bounties are suppose to continue to be available though out the week once you complete them. So far, I do not see them again on the Bounty Boards once I complete them at 5-Star difficulty.
  7. The weekly collections always appear in the Collector Bag for me on PS4 so it is not a PS4 issue overall. I also have it pinned to the user menu along with other key collector items for quick reference. As I recall, the weekly collection was pinned to the menu automatically for me from the beginning.
  8. @PepinoGrande Other members have mentioned this in other threads, but just to let you know building your collections and selling them will get you double the RDO$ (compared to selling items separately) and 1500 XP when you sell them. When you ride your horse, while doing anything else, with the metal detector in hand you will find lots of coins, jewelry and arrowheads along your journey.
  9. Great info @lumper thank you! What are you finding is best for PvE these days (i.e Bounty Hunter missions, etc.)? I have been using: 1) Paint it Black III, Iron Lung III, Kick in the Butt III and Cold Blooded III ... or 2) Quite an Inspiration III, Iron Lung III, Kick in the Butt III and Gunslingers Choice III
  10. I have hope they will fix this issue. As I recall in GTAO when running a Bunker delivery I lost connect when my power went out (it was extremely rare to ever get disconnected in GTAO for me... happen all the time in RDRO). When I was able to log back in to GTAO my Bunker goods were all still there! So it seems to me Rockstar can amd likely will fix this issue. Meanwhile, I am with you @Freakshow9191 , its hard to get motivated or excited about filling another full wagon just to loose it by no fault of my own!
  11. This is the response I received from Rockstar in regard to loosing my 100 goods delivery when the server crashed: "Hello EaglesLanding53, Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. We understand that you have been disconnected during the long-distance delivery and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please be informed that we do not have an option to provide compensation for the loss due to disconnections we appreciate your understanding in this regard."
  12. I have almost purchased the Collector lvl 20 Criollo several times. I may just do it thanks to your (@Feakshow9191) and other advise. Thanks!
  13. Thank you for this @Aval0n! I do everything possible to protect Sam (my horse) as well. What you said emphasizes part of the point I was trying to make. I have had Sam since very close to the start of RDO since he was part of the PS4 Ultimate Edition package (Black Chestnut Thoroughbred: 9 Speed / 7 Acceleration with current saddle & stirrups) . As a solo player, Sam & I have experienced pretty much everything together so far. It is amazing how attached you become with your online companion! As a result I have found no need or desire up to this point to have another horse. Although, I do plan to purchase a Breton if and when I can ever reach lvl 20 Bounty Hunter. IMO RockStar should impose SERIOUS penalties on anyone that deliberately kills another players horse. After all in the REAL Old West, the punishment was hanging for a horse thief! Perhaps a public hanging and then a "sentence" to griefer only servers until they learn their lesson would be in order! Taking it a step further, the horse killer should have to pay the owner of the horse they killed at least double the current online cost of the horse in RDO$ as restitution. They can earn the RDO$ while they are learning their lesson on the griefer only servers! To me it seems like many if not most griefers play RDO as though it were another version of GTAO or Fortnite. For those who want that experience in RDO let 'em have at it on servers dedicated to that type of game play!
  14. Thanks for your response @Dissention! Getting a camp to pitch has been MUCH better the past week or so for me. It is usually on the map when I spawn in. I just filed a ticket with RockStar though because I lost a 100 Goods delivery when the server crashed right after the delivery mission started. Logged back in expecting the goods to be there so I could try again and they were GONE! Hopefully they will credit my account with the goods or the cash & XP I would have made.
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