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  1. i really dunno why R* is making me buy another copy? Obviously it does not know i own it that's why it doesn't appear in my R* library. The Steam copy i bought is working fine for both Story and Online but i have to start from 0 in online. I was already lvl 247. Now it's gone, R* doesn't detect it.
  2. Yes the game is not available on the launcher. Each time i login it takes me to the "Buy Now" screen (see above photo) and if you notice RDRO appears in the avalable ccolumn, when it should be in the "My Library" w/c is now gone w/c means it has been deleted. And yes i contacted RS Support but they have yet to reply. So i bought it again, but this time on Steam, it works but all my data is gone, even my online character does not exist, when i tried to play online it starts at level 0. I was at lvl 247 when i last played. I aint playin online again unless RS retrieves it for me, if they will. But thanks for the reply.
  3. I was just playing yesterday, then when i launched today, storymode and online were gone, it only shows as if i didn;t buy it, what's up?
  4. wtf is this? no one online seems to know/fix
  5. ok, so how do u know if the mission is such and can you change disallow?
  6. At rank 8 i find it hard to finish a stranger mission bec of griefers attacking the caravan. I was even lasso'd by a team member after completing a matchmaking mission. I mean c'mon, wtf?
  7. Black water. But you need to be fast otherwise you're dead. This is what you should do: 1) don't enter blind, use your binoculars from the safe cliff at the border. Once you spot the HH, mark it, and only then should you ride toward it w/ a lasso ready.
  8. they need to be marked as a red dot first bec if not they're not yet considered hostile
  9. It came with the latest update iirc. Now we can fast travel from our campfire anywhere. This is major esp for long distance adventurers like myself. Much obliged misters. 😍
  10. i noticed that fences don't craft it. I hunted 6 legendary animals and all except the Grizz have trinkets. Pls confirm.
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