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  1. that may be true if you acquire the horse that way, but i have TWO black arabians (one male, one female) from the stable in saint denis (and a white one from lake isabella) and i have no problems with them disappearing.
  2. looks like i have 3 locations to check out... well, saint denis was a flop, and so was van horn. on my way to valentine...
  3. remember what einstein said about human stupidity and the universe? as long as there are people dumb enough to believe that the earth is flat, there is no hope for humanity.
  4. shouldn't this be in the online forum?
  5. yesterday i found out that blackwater is not far from where i live, somewhere west of london, UK.
  6. when there's too much activity, the notification still pops up but tells you there's too much activity. but i don't even get the notification. it's like i haven't done the country pursuits mission but i HAVE done that mission. gonna try to re-do it...
  7. i tried that. didn't do me any good 😞
  8. the weird thing is, i could do all that again. isn't it supposed to happen only once? go find the messages, then go to where he appears and kill him. and this time i got the dagger.
  9. it's more like south of bolger glade, and it's a panther, not a cougar. if you want a cougar, go to the road from owanjila lake towards hanging dog ranch.i've been cougared several times on the southern part of that road. you'll also find cougars in the northeastern corner of the map, not far from the big waterfall
  10. or you shoot a 3-star animal with the right weapon, but it doesn't die. and when you finally catch up with it, suddenly it's only 1 star. ARGH! FYI, i don't even bother skinning a 1-star animal unless it's a bear, a goose, a duck or something else that gives me animal fat. a 1-star pelt is not worth keeping, IMHO.
  11. 75? wow! the most i had was 72 or 73. is there another nest that i don't know about?
  12. 38? that means i'm missing one. the question is, WHICH one, and where can i find it? hmmm...
  13. today i found out that you HAVE to do the american fathers mission or the bank mission does not appear. not sure if the mission on the boat is also required.
  14. 2 weeks later and the outfit is still missing.
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