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  1. 75? wow! the most i had was 72 or 73. is there another nest that i don't know about?
  2. 38? that means i'm missing one. the question is, WHICH one, and where can i find it? hmmm...
  3. today i found out that you HAVE to do the american fathers mission or the bank mission does not appear. not sure if the mission on the boat is also required.
  4. 2 weeks later and the outfit is still missing.
  5. to answer my own questions: yes and yes.
  6. i have problems finding the legendary gator. yes, i've done the country pursuits mission, and after that i got a notification that i was in its territory but couldnt hunt it because there was too much activity. so i went away to do other things. this happened maybe once or twice, and now i don't get any more notifications. whats going on? i've gone up and down that road many times, during the day, during the night, but nothing. i've done the revenge mission, iwent away and came back, i went all the way around the swamp, but nothing. ARGH! what do i have to do to make this sucker appear? do i
  7. i guess it's some kind of glitch in my version. when i pick a certain type of orchid, the game seems to think i'm doing algernon's last job. so it lets me send off that orchid, and some time later i get some money back. but like i said, it only works with some orchids, probably those that are in that last job for algernon.
  8. trelawny made me get that outfit from the tailor in saint denis and now the misson is over but the outfit has disappeared. where is it? can i get it back?
  9. i'm trying to continue the gunslinger mission but i'm not getting anywhere. i went back to the saloon in valentine, but the bartender won't talk to me. ok, i may have talked to him before, but i'm not sure. anyway, then i went to saint denis but the boat is not there. it's the same boat where i get the watch, right? do i have to do that mission before i can complete the gunslinger mission?
  10. thats not the vibe that i got from him. he wants to cover it all up so that his employers can get away with poisoning the river with the wastewater from the mine.
  11. Not really. Just wondering if they are optional because the guides here on rdr2.org don't mention anything about having to do them before other missions become available.
  12. i'm in chapter 4. the last mission i did was the one where the o'driscoll scum attack shady belle. needless to say i went to their big hideout to take revenge. now i have 3 missions, including the one where you meet the indians and the one where you get the watch. do i have to do those 2 missions? can i skip them? if i don't do them now, will i reach a point where i have to do them? the guides here on rdr2.org don't say anything about that.
  13. Yep, found another one. 57 eggs :-)
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