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  1. i have done the country pursuits mission, i have sent off all the sets of cigarette cards (yes, all of them), and i have the handcuffs. so the gator should appear. but some time ago i couldn't find any lemoyne raiders or o'driscolls, and they only reappeared when i did another mission. maybe this is a similar issue? i only have 2 missions left in chapter 4: the oil company and then the bank in saint denis.
  2. that would be impossible because - i play single-player - my PS4 is offline.
  3. some time ago i tried to give the beggar some money to improve my honor, but i hit R2 instead of L2. BANG! OOPS, RIP. i was like "oh sh*t!". but it wasn't all bad, sometime later i saw him again.
  4. so i have to catch mary-beth writing in her book? i hope she does that in chapter 4. and yes, i got the right pen. pearson's rabbit: i think i've done that one. but i'm not sure. gotta check if i have that jacket...
  5. get ready to jump away. if youre not fast enough you'll end up flat on your back.
  6. When I punch my horse it's intentional, like when I'm pissed off because it has thrown me off. Can't remember ever accidentally punching my horse.
  7. are you saying it doesn't work the same way with john as it does with arthur? that would be weird
  8. i hope youre talking about chapter 4, because if that only works in chapter 2 or 3, i'm screwed, and she'll never get her pen.
  9. i have another issue: i have the compass for pearson (from the braithwaites' boat house), but he never asked for it. and i think i also have something for mary beth (a pen?), but again, she never asked.
  10. i like to shoot gators (because they are evil) and when i come back to the same spot, i see a rotten carcass or sometimes a skeleton. so no, that is not unusual/
  11. not when it comes to legendaries. you an kill them any way you want and the pelt will be perfect. but i guess i have to go to and return from guarma before that bastard shows up...
  12. that may be true if you acquire the horse that way, but i have TWO black arabians (one male, one female) from the stable in saint denis (and a white one from lake isabella) and i have no problems with them disappearing.
  13. looks like i have 3 locations to check out... well, saint denis was a flop, and so was van horn. on my way to valentine...
  14. remember what einstein said about human stupidity and the universe? as long as there are people dumb enough to believe that the earth is flat, there is no hope for humanity.
  15. shouldn't this be in the online forum?
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