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  1. Sooo frustrating. This is like the 3rd time it's happened. I humped off the wagon to shoot bad guys..or in once case after I was IN THE DELIVERY AREA....and it wouldn't let me get back ON the wagon. Walked around mashing the triangle button, no luck. Tried climbing in the back and jumping into seat. Nothing worked. This is the third time I'll be ripped off from completing a daily due to this glitch! Am I doing something wrong? Help please! Thanks so much.
  2. Well, it's been 4 days and nothing RE my missing items, alas....
  3. I have only been using the wheel and I am still having glitchouts. Also, no response yet from Rockstar RE my open tickets for missing cosmetic and bonus items.
  4. Aaand...had issues again last night. This is getting old. I also got griefed while trying to check my map to find my camp.
  5. Yeah, I hear you. I fully expect no answer RE my missing bonus cosmetic items...
  6. Thanks all. Seem to have gotten it back last night...now we'll see if it's there today....
  7. Might seem minor compared to the camp glitch, but has anyone actually gotten the special colorway Killman vest yet for PS Plus?? Per below: while players with an active PlayStation Plus subscription who log in any time before November 4th will receive an exclusive colorway of the Killiman Vest.
  8. I still can't set up my camp...sigh...have reported to Rockstar.
  9. Okay, playing on PS4. I logged in and the old guy at camp had apperently packed up my camp. It took me forever to find the controls to respawn it, but now it does not seem to be taking my money. I also don't see where the camp is. Help please!!
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