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  1. Only possible solution is buy an Xbox! You won't look back.
  2. Sorry to hear about that. Have to say, though, I'd never buy a Rockstar game on PC, they're famously weak on that side. It's why I'm on Xbox.
  3. Mine was fine again, then very dark last night. Struggled as it got dark during a bounty and couldn't see where I was, had to finish it using eagle eye!
  4. Not that anyone cared (or perhaps it was just me!) but after 36 hours with odd colours and very, very dark nights, the colour on mine just switched back to normal. Phew.
  5. Mine (on Xbox) is now so dark I can barely see at night, and the colours seem darker during the day, too, to the point that it's almost unplayable. I haven't changed any settings and other games are fine. Has anyone else had this this week? Started yesterday, same today.
  6. Well that's a nice post to read. I just hit 250, so a milestone but a way off yours!! I have been grinding the dailies, too, and am back into bounty hunting. level 26 with that, and level 35 of the new pass. A few nice nuggets there in among the dross. Still loving the game, glad you are, too.
  7. I got the free Breton this week, too, and have the black and white mane with it, bonded to level 2 and really enjoying her. Called her 'Festive Freebie', which probably needs changing.
  8. Game will literally die off if they don't make any money from it. Dailies were too easy and too lucrative for the business model to work. I quite like the new setup (although to be fair I'm rich already), getting maps and cash rewards instead. It is sort of liberating, not having to service that multi month streak. I can take Christmas off without being sad about breaking my streak!! It;s like a weight has been lifted.
  9. I'm conscious that I might be a lone reed, but that would make me very happy. Supposed to be a couple of new roles/expanded roles before Christmas so hopefully we are in the foothills of a bustling, happy online community. A frontier town up in the snow would really suit the Christmas vibe!
  10. I haven't had a lobby with more than six of us in a while, often I am on alone. I didn't struggle with being griefed, and gave as good as I got if I ever was, so personally I'd prefer to have a few of the glitches back just to get more players online. Otherwise it really isn't an online game, and I used to have some lovely interactions with other players. The current unpopulated lobbies actually has me replaying Story mode. Given the lack of players I find I just get more varied content and more fun over there. It's a real shame, I'm a bit sad about it. I keep my streak up then switch to Story. I keep the streak in the hope that they repopulate the lobbies, but I sadly don't think that they will (particularly as the consensus seems to be that the online version of the game is more enjoyable without other players. It isn't really an online game like that, but rather an offline game with different content. Posses no longer work, either, and several of the dailies now don't work as they require other players. So sorry to say I miss the good old days.
  11. I still love the game, my daily streak is kept up, I split my time between this and Elite: Dangerous. My only frustration at the moment is the lobbies with only 2-6 players in them. Frankly, at that point I might as well not be playing an online game. I'd happily have some of the glitches restored just to get the player lobby numbers back up. That aside, am still loving the game.
  12. Yes exactly my experience. I play a fair few games, always like DLC and updates, but also three of our kids are gamers and like different games, so capacity was always my issue. Don't know why I didn't think of an external drive before, to be honest!! As you say, literal game changer.
  13. Yes I dropped £60 on an external drive for the Xbox One X and it transformed things, just don't have to uninstall anything any more. Three of our kids also game so it was a battle. Complete convert to external drives. Superfast, as you say.
  14. I get people joining coop missions pretty much instantly when I go on. I do them for dailies, or just for some variety occasionally, that waiting sounds like a bug. Although frankly, if you don't like playing with others you might enjoy the solo story more!
  15. Once you upgrade the shack the whole way there's quick cash and good xp to be made at moonshining. The margin isn't great but it's fine. A batch of strong moonshine only takes 48 minutes to mix, but sells for over $200. The mash costs $30-$50 depending on how many recent bootlegger missions you have carried out. Plus it's great for dailies. If I log in for an hour, I can set the mix going when I log in, then 50 minutes later sell it and trouser $150+ in profit, for very little work. Plus drinking your own moonshine gives a decent stat boost for a while. It is well worth doing in conjunction with other activities.
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