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  1. I'm having problems with the customization of the Cattlemen revolvers on PC. After customizing my Lemat revolvers with silver and gold with full engravings which came out nice and shinny, I added pearl grips to one of my Cattleman revolvers and made all exterior medals silver, however the gun just will not shine. It has this matte appearance similar to the look of silver weapons when viewed on the table at the gun shops. I really don't have any idea of what I can do here to make this revolver shinny. Never encountered this before where guns will not look shinny after adding silver to them. My Cattleman revolvers on Xbox are all silver with full engravings and gold inlays and they shine. These revolvers on my PC do not have full engravings but I wouldn't think that would effect anything. For reference, the revolver on the left side in first person is factory stock medal while the revolver on the right side is all silver. Anyone ever encountered this before?, any tips to really make silver guns shine?. Only thing left to do that I can think of is contact Rockstar support.
  2. I think they just want you to pay for the outfit. C20Dragon, friend request sent.
  3. There is no option for in the French Dress Shirt ad in the catalog.
  4. But here’s the sad thing, once this video was uploaded to social media, McDonalds fired the manager.
  5. This is how you quit your job!
  6. The Gunfight Palace Historical Gunfight Reenactments
  7. Wyatt Earp's Oriental Saloon & Theater Comedy Gunfights
  8. I'm trying to procure just the French Dress shirt in solid white color however it's not sold buy itself online. I was advised that it may be part of the Grizzlies Outlaw outfit. Can anyone confirm if it is indeed a solid white French Dress shirt that is included in the Grizzlies Outlaw outfit and most importantly, can the shirt be separated from the rest of the outfit and used with already owned clothing item's?
  9. Thanks. I was able to get it to work!.
  10. Cool. I'll give it try next time I'm online.
  11. I’m game. Sorry for the delay in posting content everyone. I still have the two gunfight re-enactments to post. I’ll try to post one of them tomorrow since I’ll be off work for the new Quick Draw Club 2 on Red Dead Online!.
  12. Purchased the Austin boots after a video on You Tube shows a character wearing pants over the boots but it always auto defaults to pants being inside the boots. While inside the wardrobe at the tailors, there’s no option to wear the pants outside the boots. Did I miss something here?
  13. Is that the American Paint horse in the news wire photo and if so, what coat is that? I wouldn't mind getting since stables are half off.
  14. Sun setting over the Sonoran Desert between Tombstone and Tucson
  15. Longhorn Restaurant on Allen Street Longhorn Restaurant Breakfast at the Longhorn Restaurant - Huevos Mexicanos Crystal Palace Restaurant on Allen Street Authentic Southwestern United States Nachos
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