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  1. Well its been a while since I posted this, and I now have the Series x. The game does run smoother I can only assume it is running at Sixty fps, it is definitely smoother, but otherwise looks the same. The best part are loading times and fast travel times, they are very quick now fast travel is a matter of seconds, maybe 5 seconds and you are at your destination, I love that.
  2. Is it just me? I did not get a new telegram with any new missions for A New Source of Employment. I asked R* they said to rest my console, I did that, still nothing, I really hate missing content. Did anyone else have this happen to them?
  3. I just had a few questions for anyone that is. I am planning to buy one soon, and we are also upgrading our tv. Last year I bought an LG oled but broke it in August, so now we are replacing it with a newer larger one, the CX 77" I was hopeful that the series X would run the game at Sixty FPS instead of the current 30 fps on xbx 1x, or maybe even run it with VRR on so it would fluctuate from Sixty to 120 depending on the scene and situation, but I have no idea how it is actually playing. I know there is a lot of back and forth over settings and such, but I was hoping to hear from som
  4. So, Ive been off the boards for a while now, as the game was working out its issues. I just hit level 400 today after all this time, Ive never stopped playing, been doing daily challenges for a long long time now, and yeah the recent nerf sucks, But you still get gold, just not nearly as much, so I still do them. This last update wasnt very impressive IMO but I am at level 27 I think nearly done with it for now. I hope everyone is safe and doing well getting though this strange year we have been experiencing. I remember coming here early on when I was at I think level 38, so I ju
  5. Collector makes you the most money the fastest. It is simple, all you need is the shovel, metal detector and the role, each collection is worth a different amount of money, the coins for exampel are 540.00 for a full set, and I think 1400 xp? or maybe 140 xp I forget., Well I had 6 full sets of coins and except for one coin, 9 full sets, same with every collectible category, I plan to sell them all after I get the new role so I can use that xp towards the pass. Collector will make you the most money, the trader is good as a passive background money making business, same as the m
  6. I think so yes, you get a lot of items you cant otherwise, it always pays for itself so it is free in the end as it pays you back at least the gold you spent to get it. Last time I think it was 30 gold bars? and you got 30 plus bars back as you went through the pass so yeah why not? Also you got some things that you otherwise couldnt get, like small clothing updates and items. I def plan to buy the pass and the role together so as I go through the role the xp also unlocks the pass items, ususally new horses, clothes, somtimes weapon variants, etc.. I am soooo ready f
  7. I took a LONG break posting here, since I talk too much, you may have noticed, you havent heard a word from me in several months.
  8. Update: I can be so dumb sometimes, I had forgotten that my game pass and my Live are both now associated to each other and if one expires the other does as well,. This was very simple, but I think Microsoft can do a better job at reminding us that this is about to happen or has just happened, I wasted two days because it never occurred to me that my subscription to xbx gold live was expiring. I think instead of a spinning green icon, how about a litle message, "Your Xbox live account has expired" ? is it really that hard? So, today, just now 5/13/2020 8:
  9. exactly, lol Ive learned in a year, these people responding are reading from script and often their recommendations do absolutely nothing, I am not going through all that in hopes that camps start working and animals spawn, lol. Anyway, same old thing, today no fast travel, I had to ride from Tumbleweed to LaGras that was fun, I did find a few animals which is hard to complain about, but literally a few, thats it. I dunno, the game just stinks now, its a real shame this game has so much potential but they have got to go dedicated servers or it is never going to improve. The
  10. R* sent me a note said to delete my profile, uninstall the game, download my profile again and then re install he game and let it update, etc... I feel like, ummmm no, I dont want to go through all that. Especially because I really have no faith it will change anything.I havent been playing very much anyway, just doing daily challenges holding out hope that the next big update will fix things, but if no then at some point I may opt to try this, but I just dont see it helping.
  11. Hmm well I'm on Xbx 1x as well, no animals. Today a few birds, nothing else, I was thinking as I rode from St Denis to the Bayou and then Rhodes, not a boar, bear, deer, pronghorn, raccoon, rabbit, or even a muskrat, there are simply no animals for me. Disappointing but not unexpected.
  12. Well, I will look around a little more today when I go in to do my daily's. If the animals were back, id be happy with it, I just havent seen that. I dont need them to be at story mode levels or solo session levels, but still it would be nice to find deer and raccoons, rabbits etc.. a lot more. Even gators, heck I go to the Bayou and cant find a gator anywhere no wild boars, etc.. just a few birds usually, a few herons or loons etc.. but never walking mammals anymore. Damn Hitchcock, save some gold for me, 800 gold bars!!! lol
  13. Oh My bad Kean, I didnt realize I screwed that up, lol I meant to put this in the online section, sorry.
  14. Thats great it was all working for you So, I went in yesterday and decided to do a moonshine delivery, and those usually work for me anyway but this one put me in a solo session which meant for the first time in a LONG time, animals everywhere, I use the bayou for my moonshine shack and when I spawned it was glorious, gators everywhere etc.. so many birds I couldnt get them all. I called in my hunting wagon while my delivery wagon sat there and the clock was ticking, I loaded it quickly, then jumped on the delivery wagon with 4 minutes to go and had to deliver to the pawn shop in St
  15. It was 1 year ago the other day that I started my RDR2 online character and account. 3/14/2019. I can say after a year, the game has changed a lot. For a time it was working great, for the past 5 months not so much, and since Moonshiner role was added it has been down right busted. Still to this day, I get no animals, camp issues, etc.. you all know the issues. Ive stuck it out in hopes they would eventually fix it or go to private servers and get off these p2p servers. They keep talking like they are goign to fix it, so I keep hanging in there. I am hoping s
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