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  1. 24 real world hours or 24 in game hours? I think the buyers refresh every 1 real world hour. Maybe if you've only waited 24 in game hours (48 minutes) they need 12 more minutes to refresh or you just got a bad RNG set again. Usually it tells you how much longer until the buyers reset at the bottom of the list. Screw Bert Higgins! LOL
  2. Things have been reeeeeal quiet out on the trail these last few weeks. The folks in my posse are taking a little break since there's not much new content to hold us. I still log on for dailies to grow my wealth which I'm not even sure I will ever get to spend. Yesterday had a daily to visit a shop in Valentine. My camp was in the Heartlands right smack between Emerald Ranch and Valentine right off the main road. I decided to just take a leisurely stroll over to the Doctor's in Valentine to sell 5 of any herbs I was maxed out on. I took the railroad tracks as I was in a hurry, but I took my time too. I came up to the stockyards and then a posse popped onto my radar. It appeared they were sitting around at the Sheriff's and some NPCs were running away down the street toward me. I slowed up and plodded down the street, planning to hitch up at the Gunsmith. A player was scurrying around. I thought "Man, I hope he doesn't try anything..." while I held out hope that my non-threatening presence would convey I had no plans for trouble. Suddenly in a flash, a repeating shotgun appears in their hands and my screen flashes white to black... I sighed as I stared at my killer in black and white. I hit Respawn and as I loaded in I figured I'd just let it slide, I really wasn't in the mood to take on a posse of 4 or 5. I loaded up in front of the post office on the road. For the hell of it I checked their ranks, all below 80. I'm Rank 378, but I'm not big on PVP - Sure I can hold my own some days. The offending player ran by me on horseback. His posse mates doubled on another horse purposefully ran into me and the one bringing up the rear pointed their gun at me as I whistled for my horse who was still by the Gunsmith. "F*** it, these little s***s don't get to kill me and hightail it outta town unscathed". I rode hard and caught up to them. One of the two on one horse shot my horse and I went down, RIGHT outside my camp. They continued East towards Emerald. I had a "big brain" moment and ran over to my camp's Fast Travel post and travelled to Emerald Station. Once I loaded in, I whistled, expecting my next horse to come but to my surprise, it was my horse they downed which I left without reviving. I jumped on and suddenly blue posse markers popped on my radar, coming in hot toward me. I surprised them and cut them off just as they reached Hani's Bethel where I assume they were going for the "5 types of fish caught" daily. I gunned a few down before I died. I respawned and killed a couple more and died again. Came back, took out one or two more when suddenly the "Other posse has parleyed" message pops up. Some of them continued to hightail it out of the area but the original offender stayed so I circled him menacingly while doing "The Ripper" emote. They waved a few times and I felt satisfied my revenge was swift so I took the railroad tracks back to Valentine again to sell my herbs. It took a couple minutes between traveling the distance again and dealing with the clunky sell options to only sell 5 of each maxed herb. I walked out of the Doctor's shop when the same blue, faded posse markers rode back in and to the Sheriff's office. The original offender came into town last so I gave him "The Ripper" emote a few more times as he waved again and they faded into another lobby after pulling a bounty poster. Felt satisfying! Was a good session, I guess
  3. We are seeking a couple new members to help out and have fun with! We got you covered!
  4. When I turned 18 my parents got me a miniature paint horse. I named him Gunther as well! He stayed at my sister's acreage down the road where she boarded him since I'm physically disabled. He was more just a novelty pet than anything lol. A year later my nephew was born so I gave Gunther to him as his first horse haha. As for my Breton in game, I have the Grullo Dun Breton, and I named her "Ripley" (from "Aliens" )
  5. I've never seen or heard of any mechanics where any delay in opening treasure maps runs a risk of decreasing its value/payout. They don't lose value - its simply RNG, some maps give .70 nuggets, some give 2 Gold Bars. Average is about 1 Gold Bar. It is best to save your maps and open them when you have nothing else to do - like when your trader business is in production or you have moonshine in the works. As for purchasing treasure maps from NPC treasure hunters, always decline their offer of $5 - They'll issue a counter offer of $2.50 instead usually after you decline $5 twice. If you approach them with a posse mate, they will offer it to the other player as well, so if you really want it, either take it by force for nothing or hope your friend declines lol
  6. Interesting proposition! Roanoke terrain is quite challenging. Any rules/guidelines you can name to consider would be most appreciated. Example: Regular ammo, Tier I/Tier II tonics/No tonics, What event is a winner declared?, etc...
  7. I did email them in any case and thanks for adding platform to the title - save some other person from future embarrassment like I just had LOL
  8. Apologies Kean - on mobile it doesn't display that 😰 which is how I first viewed it - I see it on PC tho! Sending an email now...
  9. Recruitment is temporarily CLOSED at this time - Thank you to those we've had the pleasure of riding with this last round! Keep your eyes out for when we open up again whenever more new content comes! Welcome to the recruitment thread for Arthur’s Angels/Dutch’s Demons (or “Angels/Demons”) for PlayStation. We are one of the longest-lasting posses from RDR2.org forums and have weathered many content droughts and “buggy” sessions since the start of Red Dead Online. Our last recruitment thread here was the most active/viewed with many potential members clamoring to join. What we have achieved is something truly special. We are a group of mature individuals from around the world ranging in age from 19 to 50+ We are a laid-back gaming community who dabble in many forms and multitude of games; Our main game of choice is Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, although we do play others. Including many on PS4 and soon to be PS5. We play many gaming styles including but not limited to PvP, PvE, Free Roam, Group Work, Friendly in-community Battles and plenty of "shenanigans". Our members aim to be on 3-4 times a week with Tuesdays being our main get together time (subject to change). Our times of play are 3PM or 4PM EST/8PM or 9PM GMT, and average sessions can run *up to 4-5 hours. We tend to be more "weekday" players. Most of us are above Rank 150 but we welcome all ranks with a particular preference for anyone of lower rank. We have all played through all the role content available, so we are eager to help others achieve their entrepreneurial endeavors, whether it be Trading, Collecting, Bounties, Moonshining or Naturalist. Applicants must read over and agree to the set of rules and guidelines set up below before applying. RULES Absolutely NO bigots, racists, homophobes/transphobes, misogynists, or extremists. We are a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life and will not accept any discrimination of any kind. Period. We have members who are LGBTQ and members with disabilities. We also leave politics out of the game, as not everyone has the same political systems respective to their home countries. Current Member Countries/Regions: USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Finland, Norway, etc. We run two playstyles, Honorable = Arthur’s Angels / Dishonorable = Dutch’s Demons. We chose this in preparation for future Lawman/Outlaw endeavors in game. We do not grief other players and we do not shoot first without cause. We NEVER cheat. No hacks. No purposely done glitches. No exploits. We fight for our own. Should someone in the group encounter some griefers and put a call out for support, members are expected to respond. If you are online but not necessarily in the same game, we ask that you send 3 questions to get a feel for what is needed. “How many players/griefers?” “How many Angels/Demons are there/coming?” and “Are they cheating?”. If fellow members say they do not need help the no further action is needed unless they update the call out and ask for more help. If they say they do need help however, you are expected to jump to them in game and help. Of course, we realize life happens and people have obligations so if you are with family, at work, or just can’t get on then so it goes; but if you are online we at least expect a check in. While we are a mature group that does not mean we don’t goof off or play shenanigans, but all members are expected to know when to become serious and focus up when needed. Our group uses the PlayStation app for easy communication with English being the main language. The app is a must have. Applicants interested should send a message to the leader or moderator. PSN IDs, respectively bucnation3139 or MOOSH89 To begin the application process. Potential members will run up to a two-week trial where current members can assess whether all will get along and if playstyles fit. Some new members will be expedited after only a few sessions, but this is never to be expected. Please note that during this time recruits will only be friended by the leader and moderator. We are comfortable taking on up to 3 "recruits" at once, so if you're serious, act quickly. We don't want to "chase" people down via messages to run trials so please consider our active hours listed above when applying. Questions and comments are welcome here, but all interested parties must send a request to the above members via PS Messages. PVP Showcase: (Most usernames hidden as to avoid random requests to posse members and board rules)
  10. All Legendary Animals give an extra "part" that you can trade or donate for materials as part of your trader business, much like a lot of the standard animals do. I believe Gus can make the Beaver Tooth trinket with a regular beavers teeth, but it's been awhile since I crafted that item so I can't be certain.
  11. "Paint it Black" in Online allows you to mark out however many "x"s you have bullets loaded for. If you use the Schofield revolver, you can paint 6 "x"s. If you have the bow or Springfield rifle, you can only paint one. Once you pull the right trigger to fire, your character will fire off all marked shots very quickly. Unlike Story mode, time does not slow down while in Dead Eye. Ideally," Paint it Black" is only used as a means to guarantee accuracy (unless your target ducks behind cover)
  12. There is no "manual select" dead eye in Online. There is only "Paint it Black" which is a Dead Eye Ability Card where your reticle paints "X"s over your target automatically as it passes over them. All other Dead Eye Ability Cards do not have any type of selection whatsoever, they just give you certain buffs/debuffs
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