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  1. Thanks for keeping up posting these updates kean. I know some may grumble about content etc but as someone trying to work from home while keeping their kids happy and safe I think we have to be realistic about what rockstar will be able to achieve right now. Not had time to play yet but I'm told the new name your weapon is great fun and right now little extras like this are as much as we can reasonably expect.
  2. I like just having the world looking a little different for a while. Makes it seem a little more alive versus frozen/static. Also Christmas movies wouldn't always have snow in them if it didn't trigger something in people.
  3. Part of this will be daily challenges such as 'three revolver kills in a free roam event's or something of that nature. When you're chasing dailies and not on for a huge length of time (real life does call) events like master archer are an easy hit. Especially when you've already been waiting an age and a fishing challenge pops up and is useless to you. Just no time to wait for the next event.
  4. The online maps and predictable spawns basically broke the economy. Players were just doing a daily tour and earning thousands which rendered the trader role pretty pointless and can only lead to ridiculous inflation if left unchecked. I used it a few times but couldn't face that level of grind without my soul dying.
  5. I'll let a lot of things slide unchallenged on here but this isn't the time for that kind of talk.
  6. Completed five long distance deliveries a couple of nights ago with my posse. Each taking turns as posse leader with a full large wagon. A pretty nice chunk of change for all concerned with no hint of trouble, which if anything disappointed us. If you want big money running solo then collecting is your safest bet. Local deliveries are a decent solo payday as well. Many prefer to lone wolf it and that's fair enough but if you play with that (or any) constraint then parts of the game will always be harder or completely out of reach. I wouldn't be able to do the big bounties alone either.
  7. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  8. I'd like traders to be able to sell the tonics they craft. It would give more purpose to herb collecting and more value to the pamphlets. An outlaw role with bank jobs, train robberies and appropriate bounties would be good as well. Perhaps bounty hunters could evolve to law men and lay traps to prevent these heist? It would change these missions to a form of PvP which would probably upset some but for me it's one of the main points of the game being online. Otherwise you're just repeating what you've already done in story mode. For the record I suck at PvP so I'm not hoping for this so I can stomp on people. I just want a struggle so I can feel a sense of accomplishment. I'm also old enough to take my lumps and smile. I've been dying on computer games for thirty years and whether it's red dead or Pac man I'm not that fragile. Long term like many I'd like to own propert/land.
  9. In my experience the tree wins the crashes i'm involved in.
  10. I recently had a rather burly cowboy hogtie me and carry me into a bedroom in the Strawberry hotel. At that point I'm begging him to just shoot me. Thankfully I cut myself free and shot him down before I was forced to destroy my game and seek counselling.
  11. I see attacking rival wagons as a totally legitimate part of the game and not griefing at all. Having said that I would like to see it trigger a decent bounty, if only for a while to alert bounty hunters. When stealing these supplies we're playing bandit so it would make sense. It would also give the bounty hunter players something to do which they were sold but is sorely lacking. Another point not made so far is just how much those wagons are worth to a good size posse. With 625 dollars for a long distance delivery and six posse members scoring 300 each that wagon becomes worth close to two and a half thousand. It's worth making friends out their folks.
  12. Before the chance to edit my appearance it would probably have been an improvement. Now my cowboy has been transformed into a matinee idol I'll be steering clear of masks.
  13. Hi. I'd give the Arthur's Angels page a look if I were you. I put up a similar post to yours a few months back and was sent that way, been riding with them since. Not UK based but there are four of us so far from the UK. Mix of US, Canadian and Europe.
  14. I trample the sheep at emerald ranch. Conveniently gathered in a pen. Like shooting fish in a barrel.
  15. I believe you need to go into your satchel and selects the fish to break it down. Depending on the fish you'll then have succulent/flaky fish you can cook. Herb picking challenge is one you need a posse for.
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