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  1. Weirdest bug--- riding into my hunting camp, I started automatically exploding like my dynamite was going off in my packs-- not just 20 times but continuously like 200 times, then I wasloned so there was dozens of me. Cripps was blown up as was my camp.
  2. I know that you must be on a road to summon the hunting wagon. I am guessing that it might be the case for other wagons.
  3. This has happened twice-- on a moonshiner mission to take out revenuer roadblocks. I am playing alone and with no posse. About 45 seconds into the trip, I get the "mission failure" report because my "posse had abandoned the mission". Never had a posse or was in one.
  4. About 30% of the time I get a Moonshiner mission from Maggie, it does not load, the icon in the lower right hand corner of the monitor just spins and spins. I have to quit and reload game.
  5. Maggie sends me to beat up some rival moonshiners in a saloon. There are three of them but I am unable to start the fight. The meanest emote is "damn you" I have tried all of them. What am I missing? Okay-- after a bit of digging around, you highlight the rival moonshiner and press the "F" key (secondary action) key. This could have been mentioned up front.
  6. I did a Master Archer event today. I expected the occasional idiot head-shooting the contestants but was not prepared for the constant griefing as soon as you spawn/respawn. I hope it is just the weekend moron compensating for their harsh toilet training or something. But the only event that tis griefer free is "protect the goods" Some of course are designed for PvP and that is fine but others are not yet the devs have left it possible to do so. Fix it Rock Star or lose some fan base. There is enough PvP content without it leaking into the rest of this fine game.
  7. I understand about the many things that irritate that should have been fixed by now, but this is still a most remarkable and totally immersive game. The time spent in-game is a pure delight. I will endure the irritants and bask in the glory of a really special gaming experience if sandbox games are your style. I must confess I was concerned about the juvenile griefing potential but was pleased to discover most on-line players are non-intrusive into your game or helpful at best. The occasional jerk one encouters merely makes the rest of the player base seem pleasant
  8. While not a game breaker, it certainly is a major irritant that camp spawn still will not work 80% of the time---- just keep spamming the camp size and location selections and cross your fingers one appears. Or is there some secret sequence of actions one must perform?
  9. Can you upgrade your hunter's wagon horses as well as those for the medium and heavy delivery wagons from the "standard stock" horse at each? Or is it just the cosmetic color of their coats you can change?
  10. Thanks for the input. I will submit a ticket-- who knows-- it might help them discover a bug. Thanks again. Cheers!
  11. Glorybee

    save online

    I lost four hours of work on the large wagon with 100 trade goods on it in the middle of a delivery mission when the client blew up.
  12. I understand to be patient as the devs work on the client side disconnect issues but when I have just started a 100 good trader delivery mission and have their end blow up and when I relog, my four hours of work are gone as well as the $500 payout, I tend to wonder if online is worth the effort. At least let my restore the 100 trade goods. Anyone know of a work around? I would love to be able to save at my discretion instead of the auto save which is not frequent enough.
  13. Is it possible in the PC version to precisely locate Cripp's camp where you want it instead of the default "anywhere in the specified region?
  14. Now for another question: Can I select the exact location of my camp or am I at the mercy of Cripps randomly putting it up anywhere in the selected region?
  15. NastyNatives-- of course I meant hunting wagon <slaps head> Thanks for the tip that it is the L key. Great game with all the distractions of frequent disconnects. I appreciate you taking the time to show me this. Cheeers mate!!!
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