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  1. I hunted and skinned Legendary Beaver and sold the skin att tooth to Gus. But what is the tooth good for. I thougth it was for the trinket, but it does not look like that.
  2. I had the same problem this morning. Except once when i logged in I was on my camp, could eat camp stew, feed horse, go to valentine sell meat, even do the dailies for naturalist all 3, and even go to moonshine shack and dance and sell moonshine. After that i tryed to fast travel to van horn, but fast travel did not work, so i ride to van horn manually, the started to ride to valentine, but after about half way, the game froze.
  3. The game is unplayable today, cant enter moonshine shack, no camp, no auto aim on animals, game freezing. At least i got some of the easiest dailies so it wont broke, Eating 5 apples and drinking on antique alcohol. But otherwise almost nothing works.
  4. I have trouble to summon hunter wagon after the update. Been able to summon it once, so it is full of carcasses, but cant summon it again. Have dismissed the horse, but it is greyed out. I am on Xbox if it matters. Does any one else have problem with it. Never had any problem with it before the update.
  5. After this update, i cant summon my hunting wagon. I dissmiss my horse, but it is greyed out. Tryed a couple of times.
  6. I dont do very much collecting anymore, mostly when they are dailies and sometimes with metal detector when going from one place to other. Usually i wait to complete a collection where i sell, which dont happen very often. I even sell stuff when i have 8 or more, to get under 8, but is it better to get it capped, so i found something else, och can i still get the same item, so i dont really get anything if i allready are capped on that?
  7. I have seen him only 2 or 3 times, and it is some weeks ago i saw him last.
  8. I am rank 20 as collector, and have the valuable satchel upgrade and the dokument is marked, but i can only have 10 och each item. I was 10 even before i read that dokument. Should it not be 20 like other upgraded satchels?
  9. I have trouble to set up camp, but usually it works sooner or later. I try to set up, if it does not work, i move Little try again, and so on. Sometimes it takes long time Before it works.
  10. Yesterday i tryed to find animals, but had hard to find any. Usually those places i was i find plenty, but not yesterday. I didn't change server. So i dont know if it was just that server.
  11. He was in my camp yesterday for third time, wanted some meet again. So I gave him. And Cripps questioned why i continue feeding him. Dont remember the Words he said.
  12. I had this guy on my camp, he wanted plump bird meat, so i gave him, he walked away, couple of Days later he was again at my camp, and got som more plump bird meat, and he go away. Not seen him after that.
  13. I play allways in defensive. I have had one raid on my camp, but i was at the camp that time, so the dog have not warned me. But seen other dogs Barking at med and wanted me to follow them Twice found a dead body that i looted and once a buried chest that i had to dig, some jewelry.
  14. I had one pronghorn buck that counted, but not the other pronghorns or deer.
  15. 1 Gold was Before the update, 0,5 is the normal, i get 0,5 gb for most dailies, 0,2 for some.
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