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  1. Hey cowpokes, So today I was going through my special benefits section. I rarely go through seeing as all the discounts mean very little to us. What I remembered was I still had at least 5000k XP to claim that I was unable to use with my roles/passes... this does count toward the Halloween Pass. Just thought I'd post that might be useful to someone! Looking forward to the new horse masks
  2. I just logged into to ask the same question, I to am having this problem. I have not seen my wagon tho, the prompt to call is greyed out. PS4
  3. Hey Cowpokes, I'm always interested in why and what players use for their main game play loadout. I am a PVE player so I only have my current loadout. More than welcome to include a PVP loadout I'd be interested in why that. Right now I've been using Quite an Inspiration, The Gift of Focus, Eye for an Eye, Live for the Fight Quite an Inspiration gives me decent health rejen with the ability to run and take damage The Gift of Focus boots Eye for an Eye and Hopefully helps with tonics if I ever use them... plus helps me stay in Deadeye longer with headshots on NPC's Eye for an Eye basically stated above.... NPC headshots keep me in Deadeye and healing Live for the Fight helps me on the many sessions I get with few animals to gain Deadeye (I'm lazy and don't use tonics). Also on missions between skirmishes I can get something back. I like knowing I have full deadeye In my game it's all about accuracy not damage and if I'm healing I don't need the % defense. I have read somewhere that you build your setup around your Deadeye card and it seems to work for me.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I did level GOF to tier 3... it definitely does help Eye for an Eye. That seems to be one card I can't bring myself to remove. I really saw no difference with Gift of Focus speeding up Live for the Fight. I think that pairing might still not be up to par on how it is supposed to work. Maybe one day these 2 cards will jive better because I'm not a tonic drinker and I liked the idea of using Eye for an Eye with Live for the Fight to always have deadeye on tap.
  5. Hey Cowpokes, Has anyone tested stacking the ability cards Live for the Fight with A Gift of Focus? Will this make Live for the fight regen slightly faster? Since they took out the damage reduction to this card I was curious if I should level it up. I love using Live for the Fight. Thanks
  6. A certain Russian YouTuber (not promoting) made a video on why they don't care, and I get it. I'm day 1 as well. It is frustrating but don't loose focus on the game. If they could just actually fix the animals, for me stranger missions... I haven't been able to play them in awhile, they all say no jobs currently....just fix basic gameplay. I'm sure you have enough money and gold that you could get anything. The benefits are great for new players. New content is coming I'm no saint I still complain... we just gotta alter our view slightly
  7. I hope to enter town one day and see this.
  8. Thanks for the knowledge, was super confused
  9. Really? There is an option to open the cataloge (hold X i think) to choose something. I remember we received 1 free voucher in the first Outlaw Pass yet we were never able to actually see this. I do not recall ever finding out what that voucher got us.
  10. In my benefits there are 2 mystery vouchers. I can't seem to figure out what I can claim. Most items give no option- some say L3 but its to use a different voucher. What am I missing? Even in camp upgrades nothing is free. Thanks cow-pokes
  11. Way to go Lumper for going above and beyond. I saw a youtube clip (not promoting) that they could be possibly resetting GTA heist glitchers.... That was another nail in the coffin to me that they care about that cash cow more to this day than fixing lets say animal spawns which cripples the trader role. Let's hope they are serious. Once again good job!
  12. I'd also like one day to be able to customize the bow. Chance the color of the hand wrap, or even put a feather on the top, something to make it stand out.
  13. That would be pretty cool. Are you also referring to the bandolier? I haven't purchased one yet, is it true when equipped the bandolier does not actually sit on the character but hovers over the body? That's what has kept me away that it may be glitched Update: My mistake a recent thread touching on this topic was just being discussed. Sounds like they do hover.
  14. The option to have a quick select on a completely different ability loadout would be great. I'm always trying to make a good all around set up just because it's cumbersome switching when you actually need to. I'd also like to be able to have my horse out with my wagon. They are 2 separate horses doing 2 separate jobs!
  15. They set defense or offensive play to remember, They set the option to save a gun slot to quickly select besides the quick draw, (PS4 L1) I think next it would be great to finally be able to default to the tonic on the select wheel. (Food wise I choose cooked meat) I dislike the default is moonshine- whatever stamina is- chewing tobacco. Let us default to last used or favorited. What do ya'll think or want to change (Besides animal spawns etc we all don't remember what anything looks like besides a Raven!)
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