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  1. Interesting. I’ll be looking forward to it. However, I can’t help but hear the coming cries of single-player DLC content from some fans. That much rumored remake/remaster of the original RDR campaign sounds really cool.
  2. What are your favorite card games? I’m a big fan of poker (Texas Hold ‘Em) and Uno. But my absolute favorite has to be Monopoly Deal. There’s a lot of subterfuge involved in Monopoly Deal that’s just so addicting. Too bad many folks are me don’t know about it. There’s a version on PS4 that no one plays as well, sadly.
  3. I’m not buying Black Ops for the same reason Kean isn’t. It’s returning to that old CoD formula that bored me so much that I stopped buying CoD games after the original BLOPS. I may still rent it for the campaign, but that’s it.
  4. Enoch

    Playstation 5

    What’s your take on the design? Personally, I like digital edition better but only when it’s vertical. With my entertainment center setup it would have to be horizontal. Not only that, but I’m a physical media type of guy so I would automatically opt for the disc version. That one looks terrible, to me. Doubly so when it’s horizontal.
  5. Enoch

    Playstation 5

    I’m going to wait at least a year before I switch over to next-gen. I’ve bought in at launch and got consoles that were broken within a year too many times. The 360 and the Red Ring of Death was the worst. A year should be a good stretch to get most of the lemons out of circulation. I’m no brand loyalist, but I’m disappointed I’m doubting my initial inclination to get a PS5. The exclusives are so damn good on their platform. Unfortunately, with them allowing customers to record private conversations and report them for “offensive” language, that’s a step too far for me. If you don’t like the way a conversation is going, you’ve got three choices: Leave, Mute, and/or Block. With the ever changing landscape of things that can be deemed offensive, I feel this system is ripe for abuse. I don’t want to invest $500 on a console, $60 on a yearly subscription to PSplus, and however many games I want only to have some butthurt individual report me for naughty words and my console gets bricked. Not cool
  6. If so, wanna group up? I’m a casual player that likes to take in the whole game instead of just sprinting to the next objective. I’m at level 30 but more than willing to group with lower players and help them rank up. Gamertag is: xI_ENOCH_Ix Clan is: Salem Poor Grp
  7. I just recently let my daily streak lapse. Haven’t really been in the mood lately. Been playing more CTF on Modern Warfare.
  8. Need another squad mate? I’m always looking for an excuse to play that game.
  9. Have we heard about anyone having problems trying to invite a whole seven person posse into a session? That would be an issue if that was the case.
  10. I enjoy PVP too. But there’s a clear line in the sand about when conflict is appropriate and when it isn’t. There’s also part of me that thinks explosive rounds should be removed and free aim against players should be the standard in free roam.
  11. People like you are the reason I stay in defensive even at rank 219. If you want to harass other players, go to PVP. But I don’t think RDO is your speed. Maybe you can find enjoyment in one of the innumerable twitch shooters out there. Mindlessly killing other players seems to be your calling. Me? I’ll keep being boring and enjoying my time in the Old West... wagon deliveries and all! 😎
  12. @Kean_1, don’t you get it? RDO isn’t about the Wild West. It’s about pissing off as many people as you can! The only reason to play is because there’s a massive world that exists solely to harass other people who are actually enjoying the side activities. Owning noobs is the only worthwhile objective. And you thought that’s what PVP was for. Psh.
  13. To me, other random players don’t make the game feel more alive. It’s the NPCs and random events. Most players I come across are either killing every NPC in town or are killing each other. I ran across a trio of players the other day and I tried to set up a boxing match in the mud in the Valentine pig pins. These players were instead content with throwing dynamite at each other outside the post office 😕
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