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  1. When I turned 18 my parents got me a miniature paint horse. I named him Gunther as well! He stayed at my sister's acreage down the road where she boarded him since I'm physically disabled. He was more just a novelty pet than anything lol. A year later my nephew was born so I gave Gunther to him as his first horse haha. As for my Breton in game, I have the Grullo Dun Breton, and I named her "Ripley" (from "Aliens" )
  2. I've never seen or heard of any mechanics where any delay in opening treasure maps runs a risk of decreasing its value/payout. They don't lose value - its simply RNG, some maps give .70 nuggets, some give 2 Gold Bars. Average is about 1 Gold Bar. It is best to save your maps and open them when you have nothing else to do - like when your trader business is in production or you have moonshine in the works. As for purchasing treasure maps from NPC treasure hunters, always decline their offer of $5 - They'll issue a counter offer of $2.50 instead usually after you decline $5 twice. If you ap
  3. Interesting proposition! Roanoke terrain is quite challenging. Any rules/guidelines you can name to consider would be most appreciated. Example: Regular ammo, Tier I/Tier II tonics/No tonics, What event is a winner declared?, etc...
  4. I did email them in any case and thanks for adding platform to the title - save some other person from future embarrassment like I just had LOL
  5. Apologies Kean - on mobile it doesn't display that 😰 which is how I first viewed it - I see it on PC tho! Sending an email now...
  6. APPLICATIONS ARE TEMPORARILY ON HOLD. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR WHEN WE OPEN UP AGAIN. THANK YOU! Welcome to the recruitment thread for Arthur’s Angels/Dutch’s Demons (or “Angels/Demons”) for PlayStation. We are one of the longest-lasting posses from RDR2.org forums and have weathered many content droughts and “buggy” sessions since the start of Red Dead Online. Our last recruitment thread here was the most active/viewed with many potential members clamoring to join. What we have achieved is something truly special. We are a group of mature individuals from around the
  7. All Legendary Animals give an extra "part" that you can trade or donate for materials as part of your trader business, much like a lot of the standard animals do. I believe Gus can make the Beaver Tooth trinket with a regular beavers teeth, but it's been awhile since I crafted that item so I can't be certain.
  8. "Paint it Black" in Online allows you to mark out however many "x"s you have bullets loaded for. If you use the Schofield revolver, you can paint 6 "x"s. If you have the bow or Springfield rifle, you can only paint one. Once you pull the right trigger to fire, your character will fire off all marked shots very quickly. Unlike Story mode, time does not slow down while in Dead Eye. Ideally," Paint it Black" is only used as a means to guarantee accuracy (unless your target ducks behind cover)
  9. There is no "manual select" dead eye in Online. There is only "Paint it Black" which is a Dead Eye Ability Card where your reticle paints "X"s over your target automatically as it passes over them. All other Dead Eye Ability Cards do not have any type of selection whatsoever, they just give you certain buffs/debuffs
  10. Go to camp, have your flag up. If you will be gone longer than 15 minutes, enter your wardrobe menu by your tent and stay in there - the game keeps you from an idle state here. If my camp is cooking trader goods and I'm AFK, I'll enter my wardrobe and that way I don't get logged out for inactivity and Cripps keeps churning out goods
  11. It seems Rockstar support agents (who are not devs) only have a few suggestions such as clearing the cache for any type of glitch or bug. They also forward any issues to the devs to check out, so most workarounds actually come from the communities of players. I'm Rank 344, playing since beta launch with basically one main outfit I tend to wear most which has a puff tie. I made myself a new cold weather outfit for the snow during the holidays and picked a coat that didn't support neckwear/bandanas and was happily wearing it when suddenly I lost 7/10 of my custom outfits - twice. Now I
  12. Apparently, I read this on reddit after I posted about it and someone commented that it seems to be tied to neckwear/bandanas after the last update. Any outfits you aren't wearing that have these are deleted. I had remade my favourite outfits with neckwear and they got deleted again, then I read that comment, remade the same outfits WITHOUT the neckwear/bandanas and I haven't lost them yet.
  13. This bug is related to any neckwear or bandanas in outfits. The only way to stop losing your outfits currently is DON'T use any neckwear/bandanas Hopefully they will fix this along with the many other bugs that after 2 years, STILL persist
  14. "Gunslinger's Choice" - Combat (Yellow) card
  15. Man I can't remember! I'll have to fire up Story mode and check lol
  16. That happens with any stranger mission giver and even the bounty board if I recall. It's annoying but possible to pick up the carcass/skin and try running and jumping as far away as you can repeatedly before you force-drop it until you break out of the zone. It even happens with fish if you fish off the dock near Thomas in Lagras. Another thing you can try is lassoing and pulling it out of the zone, provided your lasso will loop your target (some animals you can't lasso)
  17. Arthur's Angels is who I'm with - we're about as chill as you can get and still get things done ;) Currently we're taking a small breather from RDO due to a lot of the bugs but there are members who play every day. We can't wait to all come back. Keep an eye on the recruitment thread for when we open up again :) https://www.rdr2.org/forums/topic/5168-arthurs-angels-ps4/ A bunch of us are active on the forums here too - we don't just recruit and bail lol
  18. As long as your main account (the Plus member) has the system set as Primary system, any other account can access Plus online features and any games belonging to the main account
  19. I wouldn't put your chips behind you "predicting" this as a big "I told you so" as MANY of us expected this. Rockstar has set the drip feed schedule likely months ahead of any unforeseen bug fallouts and they're just simply rolling through their schedule as planned. Rockstar for some reason is as transparent as a big red broadside of a barn and doesn't reveal sh**. They just drop stuff in our laps and see how we respond. The responses are always the same." We're bored and need new content" > *NEW CONTENT!* But there's a catch! It doesn't work! > "I can't wait until Rockstar fixes it
  20. While not as active as any subreddit, this place is definitely alive. It is well moderated so most of the time you get quality over quantity. Most active users try to lend tips and share information. You've been here for less than 24 hours by the looks of it. Stick around and contribute to conversations. Good things come in time. If fast paced is more your thing, with poor moderation (the same low effort content every 2 hours) and more unmemorable usernames than memorable ones, check out the subforums on reddit, where posts you actually like will get pushed into the netherrealm in 25 minu
  21. This. I forgot about that. Generally take the rule of thumb that "if there's just a smidge left, only donate a smidge" so there's no waste since animals are scarce. Load up your hunting wagon and wait
  22. I racked up 610 Gold bars doing dailies since the Spring update. Down to 462 Gold since the Moonshiner update. Try to do at least 2 a day incase one resets
  23. Providing your Materials bar (the top one) is empty or has space in it, you can continue to donate materials for the next Goods delivery (bottom bar). I think a full Materials bar equals 50 goods so you'll have to top it up as Cripps produces product to sell by doing resupply missions/buying a resupply or donating to Cripps. If the Materials bar is full and your Goods still haven't been sold, you can no longer donate to Cripps.
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