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  1. Today was the first in a long time they were spawning. Nothing like atory mode but enough to fill the bins.
  2. I am a huge Batman Arkham fan. I can spend hours just cruising running and fighting as Batman. I have played through twice. I could do it 4 more easy.
  3. if you had a horse you were given by buying a package go to stable it will be there. You get all the gear but money. If you play through again leave a few maps of treasure. But at end of Epiloge missions you get 20K.
  4. Hi When I am hunting near where Hamish is camping, if you walk near his camp with a carcass it will drop and you can not pick it up. Any one else?
  5. Hi Just finished story pc. New online. I stole a horse and i broke a horse and brought them back to camp. When i logged out and in, no horses any idea why? Thsnks
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