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  1. I played 21 hand's took note of the winning seat number's here they are 1 4 5 6 4 5 6 5 2 6 3 2 2 3 2 5 6 6 5 3 3 Well dodgy in my opinion.
  2. We've made a great reputation ?? With who ??
  3. XBOX Step away from your horse and while facing it with no text in bottom right corner hold left trigger button and x button = STAY.
  4. I can't invite players to my Posse, game says player is busy for all in same lobby. Anyone know why and how to fix, making it open dose not resolve issue.
  5. Hey there Kean_1 sorry about the duplicate post. I reposted as I could not see it on the list of post's and assumed I had a senior momment and had exited without submiting. 🙄
  6. Where do we find out what Mdm Nazar want's for the weekly collector ?
  7. Jimblob AKA The Celtic Wildcat seek's employment no griefing, no ganking, no bullying X-Box Gamertag Weepiercomet121 UK Evening's T&C's Apply May contain nut's beware of small print
  8. Where do we find out what Mdm Nazar want's for the weekly collection.
  9. In my game there are still plenty of ass hats marauding around in griefer possess.
  10. Well this has certainly been a discussion, thank's for your post's info and suggestion's. I have also noticed once I have completed the daily hunting task's for Cripps the spawn rate improves. So in conclusion I have decided this is deliberate by R*, example I joined a possee of 30 & 40 Lvl players to do long distance trade run's wih them, one was a bit short of the 100 so they went hunting and they found very litte to shoot. so I tried an experiment I left the possee jumped server and with in a minute got a message from possee leader saying animal's in abundence. i am Lvl 264, so it apper's R* are nerfing it for higher Lvl player's. Nuff said.
  11. Could one of the Mod's please remove that annoying Wolfman pop up video.
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