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  1. Oh, okey. Probably true then, that its a Rockstar issue. Recently me and some friends have been experiencing much more bugs and glitches in RDO than usual. Maybe R* did a bad update or something. Anyways, I hope you get your problem fixed! Sorry I couldnt help.
  2. Maybe you already know this, but in the Intro you cant save progress for quite a long time. But it shouldnt be an Alert message…hm…
  3. I have had problems with ”save files corrupted” (unable to load) when I havent been connected to internet while loading the game. But if you are connected and still have this problem, I don’t know what the issue could be, sorry. Hope you get it fixed!
  4. I hear you, leaning towards that. But with my luck they will probably release a remaster THE DAY after I finish RDR1 on PS3… Maybe I should make that sacrifice though, so you guys get the remaster quicker haha!
  5. This is a mega dream of mine and the only reason I have restrained myself from playing RDR1. I have seen rumours about this before though, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up…! What do you think, will a remaster happen and if so, WHEN?
  6. Okey, the cowboy had already taken the trophy… Anyone else up for it? I don’t want to mess with random unknowing players and intervene with their mission!! Don’t understand why Rockstar added a griever trophy haha… Edit: Never mind, got it! Finally a Legend of the West 😎
  7. Let’s team up! If you havent already taken the trophy that is… PSN: CaisaVarg
  8. Yes, I have the same problem. It was much worse when I had a really old TV. Now I just have an old TV and it’s a little bit better. But. I actually don’t know anything about this technical stuff, so I could be wrong and it’s not the TV that’s the issue. I also changed my PS4 (Slim) HD because the old one broke down, maybe that helped as well? But as I recall it it was when I changed TV that the frame rate and drop-ins improved.
  9. That makes me happy to hear, thank you for answering!
  10. Since I started moonshining I have not been invited to another players shack. Before I got invited frequently. Is this a just a coincidence or is that function cancelled when you have a shack of your own? Another question I have: Is it possible to find (& enter) shacks when you are out n about or must you have an invite for them to be visible?
  11. I feel a bit stupid that I didnt come up with this idea sooner, but better late than never: Equip the bandana via the Weapon Wheel and then unequip it.
  12. Same here, it is constantly removed. Very annoying, I like my bandana! Does anyone know if it’s the same problem with other accessories for the neck?
  13. Hello! I’m a mega fan of RDR2 who resides in northern Europe. I’ve played Story Mode 100% several times and now I’m heading over to RDO to go for the Platinum Trophy. Wish me luck! Would describe my self as a kind soul who have a hard time understanding grievers & bigots. Like really, what’s the fun in being an asshole?! Anyways, I hope to have a good time here and in RDO. Maybe I will ask for some help from you guys and maybe I can help some one in return! Playing on a PS4.
  14. Finally got a proper answer from Rockstar (lesson learned; the support chat is useless…)! Thought I could share it here, if someone at some point is wondering the same thing: ”At this time, the file size for RDR2, including Online only updates is roughly 150 GB. As such, after installing the game from the disc, your PS4 may need to download an additional 50-60 GB of data in order to play the game. This may vary, as some files are replaced and removed with updates and patches. As such, we do not have the exact size of the patches and updates after the initial launch of the game”
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