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  1. lumper said it: "The best advice I can give after playing the game 3 times. In Chapter 2, Get a scope on whatever rifle you have get the Buck Antler trinket early on Get your satchel upgraded as fast as you can, you can do this in chapter 2" --------------------- The absolutely most important key to play this game is to upgrade your satchel into "legend of the east" witch gives you a storagecapacity of max 99 of each item. An absolute must. You are nothing but a noob without this satchel. To get this done you will need to 1) go hunting with Hosea, he will give you the legendary animal map. Kill the legendary buck north of Owanija dam to get the pelt-thrinkle from the fence. 2) Do the first mission for Mr Strauss to get the camps legder activated. Buy leather-tools for Mr first, go all-inn for the satchel! (later; get fast-travel. A game-opener!) Go to Valentine early and look for a hanging. The sheriff (not his deputy) will wear a bolt-action rifle*. Headshoot him on his way back and snap the rifle, it`s worth it. You can get a free Lancaster repetear by "robbing" the gunshop in Rhodes and a semi-automatic shotgun from an old lady up north in Big Walley. You will need a varmit-rifle with a scop for hunting small animals. Good horses can be found, but if you allready have the money buy the Dutch Warmblood for $450,- A bit stiff price but this horse is solid, acting like a war-horse meaning it will not be scared easily, fast enough & good stamina. Money; small cabin behind Shady Belle, lockbox gives $70,- and fills up every "day" + cabin near Moonstone Pond gives $50,- (large jevel bag) * you can also pick up one of these in the mission were you go near Blackwater to free Sean. Google it! My fav gun in the game, and notice how it improves after a few hundred shots. A maxed bolt-action with a semi-shotgun for backup in close-range combat is a strong combimation. Allways save the game before any challenge. Allways. Your horse might be killed, pelts might dissapear..
  2. If you see a guy standing behind his horse, troubling with it`s rear foot`s shoe then get your lasso ready. The horse will kill him and be free to pick up. Fast but a bit nervous horse
  3. " Now the collector. Its the most profitable and xp wise role in the game.." It was, it is not as it usede to be. Now items spawns "random" meaning we`ll never know where to find what or when. Like I did the other day. Noticed I had 9 of 15 coins so I decided to find the missing ones by using jeanropke`s map. But instead of just pinpointing the missing items I had to search the whole map and hope. Two hours and 15 coins later I found myself now hawing 10 out of 14. Wow. That kind of kills the collector-role https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/ what is wrong with this forgotten forum? post "hidden"?
  4. Too bad this, RDR1 had both a working railway and stagecoaches, this gives a lot moore realism than these supernatural travels RDR2 offers
  5. This. Manually save before(!) or after any important or dangerous "missions"
  6. I`ve used the Krag-Joergensen Bolt action from the very start and I`ve noticed the same. Even a cheap repeter has a better range in auto-aim than the bolt-action has now. But still, it bites. Was attacked by 3-4 newcommers in Armadillo this evening, the posse-leader was able to kill me first. Fighting from the horseback, allways moving I picked them quite easy 2-3 times before they paroled. Will check out my Springfields range and compare, not a bad gun that rifle
  7. Looks to me like you can rename for free, it is an option but I have not tryed
  8. There is a vintage bottle in this boat and it`s no problem to collect it. So far so good, but the game doesn`t notice that you have collected it so it keeps telling you it is still there. Same with the bottle at Ratskeller Fork btw, just collect and ignore
  9. Level 157, 166 gold & 23k in cash. Not much to do really. I only fill up my tradewagon to offer newcommers some easy money now and then, knowing how hard it is to come by some money on low levels
  10. Happened to MeToo yesterday but they were back today. Wonder if they have something going on 🤨
  11. Never happened to me yet. What platform are you on? Oh puter. Are you shure you`re using an updated map? https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/
  12. Never uses dead-eye but you have to pick one so I have choosen point black as no1. Fool me once, Necessity Breeds and Winning Streak together makes me a hard man to kill since they all increases my firepower while enemys firepower gets reduced
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