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  1. Tip: go find the arabian horse, bound it to level 4 and sell it. I sold mine for 450$. Then go for another.
  2. I never found any bulls or cows at the Hanging Dog Ranch. Only O'Driscolls. I only found bull at Carmody Dell and a farmer just north of Saint Denis.
  3. Yes, from now on I officialy hate RDR2. My aim is to finish the game at 100% and collect every item, weapon en clothing. I went to the trapper and listed all garments, hats, vests, coats, gloves, chaps, boots and saddlessaddles. Also the same for the fence: every talismas and trinket. Then I looked at the camp upgrades. Listed how many pelts of which animal I needed to craft everything. And it's a lot. I've put everything in an Excelsheet. And I started to l look for all the animals I need to have their 3 start pelt. It's a long way to go and it's not easy. And since I'm only at
  4. Follow the river north of Owanjila lake. Where the road is closest to the river is where every morning spawns a cougar. I killed it with 3 improved arrows. The cougar was going for a prey (not for me) and I just had to aim and kill it. Plain simple. North of Annesburg you have "Brandywine Drop". Go even more north to the place where the legendary moose is (or was). I marked the road to go to O'Creagh's Run and followed the road to the left, but still north of the railway. I scanned the area with my bow and (improved) arrow and I spotted a cougar hidden in the bushes. I shot killed it. P
  5. This was also a problem for me. I go to the north of Saint-Denis for a 3 start bull. I find it at a farm, with 3 3-star cows. Then there is this guys coming on who falles from his horse and i bring him to the doctor who amputated his arm. Then I return to the farm to kill the bull, but all of a sudden they al have only 2 stars... Wasted time... again.
  6. You're looking at a map of a small island in a lake. There are not to many lakes in RDR2. This treasure was the easiest for me and found in no time. Bot ok, I used a map to locate this lake...
  7. I have the same problem. Looking for a perfect moose pelt and nowhere a moose to find... Looking in every possible place they spawn. Saving the game and reloading, putting bait, nothing shows up. Sometimes a 2 star moose, but really sometimes. But when I wasn't looking for a moose, suddenly there is one, a 3 star, north of O'Creagh's Run. So when he sees me and I scared him I started to follow him from a small distance so he could calm down and I could take the shot. He is going up a hill and dissapears at the other side. So I take a run to follow him and when I'm at the top there was
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