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  1. You cannot keep it since it doesn't go in your satchel so it will rot.
  2. First you have to find the 5 messages in Saint-Denis. Then go to the place where the vampire appear between 12:00 and 01:00AM. When you see a cross (a dead body) on the mini map then he's there. Just kill him with whatever gun you have, or arrow or throwing weapon. The dagger should appear next to the body. If it's not, go to the fence. It should be there.
  3. A bear: a little north-west of Wallace station is a chimnay. In this area you can find a grizzly bear. When you kill it, wait for 3 ingame days and there should be another one. South-west of Bolger Glade in the woods is also cougar.
  4. The game knows what you're looking for... The game is full rabbits but the moment I needed one, no rabbits te bo found. Nowhere... Also with the bull moose... And then I see a 3-star one, it dissapears behing the hill never to be found and leaving no trace... It's how Rockstar mekes there games I think.
  5. You encounter a few times this medicine collector, asking if you could help him finding some ingredients for his medicines or potions. I once allmost stole his horse... I collected the plants he needed and went back to take my horse which was pretty close to his. Since it was almost dark I could see exactly which horse I was mounting on and it has his. "Hey, that's MY horse!!", he yelled at me and the ran away. So I dismounted his horse and took mine but he kept on runnin. I was also wondering if he stil would appear after this misunderstanding, but he did. Lucky for me.
  6. Try to go in his territory and if the gator doesn't appear save the game, and load the game again. It should appear. I personnaly didn't had any trouble finding it.
  7. I started the game more then 1 year from now (with a pause of 4 months). I just finished the main story and I am now in Epilogue 1. I did I think all side missions, collected all sigarette cards, have discovered all plants and the compendium of all animals is ready for 98%. I just missed the few animals in Guarma and while I know how to get to Guarma I am not able to return to the main land. I'm will still look for all weapons and other items. I refuse to play online until I have completed the game offline for the fully 100%.
  8. I don't get the use of Guarma. Ok for the story, it is part of it, but you can never return there. I'm looking for ALL the animals to complete the compendium, and there are animals on Gurma that can complete the compendium. But the short time you are there is insufficient to discover them all and once finished the missions on Guarma, with no pause between the missions, you can nver return there, except with a glitch. So forget completing the compendium. It would be great if you could take a boat or a fast travel to Guarma to discover the complete island. Returning there with a glitch, I'm not even sure it works. Since RS probably closes these gaps I'm not sure to get there with the latest update. And if you get to Guarma again, how do you return? Or am I missing something?
  9. Look where the alligators are. https://rdr2map.com/ and filter on "exotic". South of Calliga Hall, close to the water. West Bayou. Lagras right side of the Kamassa River but west of the Lagras swamp and tne north side of the swamp. West of Bluewater Marsh. I count 17 gator nests. Press both left and right analog sticks to go in focus mode. You can not only focus on animal tracks, but you'll see plants, flowers and gator nests and also crawfish nests also. But I think you'd know this. I don't got these 75 gator eggs all at once, but by returning from time to time.
  10. I had once 75 eggs in total.
  11. For herbs, I based myself on this: https://rankedboost.com/red-dead-redemption-2/plants/ Also for animals. I copy all plants in an Excel sheet and by filtering the plants and exotics on https://rdr2map.com/ you can find them all. When I find a plant, I mark it as found in Excel so I can't miss anything. Check it with what you have already in your compendium. I do this for evertything. My list contains all garments, hats, vests, cotes, gloves, chaps, boots, saddles, camp upgrades, trinckets & talismans, horses, achievements (trophies), weapons, equiment, side missions and all ingredients. Let me explain the "all ingredients": The Bear Hunter Legendary Bear Head Hat Legendary Bear Pelt x1 $40.00 Legendary Bear Coat Legendary Bear Pelt x1 $28.00 Perfect Bison Pelt x1 Legendary Bear Roper Legendary Bear Pelt x1 $34.00 Perfect Bull Hide x1 Boar Riding Gloves Perfect Boar Pelt x1 $15.00 Perfect Rabbit Pelt x2 The Bear Hunter garment consists a hat, coat, roper and gloves. I need to go hunt for pelts and hides. So per garment I count what I need and put this all together so I now that in total to get all garments I exactly know how many plumes, feathers, pelts, hides and other this I need. Also the total mony to by all garments. This is a part of my ingredients list, there is much more of course. Perfect Badger Pelt 4 Perfect Bear Pelt 2 Perfect Beaver Pelt 16 Perfect Bison Pelt 6 Perfect Black Bear Pelt 4 Perfect Boar Pelt 23 Perfect Buck Pelt 8 Perfect Bull Hide 6 All plants: Alaskan Ginseng American Ginseng Bay Bolete Blackberry Blackcurrant Burdock Root Chanterelles Common Bulrush Creeping Thyme Desert Sage English Mace Evergreen Huckleberry Golden Currant Hummingbird Sage Indian Tobacco Milkweed Oleander Sage Oregano Parasol Mushroom Prairie Poppy Ram's Head Red Raspberry Red Sage Vanilla Flower Violet Snowdrops Wild Carrot Wild Feverfew Wild Mint Wintergreen Berry Yarrow Acuna's Star Orchid Cigar Orchid Clamshell Orchid Dragon's Mouth Orchid Ghost Orchid Lady of the Night Orchid Lady Slipper Orchid Moccasin Flower Orchid Night Scented Orchid Queen's Orchid Rat Tail Orchid Sparrow's Egg Orchid Spider Orchid Mayby one day I'll post my full Excel list with everything you need in the game.
  12. Tip: go find the arabian horse, bound it to level 4 and sell it. I sold mine for 450$. Then go for another.
  13. I never found any bulls or cows at the Hanging Dog Ranch. Only O'Driscolls. I only found bull at Carmody Dell and a farmer just north of Saint Denis.
  14. Yes, from now on I officialy hate RDR2. My aim is to finish the game at 100% and collect every item, weapon en clothing. I went to the trapper and listed all garments, hats, vests, coats, gloves, chaps, boots and saddlessaddles. Also the same for the fence: every talismas and trinket. Then I looked at the camp upgrades. Listed how many pelts of which animal I needed to craft everything. And it's a lot. I've put everything in an Excelsheet. And I started to l look for all the animals I need to have their 3 start pelt. It's a long way to go and it's not easy. And since I'm only at level 2 at this point I don't have access to the south of West Elizabeth and New Austin. So a few animals have to way until later. But ok, only 2 black bear plets, 2 bear pelts and 1 panther pelt to go, except for 7 cougar pelts and 1 moose pelt and then I can concentrate on something else. I finaly found 1 location where I'm every day a bear spawns, north-west of Wallace Station. It's only waiting for the 3 star bear. A cougar spawn location is found a little bit north of Owanjila Lake, where the road turns away from the river. A panther can be found at the south of Bolger Glade, all the way down and at the left side of the road. A black bear location I'm still searching for a reliable spawn location. But before I got at this point, my god what was it difficult. The game scares the hell outta me! The game can read my mind!!!! When traveling across the country, trying to hunt for example boars (and not finding them) I saw for example a lot of rabbits. But since I was finding any boars I thought it would be better to hunt rabbits, since they were all over the place. But suddenly, no rabbits where to be found!!! And then I saw squirrels. So let's go hunt some squirrels... And suddenly no squirrels anymore.... What???? Then. Don't talk me about a 3 star moose... Yeah yeah, spawn location at Cairn Lake and north of Brandywine Drop, where the legendary moose can be found... I know it all. I also can google for it, read all these posts from ather people looking for it, giving ideas and hints. And on youtube it seems so easy.... Drop some herbivore bait at Cairn Lake, go a bit further, turn around and there he is: a 3 star bull moose. Aim, shoot and bang you have a perfect pelt. I've put so much bait that it is not called bait anymore... I was feeding the animals. All kind of animals came to the bait. Deers, bucks, horses, pronghorns, foxes. Just name it. But never the animal I needed. One moment, in the Grizzlies East, all the way to the north: suddenly a 3 star bull moose. it sees me and runs away. So I follow from a little distance and it dissapears behind a small hill. I get of the horse to sneek on him and I can see his trace. I look behind the hill and no moose nor trace can be found. Gone... What???? Last time, got to Cairn Lake. I never ever saw one here and thought the spawn location was a mystery. I leave the horse a bit furtherbecause it making a lot of noise and I didn't wanted it to scare the moose (not that I was hoping to see one, but you could never know). I sneek over the snow bank and there it was!!! In the middle of the lake... A 3 start bull moose came out of the ice... So I aim carefully. Then suddenly, it runs away to the right and dissapears. I immediately start running and call my horse. But the moose was gone, without leaving a trace... Rockstar, you are dissapointing me.... Really... In the meanwhile it didn't go better. I lost the horse with a few 3 star pelts on it becaus it pelt from a railroad bridge, into the water. To deep to recover something or the horse... Got ambushed a few times, died and lost 3 start pelts. And very recently: I went to the trapper in New hanover to sell my 3 star Florida panther pelt. I went up north knowing in Roanoke Vally, close to Brandywine Drop there is a black bear (and a cougar). I found him, but only 1 star. So I let it live. And why not look again for a moose at the location where the legendary moose was. And oh my god (!!!), there is was!!! A 3 star moose!!!! I carefully approach, aim and shoot it clean dead. Yeah!!!!! The last moose pelt I needed. I skin it and put it on my horse. I also shoot a 3 star bull elk but since I had only one horse I carried the elk pelt on my back and went on foot the the trapper, taking the shortest route. I look at the map, put a marker and go for it. The I put the marker a bit further and went also for it. The I see a cross on the map, knowing this is a corpse. Since I had to pass there I see a body hanging from a tree and I shoot the rope. Suddenly a bunch of people popped up (7 or 8 ) and start to hunt me. I can shoot one, try to hide behind a tree so I wanted to shhot the rest. But a few followed me and stapped me.... Dead... lost my hard earned 3 star moose pelt. It took me literally 3 weeks in real time before getting the last moose pelt I needed. And I lost it in a few minutes.... I pulled out the cable of the PS4, I was really mad!!! The disc will go in the bow, the box in the closet for a long time. I have had it with RDR2!!! Time for something else.... i'll try again in a few months. I know officialy hate RDR2! Please let me know if you had any of these problems of the same kind also, or share youre thought. What did you encounter? Let me know. Just to know I'm not the only one.
  15. Follow the river north of Owanjila lake. Where the road is closest to the river is where every morning spawns a cougar. I killed it with 3 improved arrows. The cougar was going for a prey (not for me) and I just had to aim and kill it. Plain simple. North of Annesburg you have "Brandywine Drop". Go even more north to the place where the legendary moose is (or was). I marked the road to go to O'Creagh's Run and followed the road to the left, but still north of the railway. I scanned the area with my bow and (improved) arrow and I spotted a cougar hidden in the bushes. I shot killed it. Perfect kill... I crossed the railway and in the area just underneath, left of Roanoke Valley I spotted a second one. I've put some bait on the ground and waited with the arrow. When It came closer, again 1 shot was enough to kill it. Perfect kill... again. Sometimes, when you go to the location where the legendary moose is (was), and stay at the left side of the river and go all the way up to the waterfall, sometimes there is another cougar coming out from the bushes. It surpised me several times already. Now I go there with eyes on my back and ready to shoot. Cougars are not so hard to find. You just have to have the luck to have a 3-star one.
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