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  1. I have ALL the Cigarette cards, and Phineous Ramsbottom's business card. Now what? I went to the post office, but couldn't mail anything. I've finished the game, as well as both epilogues. Now, I'm roaming around.
  2. I've also found quite a few "Lock Boxes" that have "Respawn" a few times. Ill check out Limpany again. Thanks
  3. Hello to all, I apologize if this topic has been discussed before. I finished the game, all the way through epilogue 2, and am now in "Free Roam." On more than one occasion I've gotten an on screen notice that there are treasure maps available. As far as I know, I've found all of the treasure, at least all of the one's that are in the "Players Guide." Am I missing something? Thanks SEMPER FI
  4. I found his camp site a little north of the main road going east from Valentine towards Emerald Ranch. You can see the smoke from his camp fire on your left. I think that after your first encounter with "The Widow", you need to check on her a couple of times. The first time I met this creep, (slight hint there) I sat down with him while he rambled on about the "Widow." I didn't do anything, and let him go on his way. I reloaded a previous "Save" and found him again. This time I killed him. After checking out what he had in his tent, I made the right decision. Not sure if I want to say what I saw, it would be a spoiler.
  5. I had an interesting encounter with a man at a campsite who talked about "A Widow Woman" he had met, "Kind of Boney" lived in a place near Roanoke Ridge. "She asked me to leave, but said it in a nice way, maybe I'll go back and visit her anyway" or words to that effect. He was clearly speaking of Charlotte Balfour. Has anyone else had this encounter? What did you do? I might go back and shoot him.
  6. Go behind the church at night. Cross the street to what looks like an "Outside Patio" with people sitting at tables, drinking etc. Cross the patio and go to an alley directly behind the patio. Look to your right and you should see him there. You can talk to him, but kill him quickly. Have you collected ALL of the clues?
  7. I managed to "Bag" one of these, it has white feathers. Should I keep it? Thanks
  8. That happened to me. I just went on and did some other stuff, then came back after a few "Game Play" days, and found him again. Didn't give him much of a chance, shot him right away.
  9. I don't remember him having a birthmark, but I will certainly take your word for it. "Whodathunkit?"
  10. Hello to All, This is my first post. I apologize if this has already been covered. I collected and mailed all of the coordinates to Francis Sinclair. I received his invitation to visit him. When I got there, I was totally surprised. Trying not to give anything away, what's the deal with the baby's discolored eye, and why was he not there? Thanks
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