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  1. It's official - Rockstar Games has confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be released on PC, and you don't even have to wait long. The game will be released via the recently unveiled Rockstar Games Launcher with many new improvements and bonuses for those who pre-order. Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to launch on PC on the 5th of November, one month from today. You can pre-order the game starting today either on the Rockstar Games Launcher or through a number of other distributors later this month. Players who pre-order on the Launcher will automatically be upgraded to Premium Editi
  2. This week in Red Dead Online, Bounty Hunters get to track down another legendary target, Collectors get to seek out new riches, Traders get to keep doing the same thing and there are other bonuses on offer as well - including a free RDO$ promotion. The latest Legendary Bounty for Bounty Hunters to sink their teeth into are the Owlhoots. This hermit family of savage murderers operates out of Rio Bravo, where they murder and steal without prejudice. Since you are up against multiple hardened killers, like some wild west version of the cannibal family from The Hills Have Eyes, you need to be ext
  3. Rockstar Games has revealed its plans for Red Dead Redemption 2's single-player DLC - namely, that there aren't any. In a recent interview with VG247, the developers talked about their vision for the future, and it looks like that future has "Online" written all over it. During the interview, which you can read in full here, the developers speak predominantly about Red Dead Online, the differences between it and GTA Online and the future they envision for the multiplayer mode. As we suspected, the Role system introduced in Frontier Pursuits is what we can expect going forward. Players will b
  4. After all the rumors, leaks, the petition, and the constant hope, you'd think Rockstar would have dropped a smidge of info about Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC by now - but no, the developer known for its secretive tendencies is quiet as a mouse. However, the recent release of the Rockstar Games Launcher and a mysterious rating board classification have us wonder whether it's finally happening? The Rockstar Games Launcher was released not too long ago, last week. Functioning just like any other game launcher used by most AAA publishers these days, it lets you download, install, play and
  5. A new Legendary Bounty is now available in Red Dead Online for all Bounty Hunters. There are also new rewards, collections, and a featured playlist to delve into, as well as assorted items appearing in the store for the first time - and some aren't here to stay. If you're playing as a Bounty Hunter and are looking for a challenge, this week's Legendary Bounty is happy to oblige. The Wolf Man is a feral hermit who lives out in the predator infested wilds and decided to become the top dog. The violent murderer is wanted dead or alive, but watch out for other four-legged dangers when you go to b
  6. Players have discovered a creepy secret in Red Dead Online which might hold clues about an upcoming DLC or event. We don't have a lot to go on and Rockstar is characteristically tight-lipped about anything they're planning. However, Red Dead Redemption 2 might be getting its own Undead Nightmare. Reported on the Red Dead Online subreddit by several players, mysterious zombie NPCs have been sighted near the swamp. The most common encounter involves one of the common old lady NPC models appearing zombified, who you find during an ambush random event. Basically, you'll come across a barking dog
  7. Today's Red Dead Online update brings content to supplement the recent major DLC which introduced Roles to Rockstar Games' Wild West epic. Players who embarked on the journey of a bounty hunter can now familiarize themselves with Legendary Bounties, a new progression opportunity. Collectors also have a new list of items to track down across the frontier. Starting today, players can attempt to bring in the first of ten limited-time Legendary Bounties. You have until the 23rd of September to deliver Barbarella Alcazar, leader of the savage Del Lobos gang, dead or alive. If you bring her in stil
  8. Red Dead Online has captivated players since last November when it launched, setting them loose on a vast, untamed frontier filled with adventures and perils, not to mention chances to make it rich. With weekly content updates of varying magnitude, the already vast world was constantly being updated - today Frontier Pursuits, the biggest DLC to date, has been released. Rockstar has been doing their best to let fans know that Frontier Pursuits is coming and bringing real roleplaying to Red Dead Online. We've covered the features and the trailer extensively, and starting today, you can take on
  9. Rockstar has revealed an all-new trailer for the upcoming (and massive) Red Dead Online DLC, which will be introducing an entirely new gameplay feature with roles. Get a better sense of the three starting roles, and learn more about a few special promotions that will accompany the DLC. The trailer gives us our very first look at the three roles in action. We're introduced to the three characters who will start us along on our journeys - The Legendary Bounty Hunter, Madam Nazar, and Cripps - and get a quick look at the activities that will be available to us. Bounty Hunters will be tracking do
  10. We now know when the next major chapter in Red Dead Online is going to open and start. The massive DLC that Rockstar has been teasing for weeks is right around the corner and it packs tons of exciting new content for all fans of Red Dead Online to enjoy. Roles, new features, new abilities, new missions, new challenges and more are on the horizon. The main attraction here, which Rockstar has been pushing in previous teases of this upcoming update, is the new Role system. Roles provide a more structured way to enjoy roleplaying with your character on the frontier. Considering the large roleplay
  11. This week in Red Dead Online you'll have a good excuse to replay the game's story missions. Limited issue clothing items from the past are making a reappearance and some items are discounted too. A Land Of Opportunities is a series of narratively driven missions that comprise the story element of Red Dead Online. These missions see you help Jessica LeClerk and Horley with various dangerous tasks throughout the game world, and your honor level even affects how some of them will play out. Providing a lot of the meat of RDO's content, there's plenty of reason to play these missions. Now, ther
  12. Rockstar just announced some interesting content coming to Red Dead Online later this summer. It will bring new gameplay mechanics and structured roleplaying for those of you who want to get more immersed in the life of your character and in the world around you. But how indicative is this of the direction Red Dead Online is going to take? Roleplaying communities quickly pop up in every multiplayer game's player bases. There are a lot of players who look at these virtual worlds as something more than just a way to pass the time or to chill out. Stepping into the shoes of your character and l
  13. Rockstar has dropped a bit of info about an upcoming major Red Dead Online update. A major change is coming, planting the seeds of deeper roleplaying opportunities, with three specialized "Roles" that will be introduced. Now, we know more about how these roles will work. The three Roles being added later this summer will bring new interaction and gameplay options to the game, while giving players a greater measure of choice and control over their character's personality. The new update is also indicative of Red Dead Online's long term future, with more updates further expanding the roleplay
  14. If you're a fan of PvP and want to earn a bit of extra RDO$ and XP, you're in luck - this week's Red Dead Online bonuses will let you do just that, alongside new permanent and limited clothing additions to the catalogue. Enjoy some discounts while you're at it! If playing Poker has drained your funds a bit, you can earn back some RDO$ by playing Elimination Series matches. These structured, high-octane PvP battles will put you against your fellow outlaws and gunslingers in various modes and maps, and they're paying out 50% more money and XP this week. Additionally, Ability Card XP also gets a
  15. Your trusty four-legged steed is undoubtedly your closest, and sometimes only, companion in the rough frontier world of Red Dead Online. Helping you traverse vast distances, running through bullets and chasing after stagecoaches isn't easy work, so Rockstar decided it's horse appreciation week. Before we learn more about caring for our equine friends, Red Dead Online has also been expanded with new clothing options this week. You can don the wide-brimmed and stylish Descoteaux Hat, protect your legs with the sturdy Alvarado Chaps or adorn your footwear with the high-end Gerden Morrow Spurs. T
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