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  1. Kormath I want to learn to load my own ammo Mine is simple name and year born with a 1 added
  2. Ok so does anybody know if gta5 and rdr2 Are going offline at 6:00 to 8:00 am or pm Never mind in us time it’s 1:00 am to 3:00 am
  3. Kean_1 it’s been a while but r* tweeted about it Kean_1 I was trying to find it but don’t know how long ago it was
  4. James hicok_1837 I always carry the. Lot action with me also just use shotgun for up close have all the upgrades for both so either works. I’m pretty much only dealing with npcs so far I carry the bolt action in case of player attacks
  5. Drwigglespank I’ve had them from the beginning they never mess with me tho I just drive rite thru the middle and keep going they font say a thing now if there are npcs after me they shot at them
  6. I always stop a short ways away from carcass if I had to guess in game about ten to fifteen feet but that’s just me
  7. R* has recently said that they are considering the possibility of the player being able to keep and or sell any horse they break in the wild or horses they still that they have atleast a level 1 bond with. With some luck they will do it I sure hope they do
  8. I don’t make much myself I took a break for a couple months so my trader and moonshiner role aren’t very high like maybe five for trader and three for moonshiner I started the roles rite before I took my breaki only have the small delivery wagon but I keep the materials so well stocked that just about always have two or three loads worth so I deliver those then go to moonshine while it builds back up so I plays for maybe two or three hours real time I. An make about 800 or so. piece of advice do the bootleggers mission while doing moonshine makes the mash cheaper so more profit. Since the ani
  9. Kidchenoa before you quit for good do like most of us do take a break I just played for the first time in well over a month two days ago had a blast. Take a beak for a while I would recommend atleast two weeks then come back and if you still have issues take a break for a month or a couple try again if still have issues then call it quits patches that come with updates sometimes fix those kind of things. If you issue is with hackers and the like switch to console that’s what I do I play on ps4 now and haven’t had any issues at all except for animal spawns but that’s about to be fixed
  10. I collected everything but the damn tracking arrows did work at all. I really like the Balos tho they really come in handy when needing to catch multiple ppl at one time it holds them till I can hogtie them. I agree with kean1 if or when I get bored I take a break two days ago was the last time I played and that was the first time in over a month atleast if not longer
  11. Since I play solo with no posse or friends I just close the game out and start it again it puts me on a different server and no problem Yeah the solo lobby’s are awsome that’s the best time to really grind you’re roles no worries about other players in the way Ragedhunter11 Fortunately I cant really relate I have been playing online for a year or so and have only been targeted by grifers twice and other than that haven’t had any player try to steal or destroy my goods during deliveries or anything like that. I also play solo I’m not part of a posse and don’t play with friends
  12. Can’t pick herbs when useing the glitch
  13. Go down to armadillo and tumble weed I been getting a lot of animals down that way been keeping the trader role well stocked just in that area on the map try the southern region of gaptooth ridge I been finding boar and desert big horn sheep around there
  14. bluntTR4P what horse do u use for speed and which do u use for hunting
  15. Unfortunately u can’t. I’m hopeing they bake it where you can sell sen wagons to the fence like in story mode or atleast something similar which I think the eventually will Drwigglespank I had the road blocks when I first started the moonshiner role at rank one but could just drive right they them as long as I slowed down
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