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  1. I just played my last online with RDR2. I've had it with cheaters and hackers and no support from Rockstar and their developers. Nothing being done..so I'm not supporting any longer. This won't stay posted long before they will remove it...but I've had my moment, Going back to games where they care about those paying good money and supporting development which contributes to secure gameplay.
  2. I submitted a bug ticket "https://support.rockstargames.com/requests/16130968" on Monday, Jan 20th on this issue, Rockstar responded (Zendesk, Roskstar Support) on Jan 21st and is in quotations following. They did not offer any explanation nor indicate if it would be reolved anytime soon...the response just stated "Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. We received your report regarding an in-game Bug. This ticket will close after this reply, but your Bug Report will remain available for review by our team and we will reach out if we require further details. Should you need immediate assistance, please file a new ticket under the issue type that best reflects your problem."
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